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The SNP’s platform for independence campaigning.
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If you look at the Tories and the Westminster system, I don't see much hope in that. I want a better society - and Scottish independence is the quickest way to at least work towards that.
We were taken out of the EU against our will and after that, Scotland was simply not listened to anymore. Now, the way to deal with it is for Scotland to become independent and come back into the European Union.
An independent Scotland will be a more prosperous country - a vibrant multi-party democracy that will thrive on the European scene.
Our needs are separate from the worldview of the Westminster bubble. Let's restore our democracy with independence.
Under independence, we'll have a much more diverse democratic process - and that can only be to the benefit of Scotland.
The Tory leadership debate is in Perth today - we asked the people in Perth what they think of Sunak and Truss.
Brexit is a really good example of where things have gone wrong. We were threatened that if we voted Yes we'd be out of Europe - and look what's happened.
Scotland has got to be independent, because this is the matter of our bairns’ future. We’ve got to decide our own future, our own policies, our own issues locally, rather than have somebody dictate it for us.
Another Scotland is possible - one that’s socially just, one that’s environmentally just and one that involves all the citizens in the decision making of the country.
For me, the thought of independence is the thought of a better future. The thought of knowing the government will have Scotland's best interests at heart.
I want to see an independent Scotland because I want aspiration for our people. I want good housing, I don't want poverty. I want our children to thrive.
Scottish independence is our Get Out Of Jail Free card. The Westminster government is intent on dragging our country back generations.
Neither Tories nor Labour care about Scotland's wishes, opinions or choices - we need to be able to choose things for ourselves.
This Any Questions audience member from Aberdeenshire voted No in 2014 - but now backs independence. After Westminster imposed Brexit on Scotland against its will, the Union from 2014 no longer exists.
Wales' First Minister Mark Drakeford agrees there is a mandate for indyref2. It's time for Starmer and Sarwar to stop denying democracy.
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