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The SNP’s platform for independence campaigning.
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The broken Westminster system enables a politician like Boris Johnson to become Prime Minister, no matter how out of touch with the Scottish people and values they might be, and regardless of whether or not the Scottish people voted for them.
The question is no longer whether Scotland could afford to be a successful independent country – the question now is whether we can afford not to be independent.
It's one rule for Boris Johnson's Westminster Government, and another for everyone else.
New polling from Ipsos MORI shows there's a clear majority for Scottish independence. Read the latest analysis here.
What does Scottish independence actually mean, and what is the debate all about? Cut through the noise and share this film with 5 friends.
The Union of 2014 no longer exists. Scotland got dragged out of the EU against our will, and the UK is now poorer, less equal and more isolated.
Latest OBR research found Brexit will hit the economy twice as hard as Covid. Labour are now full supporters of Brexit - and Scotland is paying a heavy price.
Momentum is rising for a second independence referendum as more and more Labour and trade union figures back Scotland's right to choose.
The OBR said we will lose 4% of our GDP because of Brexit, and the IFS Director called Rishi Sunak's Budget "actually awful". Watch as Lesley Riddoch completely dismantles the Tories' record in office.
Len McCluskey, former boss of Unite, said Labour must "wake up and smell the coffee" over its anti-democratic opposition to indyref2. Scotland must have the choice.
In measure after measure, the evidence is overwhelming and conclusive – independence works. It works for Denmark, Ireland, Norway, Finland and for so many others. With all our resources and talent - it will work for Scotland.
In 2014, Scotland was told it'd be an 'equal partner' within the union. Well, that hasn't quite worked out. Here's our Top Ten Better Together Claims, debunked.
Scotland flag - the saltire Made In Scotland. For Scotland.
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