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Community in Nairn for people working for a Yes vote on Scottish independence.
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QC gives legal opinion on Highland Council's responsibility to provide separate single sex toilets in all schools.

Gender-neutral lavatories in Scottish schools breach equality law, according to a leading QC, amid claims that female pupils have been harassed and intimidat
The sinister flag the 'Aberdeen Independence Movement' has chosen to sail under.
Whatever's coming out of there is not even fit for a sewer as it'll be so full of hormones as to contaminate the water table. If you, like Owen Jones, imagine for one second this should be given to the *actual* most vulnerable humans - helpless babies - YOU. ARE. SICK. This is sick. This is reckless selfish abuse of newborns. For male sexual gratification. This is the most poisonous...
The involvement of the state with an individual’s identity is not intended as a feel-good exercise in validating how they feel, but attesting to who they actual
WHY is she doing this to Scotland's children? Too pig-headed and bloody-minded to admit she's taken a wrong path. But it won't be she who suffers for it. That is evil.
Sturgeon's Scotland. Will he go to the male prison he belongs in?

A sex offender who admitted filming the sexual assault of a woman while she was sleeping is appealing the 23-month jail sentence. Gender-neutral Laura
It is a binfire.

Ever get the feeling you've been had? Recommend removal of the rose coloured specs.
What a censorious bunch they are.

The Alba Party claims its roadshow on independence "beat a last-minute ban" at Aberdeen University by taking its meeting outside. The meeting, to discuss
Sanity prevails in Florida. We can see the end of this nightmare coming, just as the recalcitrance of Nicola Sturgeon's government digs in in the wrong direction and tries to shame and damage Scotland and its people further.
THE Wings Over Scotland website highlighted some extremely disturbing polling figures. Last January, a poll by Savanta ComRes found women in favour…
The sinister flag behind Kevin Reid. I wonder exactly 'how' he wants the new Nairn Academy 'refurbished'...
Beware men who want to bring in 'gender neutral' (unisex) toilets everywhere.

David Smith repeatedly exposed himself to one boy and seriously sexually assaulted another
LORNA Slater has been accused of breaching the ministerial code after she compared critics of government plans to reform gender recognition laws to…
Council election voting system.

Council elections in Scotland use the single transferrable vote (STV) voting system.This video explains the basics of the STV system and helps you to underst...
Keep Nairn Library in the town centre - petition.

Keep Nairn Library in the Town Centre
This is an excellent article on why social transition is not a neutral act - it is child harm. Don't be complicit in it. Children need and deserve a solid foundation of truth from adults.

Childhood social transition is seen as 'kind.' A clinical psychologist...
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