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We're still speaking with our fellow Buddies about the positive future the people of Scotland when we become an independent country.
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A YES march next weekend will see thousands show their "readiness for independence to the rest of the world" ahead of a potential 2023…
What happens to our pensions as Scotland transitions to being an independent country.
Says one of the richest culprits in this chaotic and corrupt Conservative government.
The Tories have overseen years of austerity, promoted corruption, flouted their own lockdown rules, broken promise after promise, and are now overseeing the biggest cost of living crisis we have faced in years.

People are going to be struggling more than they ever have before. It is absolutely appalling that we are living in a time where increasing numbers of people can’t even afford to...
Let's get the band back together for the 5th March ...

This year's mass mobilisations for Scottish independence #AUOB 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Have a Merry Yesmas - we'll be out campaigning for an Independent Scotland next year
Thanks to everyone who helped out at the Now Scotland stall at the Govanhill International Festival. We have had a great response to our efforts to build the Rally at Faslane on 28th August.
Lets step up the fight for an independent nuclear free Scotland now!
Join Now Scotland - Now!
When they go on about the Scottish economy…just point out that it’s who has the ultimate powers that bears the ultimate responsibility…. #ScottishIndependence
Don't forget to Vote on 6th May: Whatever you do vote for any party which supports an Independent Scotland. In the West Scotland region there is the SNP, Scottish Greens, Alba and Scotia Future - we need as many Indy supporting MSPs as possible in the push for Independence.
Yes Party is a non party political group - we just favour Scottish Independence. It's up to each person to decide how best to use their votes at the Scottish Parliamentary Election - hopefully they will all go to Independence supporting parties whether that's SNP, Alba, Scotia Future or the Scottish Greens.
The Scottish Independence Convention has been busy developing a series of papers looking at the Transition from devolution to Independence.

These papers are to help map out what can be done to help move Scotland towards our Independence.

Author: Dr Craig Dalzell Dr Craig Dalzell is the Head of Policy & Research at the “think and do tank”...
That's the April issue of the paper now available to purchase at
Join the National and Believe in Scotland with the Yes Challenge to help persuade those who are sitting on the fence to make the final step to Yes

The National and Believe in Scotland have teamed up to launch the biggest independence campaign since 2014. We want YOU to help us convert at least one undecided voter to independence over the next three months.
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