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'There is an emerging disconnect between the public and young people not just on monarchy, but also on how the UK is governed, its central institutions and elites.'
Gerry Hassan, via The National.

A WEEKEND of endless royal propaganda says something about modern Britain – about how
'Judging by the banners carried on Saturday, the Yes movement is well entrenched geographically right across Scotland, and especially in its smaller communities.'
George Kerevan, via The National.

MARCH! March! March! The indy movement was on the march again on Saturday, this time back in Glasgow.
Sandy is interested in election voting systems and will talk about the model used in Swedish and the lessons for us in Scotland.
Event Details
'At some point, the base of the stone suffered at least half a dozen heavy hammer blows. On the lower surface alone, there are (at least) 10 missing pieces.
We’ve no idea why or when this damage occurred.'
A J Morton, via The National.

THE first time I spoke to the remarkable man behind the equally remarkable 1950 rescue of the Stone of Destiny from Westminster Abbey, he took a…
Well done to Business For Scotland and Common Weal on receiving excellent ratings for transparency from Open Democracy - unlike several Unionist think tanks.
via The National

PRO-independence think tank Common Weal and campaign group Business for Scotland have both marked the highest 'A' rating
'The Scottish Child Payment, paid to eligible poorer families, was increased from £10 to £25 per child per week in November.
It has been heralded as “game-changing” by poverty campaigners.'
via The National

THE SNP have called on the UK Government to “match the ambition of the Scottish Child Payment UK-wide” by raising the child element of…
'We are lied to by being told we’re partners in the UK union, but not enough to to leave it, as the Tories did with EU membership by Brexit - a fundamental breach of the human rights of those living in Scotland.'
National reader Jim Taylor.

WHEN the Tories’ Scottish branch manager, Tweedledunce Dross, claims the SNP have crashed the case for independence, doesn’t he prove he lives…
Still a few tickets left for the Perth & Kinross Yes Hub bus to Glasgow next Saturday.
Let's make it a huge day for the Yes movement!

Return bus transport from Perth to Glasgow for the All Under One Banner march for Scottish Independence in Glasgow on 6 May 2023.
'It will be of no surprise that our super rich and super ignorant Prime Minister Rishi Sunak could not give a monkey’s about Scotland.'
Mhairi Black, via The National.

THE Bank of England’s chief economist told people in the UK earlier this week to just accept they are poorer. A historic drop in living standards…
'“Paradiplomacy” enables subnational governments to play an increasingly vital role in international relations.
Not that the Tory government shows any signs of agreeing to that, as its recent attempted “crackdown” on Scottish ministers’ overseas visits and promotion of Scotland’s interests blatantly revealed.'
David Pratt, via The National.

WHENEVER any major global crisis flares...
'As the bill progresses, it is a constant, ugly reminder of inhumanity. And if there was ever a need for Scotland to have its own immigration system, there is now.'
Kate Forbes, via The National.

MIGRATION is in Scotland’s DNA. We are a nation of migrant people. It’s in our past, our present and will undoubtedly be in our future.
“This country was already on its knees before Brexit, the endless phase of political trench warfare and the pandemic.
Now it seems as though it has dialled 999 and is waiting in vain for the paramedics to show up."
Der Spiegel, quoted by The National.

A LEADING German news magazine has said that “the foundation of Britannia’s democracy is literally rotting away” in a scathing article on...
Perth & Kinross Yes Hub is running a bus to AUOB Glasgow on Saturday 6 May. Travel 'door to door' in comfort and enjoy the camaraderie. There'll even be a wee raffle.
Departs Broxden Park & Ride 9:30 am, return by 5:30 pm, return fare £13. Tickets here:

Return bus transport from Perth to Glasgow for the All Under One Banner march for Scottish Independence in Glasgow on 6 May 2023.
'In short, independent countries as diverse as Ireland, Denmark and Norway combine economic dynamism with social solidarity.
With all our resources, why not Scotland?'
Jamie Hepburn, via The National.

In my role as Minister for Independence – a new post that demonstrates Humza Yousaf’s drive to achieve our shared goal – I have responsibility…
'The Irish example of a small and agile economy in the European Union, which has over the years broadened its focus away from a stagnating UK economy, may prove an example to those us north of the Border.'
National reader Alex Orr.

AS US President Joe Biden’s cavalcade leaves town, he leaves an Irish economy that is expected to be the best-performing in Europe this year,…
'If we do this properly, the poorest will be lifted out of poverty, participate more effectively in the economy and place less load on health and social care services.'
Hilary Silitto of the Scottish Currency Group, via The National.

IN this and future articles, the Scottish Currency Group outlines how an independent Scottish Government with its own
Unfortunately, because of unavoidable family circumstances, our event with Richard Walker at the Salutation Hotel on Thursday 20 April has had to be postponed.
Our apologies to anyone who had booked tickets. We'll endeavour to rearrange the talk at the earliest possible date.
'We believe Scottish independence is the only way to permanently escape Tory rule from Westminster.
We cannot give up on the fight to win self-determination, even if the road suddenly looks a bit longer.'
George Kerevan, via The National.

NEXT weekend,
'The proportion of Scotland's population aged 65+ is expected to rise from 22% in 2027-28 to 31% by 2072-73. This rise in those aged 65+ is met with a sharp fall in those aged between 16 and 64, as well as those aged under 16.'
Business For Scotland

The Scottish Fiscal Commission recently released its Fiscal Sustainability Report and it makes clear that if Scotland remains part of Brexit...
'It smacks of a parent trying and failing to control a teenager. It’s just silly.
It’s also very rude.'
Kirsty Hughes, quoted by The National.

THE UK Government’s “embarrassing” message to diplomats around the world may end up backfiring and boosting awareness of British…
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