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'After a long horrible decade, we’re almost back where we started facing austerity, persecution and destitution, with only the prospect of more Holyrood mitigation to protect the most vulnerable.
It’s depressing.'
Lesley Riddoch, via The National.

IT’S easy to be smug.
'Lawyers acting on behalf of the Scottish National Party have submitted a written case as to why the Scottish Government has the legal right to call a vote.
Here are five key points it makes.'
Believe In Scotland

  The UK Supreme Court in London is considering whether Scotland can have a...
'There is much love for Scotland in Europe. Citizens all over the continent understand the injustice of Brexit and its imposition on Scotland against its will. They think this should be redressed...'
Sarah de Sanctis, via The National.

SCOTLAND has a very special place in my heart. Ever since my first trip to...
A grand day out in Edinburgh.
#AUOB #ScotlandsRightToChoose
via The National

ALL Under One Banner has hailed Saturday's march for independence in Edinburgh as having the "biggest turnout" for an indy march since…
International politics expert Professor Simon Hix says the fallout from the Truss/Kwarteng mini-budget makes Scotland’s government seem “safe pairs of hands by comparison”.
via The National

THE case for Scottish independence has “never looked...
'Professor Richard Murphy, a political economist with the University of Sheffield, suggested that the financial crisis may have been the UK Government’s goal, with an eye on privatising services such as the NHS.'
via The National

IT is “entirely plausible” that Liz Truss’s Tory...
'The people of Malta were free to change their minds. They were free to go from wanting the Union to wanting independence – and the British Government accepted that.
Scotland wants, demands and deserves the same freedom.'
Dr Elliot Bulmer, via Sunday National.

I AM writing this on Malta’s...
'Rather than strengthening the Union, the appurtenances attaching to the Queen's death have re-inforced the hard fact that Scotland is an ancient country and cannot be relegated to some Trussian district of Greater England.'
National reader Ken Gow.

ANENT the question of whether Queen Elizabeth’s death...
'As the curve of support for independence grows, so will the pressure.
The Social Attitudes Survey is another point of reference on the upward curve that leads to independence.'
Believe In Scotland

  Ice hockey player Wayne Gretzky famously said “I skate to where the puck is going, not to where it has...
'This is a UK in a death spiral, with a callous government and an ineffectual opposition.
Scotland needs out as soon as possible.'
Paul Kavanagh, via The National.

Kwasi Kwarteng, fresh from his bizarre performance in gurning and laughing his way through the Queen's funeral, unveiled his...
'In many ways, energy policy is an example of the increasing political divergence between Scotland and England. '
Business For Scotland

The UK government is expected to announce a cap on energy bills for businesses today, but there is likely to be a delay before the details are clear. What IS...
An independent Scotland must have a functioning tax authority to make sure people pay their way, know where they stand and ensure social and economic policies designed to level up society can be delivered, says Richard Murphy.
via The National

AN economic justice campaigner has...
'It’s shocking that Scots history and culture has been so deliberately suppressed over the past century in Scotland.'
National reader P Keightley.

PROFESSOR Tom Devine was commenting today on the radio on this historic week after Queen Elizabeth’s death, as her cortege left Balmoral’s…
Latest Independence Live 'The Nation Talks' Show, focusing on a resource of which you might not be aware- the Scottish Independence Library.

We will be speaking with a couple of team members from the Scottish Independence Library to findout what it does and its goals within the wider Independence ...
'No new Britain or society can be built on the pillars of hereditary entitlement and anti-democracy, and eventually the UK has to have a conversation about the constitutional character of the UK and its four nations.'
Gerry Hassan, via The National.

THIS is a watershed moment in the...
'Just as we are awash with sentimentalism, Paddington Bears and a suffocating cocktail of propaganda and authoritarianism, the Union is quietly falling apart.'
Mike Small, via Bella Caledonia.

The desperation to over-project onto today’s events in Edinburgh are a sign of the fear in the British establishment. The repressive police...
An interesting analysis of Scotland's position with regard to EU membership from political scientist Anthony Salamone.
via The National

SCOTLAND would have a “favourable” starting point during the application process to join the European Union due to its previous membership of…
'Party discipline and the instinct for self-preservation will cover a multitude of ­misgivings - but a prime minister without the support of his or her parliamentary party is already in a ­precarious position. '
Dr Elliot Bulmer, via Sunday National.

ONE of the Queen’s last official acts was to appoint Liz...
'No matter what it says, the Truss Tory government is actually based on greed, selfishness, democracy denial, climate change scepticism, isolation, exceptionalism and a hatred of equity and equality.'
Michael Russell, via The National.

THE 20th-century Chinese premier Zhou Enlai, when...
The Business For Scotland annual dinner, which was to have been held on Friday 16 September, has been postponed as a mark of respect following the Queen's death.
via The National

A PRO-INDEPENDENCE think tank and business network has cancelled its annual dinner...
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