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Conspiracy theorists in the MSM now! Where are the fact checkers?? 🤣

Swedish startup Epicenter has created an under-the-skin microchip to carry Covid passports in the user’s arms.At the beginning of December, Sweden enacted new rules requiring individuals to have a passport at all events with more than 100...

FOUND yourself rooting for that bastard Cummings now that he’s putting the boot into Johnson? Come to terms with this development.
So the conspiracy theorists are gaining moral high ground over the brainwashed re***ds, in Sweden at least 🤣

A Swedish company has created an under-the-skin microchip to carry Covid passports in user's arms. Nothing to see here! #VaccinePassport #Microchip #Pande...
Going well eh! 🤣
I know, pretty radical perspective… But I’m probably wrong.
Life is too short to comply with lunacy... live free folks
I hope you all don’t me sharing something. I’ve been holding it in and I’ve decided it not healthy. I’m struggling a bit. I’ve not been sleeping more than 4 hours a night since Innes phoned me a gave me the news. It’s so hard losing someone you were so fond of when the world goes on as normal around you. There’s a loneliness in this grief. It’s jolted me into action and I’ve...
Excellent news

MPs are also eager to get rid of working from home guidance when the current Plan B restrictions are reviewed on January 26
'The First Minister says the idea has a number of practical flaws, and simply wouldn't work given the nature of the Pfizer vaccine about to be rolled out across the country.

However Sturgeon says the idea of immunity passports isn't one the Scottish Government would be going down' Pity she lied! :(
It took FIVE years for the connection between thalidomide taken by pregnant women and the impact on their children to be made. A UK Government warning was not issued until May 1962.

Not only did thalidomide change people’s lives, but it resulted in tighter drug testing and reporting of side-effects.
Alex Salmond’s Alba Party has called on the Scottish Government to fully fund a council tax freeze in upcoming local authority budgets – to help stymie the “completely unaffordable” impact on household purse strings of a jump in both the levy and energy bills.
Hey, thank you for stopping by. I'm Tony Stacey and I have been working on a memoir about men’s mental health, parenting, fatherhood and raising a new generation of young people.

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The ALBA Party has today called on the Scottish Government to fully fund a Council Tax Freeze in upcoming Council budgets across Scotland.
You mark my words, one by one almost every measure that we have seen, will be discredited.
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