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Yes Musselburgh +YesMusselburgh
A grassroots group dedicated to working for Musselburgh's future in an independent Scotland
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Hope you are well and enjoying the summer weather. Our next Yes Musselburgh Meeting via Zoom is on Monday 26th July at 7.30. From New Statesman After two years as Prime Minister, Boris Johnson’s unfitness for office has never been clearerRarely has a rich, sophisticated Western country fallen as far and as fast as the … Continue reading July meeting →
Great response from the motorists on the Edinburgh City bypass.
As highlighted in today’s National (Saturday 3rd April) and available from Believe in Scotland website:
Yes Musselburgh Spring Raffle We have launched our Raffle to help us raise funds for campaigning. The tickets are £1 each. To ensure we are Covid-safe  we are only able to collect the money via online payments so the process is to call Wilma on 07899828194 and she will allocate you numbers for your tickets. … Continue reading Spring Raffle →
Made by James Kelly in 2016… It’s relevance carries extra significance in 2021..
Stuart McHardy (historian and author) is putting on a lecture via Zoom on 25th March. The topic is After Culloden, looking at events in the decade following Culloden (drawing on the work of the Stennis Historical Society and his own research.) We hope that members will be able to promote this lecture particularly to folk … Continue reading Scottish history event →
Believe in Scotland is today launching our new image gallery to help online activists campaign for independence.We have three galleries, each has a different format of image. One for printing off as posters and banners, another for sharing on social media and a social media profile header gallery. All of our billboard images from our … Continue reading Image resources from Believe...
Hello everyoneI hope you are all remaining well despite the continuing lockdown. It is frustrating not to be able to campaign on the streets and get our positive message about Independence out there in the local community, particularly with the important Holyrood Elections only 12 weeks away.  YES Dunbar Event: Bookings are now open for … Continue reading February update →
Could Scotland stage a vote on independence without the UK’s approval?Scotland can only achieve its goal of independence if it is seen to have gone through an entirely consensual process of self-determination, writes Marc Weller (Scotsman, 26.01.21). Can Scotland force a referendum on independence against the wishes of Downing Street?Westminster asserts that under the Scotland … Continue...
The new grassroots campaign for Scottish independence​ About NOW SCOTLAND Now Scotland evolved out of two of mass online events held in November 2020 organised by members of the All Under One Banner team on the future of independence campaigning. Over 1200 people attended and were in support of establishing a mass membership … Continue...
Robert Anderson from Perth has made a 15 minute video explaining how pensions would be safe in an Independent Scotland.  Here are all the answers for the doubters. Find it at Thanks to inveryes for sharing.
A new film by Lesley Riddoch and film maker Charlie Stuart. Follow the link to this film and others by Lesley.
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