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'Creating a nation that cares for the wellbeing of all its citizens will only happen once we reclaim our independence.'

In 2018, the UN Poverty Rapporteur Philip Alston issued a damning report on the UK. Then, a fifth of the population was living in poverty and 1.5 million were unable to afford basic essentials. Since then, the combined impacts of Brexit and Covid have significantly worsened the...
'Even if the lying cheating buffoon in Downing Street is forced out, he will merely be replaced by another Conservative who displays the same rank entitlement and contempt.'

The Metropolitan Police have announced that they will after all investigate the numerous parties alleged to have taken place in Downing Street while the rest of us were in Lock down, bereaved famil…
Nothing like a selection of cheesed off Unionists to brighten your day.

INDYREF planning is firmly back on the agenda as the threat from Covid recedes, it has been announced.
'As we now all know, our “lightweight” Tory faithful in Scotland mean less than nothing to the Tory elite in England.'
National reader Dan Wood.

WITH the ongoing self-inflicted shambles in the UK Tory party hitting the headlines and their party in Scotland abandoning their toxic Prime…
'It doesn’t surprise me that Johnson & Co have been excessively consuming alcohol at work and lying about it. Addiction, deceit and emotional manipulation are common tactics among people affected by serious trauma.'
Vishwam Heckert, via Bella Caledonia.

Watching the drama of Tory parties, the dishonesty about tremendous alcohol consumption and disrespect for the needs of others, reminds me of...
'A blatant attempt to provide political and legal cover for a plethora of fake unionist campaigning groups who have been accused of dark money funding.'
Some dishonest garbage in the Times taken apart by Believe In Scotland.

  The Times, a deeply Conservative and Unionist newspaper has today launched an incompetent and completely self-defeating attack on the nonpartisan Believe in Scotland...
'The report says the UK Government has “undermined trust” by continually legislating without the devolved Parliaments' consent.'
Believe In Scotland

  A House of Lords report on the Union published last week has gone further than any before in recognising the possibility of Scotland gaining independence. It also criticises the UK Government’s “Anglocentric British nationalism”, which...
'Those that float the devo-max option tend to focus on three areas, taxation, ­trident and foreign policy, and noticeably run shy of immigration and so far have been entirely unclear about broadcasting and broadband.'
Stuart Cosgrove, via the Sunday National.

ONE debate has towered over every media discussion in the last 10 days, the future of the BBC has unlocked a whole range of issues, some...
'The idea of ­publishing a “net fiscal ­balance” was dreamed up by the UK ­Government 50 years ago with the specific ­intention of rubbishing ­Scottish ­independence.'
David Simpson, founding director of the Fraser of Allander Institute, via the Sunday National.

EVERY year the Scottish Government publishes in GERS an estimate of what it calls Scotland’s “net fiscal balance”....
'The YSI wants independence for a reason. Young people want an equal, inclusive, and prosperous Scotland to flourish.'
Erin Mwembo, national convener of Young Scots for Independence, via The National.

YOUNG Scots for Independence (YSI) has welcomed a new national executive committee that are raring to go for the upcoming council elections, and…
'BBC management dresses their dishonesty up in all sorts of threadbare clothing about balance and journalistic standards, yet still unfairly weights audiences for programmes like Question Time.'

I SUSPECT most nationalists in Scotland, on hearing of Nadine Dorries’s plan to starve the BBC of funds in preparation for cutting it off without…
'Just taking a single poll that is showing a shift towards YES provides limited data, yet enough to show a great deal of work needs to be done and that can only be spearheaded by the Scottish government...'
Molly Pollock, via Newsnet.Scot

At present there is an unusually high focus on Westminster that is diverting attention. Whether Johnson goes or stays will be decided in weeks and is almost...
'Johnson appears, like Don Corleone, to have the police in his pocket and his MPs living in trepidation.
He is more than willing to throw loyal apparatchiks under the bus to save himself.'
National reader Owen Kelly.

THE First Minister’s reaction to the allegations by Tory opponents of the Prime Minister of intimidation and blackmail by Boris Johnson and his…
'The plan for a fixed link between Scotland and Ireland was a grotesque waste of public money. But it did its job of generating a few nice headlines for Johnson in the right-wing press.'
Wee Ginger Dug, via The National.

THIS week, a key point was drowned out amidst the justified outrage about Boris Johnson's obvious lies about the constant partying...
'The fact that Scotland is still a part of this dangerous farce is utterly depressing. We need to escape, and we need to escape soon.'
Rab Bruce's Spider

By Rab Bruce’s Spider At time of writing this, Boris Johnson’s future as Prime Minister is still in doubt as to when it will end. Indeed, it may already have ended by the time you read this, but I’m fairly sure he will stick around for a...
'Yes, headmaster of Eton: all the fees ever paid, all the exams ever taken and all the boys that have gone before are now represented by Johnson.
Look, you class-defined fools, at just what your kind have produced...'
National reader Cliff Purvis.

MESSRS blinkered, bigoted and servile are apparently all alive and they are all attempting to divert our attention away from the
'One need only to look to Norway. It has channelled its oil and gas revenues into the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund, which is now being used to fund a renewables revolution.
Independence can’t come soon enough.
Believe In Scotland

  The headlines are dominated by the soaring price of energy that will impact all UK citizens, especially those who are already struggling to survive....
'The majority of MSPs have now signed this pledge. This means that if Scotland achieves independence in this parliamentary session, then we will have enough votes to ensure nuclear weapons are removed from our country.'
Bill Kidd MSP, via The National.

IF Scotland achieves independence in this parliamentary session, then we will have enough votes to ensure nuclear weapons are removed from our…
'The Conservative Government of which Ms Dorries is part has just stolen £500 from pensioners by breaking their own manifesto commitment not to abolishing the triple lock on pensions.'
National reader Catriona Clark.

I HAD to pinch myself as I heard UK Culture Secretary announce the freezing of television licence fee at £159/yr for the next two years. Pinch…
'Truly, England is now departing at light speed from the settlement that’s kept the “United Kingdom” sort of muddling along these last 80 post-war years.'

WILL Boris stay (for another wee while) or will he “In the name of God, go!” to paraphrase former Brexit minister David Davis at Prime…
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