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We can do so much better than Westminster dishonesty…it’s called Independence… #ScottishIndependence
Oh...look...shiny new stickers...look out for our upcoming street stalls... :D
What we need to remember is that the Union position is based on lies and that is what we will get when they contort themselves defending the indefensible. Independence is not a panacea but it’s the only honest way to a better life for us.
Money in their pockets…not those that need it the most.
No thanks…we’ve a much better idea…
Just in case anyone in Scotland is unsure of where the blame for the mess, that we find ourselves in, lies…
Rising fuel prices in an energy self sufficient country…empty shelves…food shortages amongst others…a democratic deficit…a hostile media…it’s never been clearer…that independence is normal.

#IndependenceIsNormal #TimeToLeaveThisToxicUnion #ScottishIndependence
Lorna CraigGive NowRaised£435Hi! I’m taking on a Kiltwalk to raise funds for The Polar Academy. You all know this charity is very close to my heart. Every penny I raise will be topped up by 50% thanks to the generosity of Sir Tom Hunter and The Hunter Foundation. Any donation you can spare will m...
And this is only the tip on the British Unionist iceberg…don’t get sucked in.
Leaflet poster…
ICYMI: The SNP Scottish Government have scrapped NHS dental charges for everyone under 26 as a first step to universal free dental care.
So…time to come together and ramp up our efforts. It’s going to be a harder fight this time…so be prepared for every dirty trick in the British Unionist playbook. If we have laser focus…we will win.

#TimeToLeaveThisToxicUnion #ScottishIndependence
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