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Yes Orkney supports the Campaign for an Independent Scotland
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EU Emblems Competition: How many EU Emblems can you find? Search Orkney for any sign showing that the EU supported a project. Take a photo of it and send it in together with where you found i
At 5.30 pm on Tuesday January 31st Yes Orkney will be holding a vigil outside St. Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall in solidarity with simultaneous events at Holyrood and across Scotland, marking the third anniversary of Scotland being ripped out of the European Union against our will.

Time for Scotland- the group which organised rallies across Scotland on Supreme Court Referendum Verdict Day-has asked Scots to show that we have not forgotten, and that we want more than ever to return to the EU.

Please bring lights to show support for this- any type of lights- Christmas lights, torches, lamps etc.
The event will be livestreamed by Yes Orkney.
It's Our Choice Orkney Rally On Wednesday the 23rd of November the UK Supreme Court will decide if the Scottish Parliament can hold a lawful independence referendum or not. Regardless of
The Supreme Court will announce its decision on whether Scotland has the power to hold a referendum on independence or not.
Yes Orkney explores potential solutions to energy crisis and fuel poverty Yes Orkney is focusing on the theme of energy and fuel poverty in the month of October with a street stall planned to l
Yes Orkney had a presence at both the Dounby and County shows this year, thanks to a shared stall with the Orkney branch of the Scottish National Party. It should be reiterated that Yes Orkney is a
Yes Orkney will have a small number of T-shirts for sale at this year's County Show in Kirkwall. They are also available to order from the designer's website at, w
The effects of Brexit (which let's not forget every single region of Scotland voted against) and the global pandemic have created a cost of living crisis. Energy bills are skyrocketing, forcing ev
Yes Orkney get together
Music from Jen Austin and Erik Linklater
Chat from Lesley Riddoch and discussion on campaign strategy plus QUIZ! email [email protected] for link
Event Details
Lesley Riddoch
There will be a street stall for the Day of Action. 11-3 outside former Reel premises in Kirkwall.
Event Details
As reported by CNN, the British Government is to waste untold millions of taxpayer money sending 8 incredibly expensive warships on a long and still more incredibly expensive voyage through the Pa
Yes Orkney will be hosting a Zoom meeting to discuss the forthcoming Holyrood election this Sunday at 7.30pm. Highlands and Islands list candidate for the Alba party Josh Robertson will be in atte
"Considering Scotland has all the necessary machinery in place to become an independent state, we see no obvious reasons why Scotland would not succeed economically if it were to do so, especia
On the 26th of March 2021, former First Minister Alex Salmond announced his return to politics fronting a new pro-independence political party called the Alba Party, which was actually founded on the
A film of Alec Ross, speaking in Orkney on the impact of Brexit and Scottish independence on the Scottish farming industry,, is now available to watch online. A Q&A with the audience follows. F
Orkney Foodbank has been notified by the Trussell Trust that it can accept the £750 donation that representatives of the Orkney Four delivered to its Kirkwall premises on Friday. There had be
On the same day as Alistair Carmichael MP hosted a public surgery in the Orkney Food Bank, staff at the (politically neutral) Food Bank were reluctant to accept a donation of £750 from
The options for currency in an independent Scotland will be laid out for discussion at a public meeting in Kirkwall’s St Magnus Centre on Tuesday, October 25. Speakers on the night will b
Littlequoy in Burray and the island of Hunda are still up for sale for £600,000. If each of the 4,883 Yes voters in Orkney chips in £122.88, Yes Orkney will buy the island and commence the
Orkney residents who backed a Yes vote in the recent referendum on Scottish independence met at the weekend to begin mapping a way forward, following an upsurge in grassroots political activity in the
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