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The SNP’s platform for independence campaigning.
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Writer and academic Gerry Hassan explains why Labour must accept Scotland's right to choose its own future.
As an independent nation, Scotland will be able to shape its own future - free from Westminster austerity, Trident and immigration raids.
After Brexit, the power grab and another decade of Tory government, there is no positive case for the Union.
Journalist and writer Paul Mason calls out Westminster attempts to deny Scottish democracy: "It's not your business. Under international law, nations have the right to self-determination."
Trade unions say that Scotland's future must be Scotland's choice - not Boris Johnson's or Westminster's. It's time that Labour accepts the democratic mandate for #indyref2.
The people who live here, not distant Westminster governments, should have the power to decide Scotland's future. We have published a draft Referendum Bill to make it a reality.
The UK Parliament is completely weighted against voters in Scotland in favour of those in England.
The 'No' campaign said Boris Johnson wouldn’t become Prime Minister. They said it was a “scare story” from the Yes campaign.
On May 6, let's send Boris Johnson a message he can't ignore. Scotland's future, Scotland's choice.
“It seems to me that in both straightforward, instrumental terms and in ideological terms Scotland will be much better off out of the United Kingdom and in the European Union.” - George Monbiot
21st poll in a row gives independence majority support and Scotland's vaccine rollout is now the fastest in Europe, in landmark week for Scotland.
Brexit made me realise Scotland’s voice means nothing at Westminster, but Nicola Sturgeon's handling of COVID made me switch from No to Yes.
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