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The road to independence, what it looks like, and how we get there - this week's Independence Live 'The Nation Talks' Show, with host John Drummond in conversation with SNP MP Tommy Sheppard.

Tommy is SNP MP for Edinburgh East. Elected 2015. TNT Show and Catchup - a show that informs, educates and entert...
'Are there any BBC presenters on the radio or TV that are impartial? I have yet to hear or see one.
I would suggest that species is rarer than hen’s teeth.'
National reader Jan Ferrie.

I TRIED to watch BBC Debate Night calmly but two minutes into it I failed. I will not watch
Last chance to buy tickets for the @Yes_Perth_City bus to #AUOB Glasgow on Saturday 14 May.
Departure from Broxden Park and Ride 10 am.
Return fare £13.
Visit the Destiny Hub, 246 High Street, Perth between 10 am and 4 pm today or purchase via this link.

Bus transport from...
'As the country reels from an unprecedented peacetime cost-of-living crisis, our Prime Minister is going to pick a fight with Brussels that’s bound to produce a trade war, causing even higher prices.'
Lesley Riddoch, via The National.

SO, it’s to be war.
'Ross's spineless flip-flopping over partygate has only proven the accuracy of Jacob Rees-Mogg's jibe that the Scottish Tory leader is a lightweight.'
Wee Ginger Dug, via The National.

AS we digest the impact of last week's elections across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, some...
Tickets still available for our bus to AUOB Glasgow on Saturday 14 May.
Departure from Broxden Park and Ride 10 am.
Return fare £13.
Just click on the link to purchase - or visit the Destiny Hub at 246 High Street, Perth, Wednesday to Friday, 10 am - 4 pm.

Bus transport from...
'The Union has become a liability to our economy, living standards, and the future prospects of our children.'
Dr Elliot Bulmer, via The National.

THE principle of self-government unites all supporters of Scottish independence. This principle has two dimensions. The first is a...
“Everything that’s happened is really based on the issue that it is a club that’s not fit for purpose, and it’s certainly not representative of the interests of the people of Scotland.”
Ian Blackford MP, quoted by Business For Scotland.

The “toxic culture” at Westminster with more...
'The only way out of the slippery slope to full-blown fascism that the UK has embarked upon is to vote for independence. '
Molly Pollock, via Newsnet.Scot.

Molly Pollock takes an overlook at the murky world of continuing Brexit deception “Everybody knows Boris Johnson can lie for England. To his supporters, it was one of his best assets. They believed...
The polls are open!
Whatever else you do today, if you haven't already done so by post, make sure you get out there and vote.
The polls are open!
Whatever else you do today, if you haven't already done so by post, make sure you get out there and vote.
'The real news, and the news for years, is NHS Scotland’s awesome performance.'
via Talking Up Scotland

BBC Scotland find something they think is bad amongst mostly good news. Cancellations for capacity reasons are the only data telling you about performance and resources. Since...
“I don't think any SNP politician has ever or will ever make a stronger case for Scottish independence than the existence of Boris Johnson"
Comedian Nish Kumar, quoted by The National.

BORIS Johnson is like a "sleeper agent" for Scottish independence, according to...
'The independence case cannot avoid framing the big strategic choices and dilemmas central to it -revolving around the kind of Scotland we want to live in, informed by the right of those who live here to decide our future.'
Gerry Hassan, via The National

SCOTTISH politics occasionally...
'What will deliver independence isn't a debate on process - it’s people in Scotland demanding that Scotland be an independent country, with a future as an independent country that’s back in Europe.'
Ian Blackford, via The National.

SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford has urged the Scottish...
'This latest attack on the democratically elected Scottish Government is another sign that the House of Lords is out of touch with the country it seeks to govern.'
Believe In Scotland

More Peers are bankrolled by oligarchs than support Scottish independence - the latest democratic outrage from the House of Lords is...
'The SNP-Greens government in Edinburgh now faces the prospect of dealing with an elections watchdog that is not independent of UK ministers.'
via The National

FEARS have been raised Michael Gove's new "supervisory" role over the elections watchdog poses a barrier to...
'It never fails to amuse not only how willing those with terminal cringe are to display their ignorance for all to see, but that they are convinced that their ignorance is a virtue and demand that the rest of us share in their ignorance too.'
Wee Ginger Dug

On Tuesday Billy Kay,...
'You and your kind sucker-punched enough voters in 2014 into believing the Better Together lies.
I now rather suspect, Rory, that you realise that will not happen in the referendum of 2023.'
National reader Cliff Purvis.

INTERESTING to see Neil Oliver being taken to task for his interpretation of...
'If the Conservatives do remove Johnson they will choose a successor from within their own ranks, and the entire British undemocratic circus will continue.'
Wee Ginger Dug

Boris Johnson’s self-inflicted troubles have not gone away, no matter how much the Prime Law-breaker tries to...
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