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A group for residents of South Annandale to learn about the benefits of an independent Scotland.
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The reason WHY westminster do not want Scotland to leave this corrupt one sided union #ScottishIndependence2023
By Xander Richards
Political Reporter The National
THE Scottish Government has published its opening documents in support of independence.
The 72-page book was published on the Government's website on Tuesday morning, as First Minister Nicola Sturgeon prepared to speak at its official launch at Bute House.
Scottish Green co-leader and active travel minister Patrick Harvie joined the...

We’re so pleased to be able to announce we’re going to be hosting two hustings events for the parties standing for election to the Scottish Parliament. Both events are happening online on May 3rd:

5:30pm-7pm for the Dumfriesshire constituency and South of Scotland Regional List

7:30pm-9pm for the Galloway & West Dumfries constituency and the South of...
Obviously - as a non-politically-aligned page (except for the Scottish Independence question) - should any of the other party candidates actually give voters the opportunity to ask their candidate questions - and they let us know about any similar events .... we'll let you know.

Perhaps the first question for Oliver Mundell should be :

'' Apart from your obsession with Scottish Independence,...
Some thoughts on Scottish Independence and the forthcoming Holyrood elections, May 2021. Hope, possibility and self-respect.
It's been a couple of years since I last checked Westminster's ''Register of Members Interests'' in detail, but at that time a significant number of Tory, LibDem, and even a couple of Labour MP's (I didn't find any SNP MP's in the same situation) not only had 'financial interests' in private healthcare, medical insurance, and pharmaceutical companies - they also benefitted from donations from the...
It’s still a bit sad when one of the former quality newspapers plays along with the same attempt to dupe the people. In the Guardian today: England and Wales have said they have met the gover…
DIPLOMATIC missions in 110 places, Nato membership and close cooperation with Norway and Canada – this is how an independent Scotland should…
This piece from Iain Lawson is probably the most balanced and comprehensive overview of Scottish Government (meaning unelected senior Civil Servants and Special Advisors), the Crown Office, and the SNP HQ hierarchy we've read.
So far.

Now that virtually every high-profile, pro-Scottish Independence blogger, including Lawson, Gordon Dangerfield, James Kelly, Stu Campbell, Craig Murray, and others...
Iain Lawson is a former SNP Senior Office Bearer and has held numerous roles within the party
JOANNA Cherry is in pole position to challenge Nicola Sturgeon for the SNP leadership, allies of the prominent MP claimed last night amid a furious…
PICTURE the scene: thousands of flag-waving nationalists occupying a historic building at the heart of England’s capital. They vastly outnumber…
As predicted .....

THE Tory Government is looking at ripping up worker protections enshrined in EU law as ministers plan to change labour markets after Brexit.
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