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Community in Nairn for people working for a Yes vote on Scottish independence.
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What hypocrisy at the top of the SNP to preside over threats of attacks on MPs and MSPs fomented by social media attack from other SNP politicians in tandem with party relegation, and then come out with mealy mouthed words after the terrible events of Friday.

SNP MP for Edinburgh South West, Joanna Cherry writes on the rise in abuse towards politicians following the murder of Sir David Amess.
Superb essay.

I would like to welcome the very first ever guest post on Grumpy Scottish Man Blog by LornCal. I will be approving the comments but not replying to them for this essay but please do feel free to co…
Common sense is everywhere.
And on she goes. When will the duped wake up? She is a con artist.
And more with the Nicola Sturgeon blocking spree - of women.
The public do not want Self ID. Nicola Sturgeon's government is behaving *exactly* like Westminster Tories by imposing legislation on Scotland's people. They have betrayed you.

The bestselling author on why “gender-critical” feminists shouldn't be vilified.
Stick your pronouns right up you.
Silence is going to be more and more impossible. It's time to speak up for the truth and what's right. The carpet is unrolled and we see what's under it.

Women have always been there. We were fighting for you. Putting the needs of others, as we always do, well before our ow...
Oh what a massive useless fake the gerrymandered SNP list and zombie drones voting 'SNP 1 & 2' has got us. Revolting creature Roddick is.
The news where you are.
Another one. Pontificates re being available for constituents then blocks any who politely question her demonisation of women who want representation of their concerns. This is what Sturgeon's inferiority complex and gerrymandering of the lists has got us. Not fit for office.
Speeches from yesterday at Holyrood.

Stephen Knight brings you coverage of all the speeches outside of Scottish parliament. The demonstration was to voice opposition to gender self-Id legislatio...
Another response from Emma Roddick MSP to a constituent follows. What may surprise voters here is Ms Roddick's claim that 'the people of Scotland have already expressed their resounding assent to these plans (Gender Recognition Act reform) by offering a majority of their vote to parties that support reform'. And here were you thinking you were voting for parties that support independence! She...
Immature and thoughtless response to a constituent from Emma Roddick MSP. You can't self identify your way to a blue badge or benefits.
The Scottish polis apparently have become indoctrinated by Stonewall et al to such an extent that they state 'gender' is 'assigned' at birth. Those of us who are not brainwashed fools know SEX is OBSERVED. They are also very keen to afford anyone who decides they may wish to commit crime a 'policing experience' where 'they know that their experiences and views are welcomed and valued'. ...

Highland Council have made a U-turn over plans to have unisex toilets at a secondary school. Pupils started the new school year by having to share loos
Thought the reverse ferret would be pretty damn quick! People just won't thole this stuff when they realise what's going on. Take a hint about the non legal guidance ScotGov tried to dump on schools last week too and bin that as well.
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