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Community in Nairn for people working for a Yes vote on Scottish independence.
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Monarchy is not compatible with democracy and human rights. It reinforces and perpetuates extreme inequality and foments an environment of snobbery and division. An independent Scotland should bin it as soon as practicably possible.

SNP​ MPs have condemned the arrest of multiple anti-monarchy protesters in London on the day of King Charles’s Coronation...
An event featuring SNP MP Joanna Cherry has been called off because staff at the comedy club objected to her views on gender. Who's next, asks Jim Spence, Catholics? Muslims? Disabled people?
How we ended up with the arse that is Emma Roddick as well.

How they let the wrong ones in...
Actual toddlers have more common sense than these brainwashed cultists trying to silence truth.

AN Edinburgh Fringe venue’s decision to cancel a show involving SNP MP Joanna Cherry has been branded “plainly unlawful” by the Dean of the…
FREQUENTLY, I read fellow columnists in this newspaper and journalists writing about “culture wars”. The phrase is rarely defined and often…
As SNP politicians clamber over themselves to distance themselves from scandal, who is actually in charge? And for that matter, as the SNP devolves into a mess, what exactly are they in charge of?
The zombie drone walking dead of the SNP. If you think your views matter she doesn't want to know you! Party above everything. And she has no idea of the state she's in! What was the name of that movie? The Sixth Sense.
Senior SNP figures are questioning Nicola Sturgeon’s legacy, blaming her for the predicament in which the party now finds itself.
AS Scotland emerged from lockdown restrictions in the summer of 2021 Mandy Rhodes began to feel deeply uncomfortable at her work. As the long-time editor of Holyrood magazine, Ms Rhodes is one of Scotland’s most influential political journalists. Her workplace is the Scottish Parliament where she has been reporting and commenting on the business of government for nearly 20 years.
In recent years...
Yet more unacceptable behaviour from an excuse for an MSP.
If the polished turd slime bucket thinks this is a good look he is mistaken.
DISGRACE on Scotland.

Happy International Women's Day.
No experts on child development were involved in the report Humza Yousaf wants to use to steamroller a Conversion Therapy Bill. Scotland does not have a conversion therapy problem and this bill will endanger sensible care and caution and reignite the GRR fiasco so if you want more of that dumpster fire, vote Humza. These are dangerous times.
Sign our open letter to NHS chiefsTweet This is an open letter to the NHS chief executives and chief nursing officers of the four UK nations, as well as relevant ministers, calling for the reinstat…
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