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'There are now one billion active users every month and endless creators vying for their attention. How would Scottish politics be received on an app like that?
Pretty well, it turned out.'
Laura Webster, via the Sunday National.

WHEN The National’s digital team initially proposed launching a TikTok account for the newspaper, there were a few raised eyebrows over our Zoom…
'Ultimately, Frost and Brexit ultras are never going to accept they are wrong about the single market and Northern Ireland. They simply do not accept that EU law should apply to goods there.'
David Henig, via Grouse Beater.
'I think an independent Scotland could really lead the way on a lot of crucial issues, including climate issues.'

AN INDEPENDENT Scotland could provide a “fantastic example” of the kind of radical change needed to save the planet, according to leading…
'What goes on in that building, what schemes and devilment do they have in store for Scotland? Both the Scotland Office and Secretary of State should have the word “Against” emblazoned in their titles.'
National reader Robert McCaw.

SO Alister Jack does
'Recognising Scotland’s contribution in any way would not just undermine the too wee narrative; it would demonstrate that Westminster government is Brexit bankrupt and has run out of things to sell off.'
Russell Bruce, via Newsnet.Scot

By Russell Bruce Or it should be, because it is too wee, too poor, too stupid Scotland, subsidised by Westminster, that never gets the credit for all the ways...
'The UK is a wealthy nation, and wealthy nations should not have pensioners living in poverty. However, successive UK governments have deliberately kept the state pension low to force those that can afford it to purchase private pensions.'

  The UK state pension is not big enough to support the bare minimum standard of living for a single person, according to a new report. And it warns that a...
'In the long run, it is impossible to think that the UK Government can insist that Scotland stay in if a majority wants to leave...
In a democracy a people cannot be governed in the long term against their will.'

TONY Blair’s former chief of staff also said it would be “impossible” for the UK to keep Scotland in the Union if a majority wants to leave.
'We needn't believe Scotland’s culture is superior to that of other countries, but if we don’t find confidence to believe it deserves a place alongside them, we’re telling Alister Jack and Boris Johnson they’re right.'
Richard Walker, via The National.

ONE of my favourite things on Twitter recently has been a fantastic and hilarious Scots word of a day posted regularly by Scots poet Len...
'These are all extraordinary feats of technology and engineering, but they also demonstrate how Scotland, a relatively small country, helping to power the world into the net-zero age.'

NICOLA Sturgeon has said that "the action from small countries matters" in the fight against climate change in her Ted Talk as Glasgow…
'Even more pronounced is a deep fear of what Scottish independence might do – disrupting the status quo and “status syndrome” which fixates the political elites of the UK.'
Gerry Hassan

THE Unionist camp has been playing hard ball of late but underneath the posturing is a profound lack of substance and coherence.
'Scotland deserves a better future than being “retained” simply to avoid political loss of face. It deserves better than being regarded as some sort of trophy not to be surrendered.'
National "Yessay" by Gavin Brown.

"When in the Course of human Events, it becomes necessary for one People to dissolve the Political Bands which have connected them with another…
'The Conservatives care as much about what is best for Scotland as Johnson does about taking personal responsibility for his own failures, or indeed for his own children.'

The Conservatives, as we all know, have a deep and abiding aversion to giving government money to those they deem poor or feckless – although of course if you are rich and feckless that’…
'Johnson and the Conservatives have a super-weapon they use all the time, which devastates the opposition – control of the standard language, known variously as the Queen’s English/Oxford English/Public School English.'
National reader Anthony Lodge.

LESLEY Riddoch is not alone in her bemusement at the way “Johnson plays to the English crowd but alienates Scots with every word” (October...
'Old Scottish Unionism is dead. It has not been killed by a Scottish nationalism, but by an intransigent British nationalism that no longer has respect for the rights, voice or status of Scotland within the Union.'
Dr Elliot Bulmer, via the Sunday National.

LAST week the UK Supreme Court, reaffirming the “unqualified legislative power” of Westminster to legislate for Scotland, thwarted the...
'Alister Jack is now in the exact same situation as a health minister who doesn’t think there should be an NHS or a Foreign Secretary who refuses to acknowledge the legitimacy of any foreign government.'

It’s good to see that Alister Jack is being called out for his outrageous comments in the banal collection of britipologetic essays edited by the equally banal free Andrew Bowie published...
'It's not true that the conference was entirely policy free. It wasn’t all laughs and gaffs. Among all the partying the Home Secretary was stripping away your right to protest and destroying a basic tenet of democracy.'
Mike Small, via the Sunday National.

IT’S one of those strange annual spaces where their guard is down. The carnival grotesque that is the Conservative Party Conference in...
'Nothing will turn up, even if we wait decades, because the British constitution does not change, nor does the British state's vested interest in keeping Scotland prisoner.
If we want the weather to change, we have to change it ourselves.'
James Kelly
'The message that Scotland will have an indyref2 needs to be shouted from the rooftops at COP26, especially on November 6th'.
National reader Stephen Tingle.

ONE of the key basic public governance office rules – whether local, regional, national, or supranational – is that to direct others, or finance…
'Brexit has provided Boris Johnson and his Cabinet ministers with the opportunity to undermine devolution by ignoring priorities decided by MSPs.'
via Business For Scotland

Reports this morning suggest that the UK government plans to grab more spending powers from the Scottish parliament in a bid to undermine Holyrood. Michel Gove will reportedly use money once distributed by the EU to upgrade...
'It’s amazing … if a farmer wants to remove a ditch in a field they have to do an impact assessment.
We had the biggest trading change in a lifetime with the biggest market we’ve ever had, and no impact assessment, nothing was done.'

SOLUTIONS to the shortages brought on by Brexit are on the table but a “dogmatic” UK Government is standing in the way, the head of Scotland…
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