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Community in Nairn for people working for a Yes vote on Scottish independence.
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The UN expert at the centre of a gender reform row with SNP ministers has warned Nicola Sturgeon that her self-ID policy will have global consequences as she repeated her calls for it to be delayed.
In an interview with The Times, Reem Alsalem, the United Nations special rapporteur on violence against women and girls, offered to provide “expertise to the first minister” after publishing a...
The Sturgeon government is failure and lies. She is weak, fake and useless. And surrounds herself with compliant fools.

MINISTERS have come under fire for costing Scotland billions of pounds in failing to set up a publicly-owned energy company because it did not have…
You sometimes just must have the courage of your convictions.

As one of the SNP’s oldest and longest serving MSPs, Fergus Ewing is an unlikely rebel but after an historic moment in w...
A middle-aged scientist sitting quietly in a Scottish parliament committee hearing was approached by a security guard. Either she must remove her purple, white
A prisoner who identifies as a woman battered a fellow inmate in the male wing of a Scottish jail after being the subject of "comments" by other lags, a
They state "This won't affect single sex exemptions in the Equality Act" but they have lobbied against the single sex exemptions in the Equality Act and stated them "wrong and unfair". They say a GRC is 'irrelevant to the Equality Act' but submitted an unpublished submission to a Scottish court last week that 'a GRC changes someone's sex under the Equality Act' and said secretly to the Scottish...
Is PURPLE really THAT scary? Will your clothes soon become a hate crime? Has the Scottish police and justice service lost its collective marbles down a drain? Tune in next week to find out.
'Another woman wearing a purely purple silk scarf was also asked to remove it if she wanted to stay and listen to the debate' Wooo! Scary purple strikes again! Absolutely ridiculous. Up
the purple as of now.
Joanna Cherry is right. Why are politicians pushing this awful nonsense against the wishes of the people?
Even nearly 4,000 miles away in Sharm el-Sheikh, Nicola Sturgeon may find it difficult at the Cop27 climate conference to avoid thoughts of the biggest backbench revolt since the SNP came to power 15 years ago
This is non statutory advice and leaves teachers and schools wide open to personal and corporate responsibility should they be stupid enough to follow it. This is a safeguarding issue.
Skewered Sturgeon squirming. "I'm trying to be honest." Yes, it must be impossible, being such an alien thing to you.

“🔥🔥Ministerial Code? 👇 #ResignSturgeon #ferryfiasco #FerriesScandal
Staff at Scotland’s only gender clinic for children have tried to blow the whistle on the service using official patient safety procedures.Red flags have formal
Well done to all these SNP MSPs at the top who voted against the government today. Kate Forbes is on maternity as an excuse, surely a way could have been found for her to register a vote since Richard Leonard squeaked up in the chamber to have his recorded when his app failed.
We have a winner. 😍🥰😘😘
Scottish schools have been urged to reject “derogatory, demeaning and dangerous” new NHS advice that suggests children who want to change gender may simply be going through a phase.NHS England has issued new guidelines advising that most children identifying as transgender are goi
A charity which supports gay and trans children in Scotland is facing an investigation by the charity regulator for allegedly offering to help provide breast bi
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