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Hub page for the Yes Scotland campaign in Prestwick
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Yes Prestwick will hold their next street stall as part of Believe in Scotland day of action tomorrow from 11.30am on Prestwick Main St. Come along and say hello if you can.
Paul Kavanagh aka Wee Ginger Dug who suffered a massive stroke last week is fundraising to help with the cost off moving home. He is paralysed down one side and currently lives on the top floor.

If can, please help him reach his goal - here is the link to donate. Thanks

This stroke has left me paralized down one side. It is still too...
If you can help Paul out please do, he has given so much of his time and life helping the YES cause

According to a report in the National, the Tories are ‘wargaming ‘to prevent Scottish independence. which probably entails them sitting in their underwear throwing dice at a board upon …
This is utterly terrifying

“It took us 300 years to get our Scottish Parliament and 20 years for Westminster to put a bulldozer right through it. #InternalMarketBill”
With great consideration on the up and coming May elections next year , I believe the best candidate for us locally is the local lady Siobhian Brown. 100% great councillor and if given the opportunity could be a fantastic MSP.
There you have it ,
Times are changing real fast for sure . 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Nicola Sturgeon has set out the Programme for Government - creating green jobs, developing a world-class tech sector, and helping the most vulnerable in our society.

📣 “We should seize this moment to imagine and start to build a...
Is everyone ready for the next stage in determining self determination , the next 9 months will be critical for Scotland, you with us
Have a listen to this and watch her face, this looks like hatred to me Salmond has just exposed Tony Blair's secret 'Deal in the Desert'. Interview from June 2007.
Another part of Prestwicks history being allowed to be destroyed , the roof now being taken off
Thanks to the Tory Annie Wells, we now know the SNP do these crackers Our fully branded official SNP Face Masks, are made of a breathable polyester and cotton mix, the package includes 2 x Pm2.5 replaceable carbon filters, the filters are shown to be effective in blocking the vast majority of airborne particles, however, this item is not...
England is Britain..... “Great article by Gerry Hassan on the ‘England is Britain’ attitude of Westminster that is leading Scotland inexorably to Independence.”
The difference is shocking.
Oh times change...but liars don't. Britain’s economic problems would not be solved by simply leaving the European Union, Boris Johnson warns.
As many will probably be aware, the Westminster government have put forward their intentions to increase nuclear waste dumping into the River Clyde. If you oppose this horrific & environmental disaster, you are invited to submit your response below.

Please complete, send & share to help avert future disaster for Scotland. The Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament works for the abolition of...
The next meeting of the Yes Prestwick group is Thursday 27th February at 7pm in Prestwick Community Centre. All Welcome.
"Not long now..." “You can always count on @mikeparry8 for a laugh due to his words of wisdom 😂 Seriously Mike, just how stupid are you?”
The ‘YES’ movement
is not the ‘SNP’ ... The truth is understandably painful for people to hear, but hear it they must. The de facto leader of the independence movement in whom we invested so much trust has driven that campaign into a nar…
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