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The SNP’s platform for independence campaigning.
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Unlike 2014, there is no status quo and no alleged stability provided by the “broad shoulders" of the UK. The choice facing Scotland is more of Boris Johnson's Brexit Britain, or becoming a normal independent country in Europe.
Progressive European politics, underpinning and enriching a normal, small European democratic nation, is a deadly threat to Johnson’s intentions.
Claims and promises made by the 'No' campaign in 2014 have turned out to be completely false. Here's a rolling list of anti-independence myths, debunked.
My journey, from an undecided voter to strong Yes, has been influenced as I visualise what type of society I want my children to grow up in. Welcoming, supportive, and one that embraces diversity.
In 2014 and through the Brexit referendum, the UK government said energy prices would fall. Now, they're soaring higher and higher - pushing more families into poverty.
Are unionists really arguing that Scotland is somehow uniquely incapable of governing itself, when we are surrounded by similar-sized, successful independent countries?
We know that Scotland is big enough, rich enough, and smart enough to become independent. But as a movement, we need to listen, understand and empathise with those who are undecided.
Almost half of EU member states are the same size or smaller than Scotland. Many have better pensions, higher incomes, are healthier and happier than the UK - and make their own decisions.
Too many Scots know to their cost that, after the last financial crisis, the Tories imposed austerity cuts – a choice, not a necessity. And we know they want to do the same again. Who then should be making the decisions on how we rebuild and recover – the people of Scotland or Boris Johnson?
Scotland generates more electricity than it uses - and we are a renewable energy powerhouse. Get the facts here.
Scotland is a world leader in renewable energy, with record high production and exports - while England is increasingly reliant on importing energy from Scotland.
All the information you need to download and share the latest YES leaflet.
Be sure to read our detailed, 8-page leaflet which includes vital facts, stats and arguments for Scottish independence - and share it with friends.
New analysis shows the UK suffers from the worst levels of poverty of any neighbouring country, and has done for almost all of the past two decades. Scotland can do better with independence.
To be a modern progressive country, we have to ensure that all our citizens share and benefit from a sustainable, wellbeing economy.
Latest analysis reveals that the UK is suffering a productivity crisis - with the worst productivity levels of any neighbouring country in Europe for over a decade.
Scotland flag - the saltire Made In Scotland. For Scotland.
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