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To encourage free and frank discussion and debate around the issue the people of Scotland have on their minds about independence.
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Well folks, we seem to have made a splash. Well done everyone. Very proud of you all.

  ‘’It’s great to see something happening again, something which shows support for independence,’’ said some visitors to the Pensioners for independence street stall at Ayr’s Wallace Tower on Saturday. The stall was just one of more than 110 activities taking place all over the country ...
Thanks to everyone who turned out today to support Scots Independence. Photos to follow, and then the work begins. Just waiting for the date to be set.
This is essential reading for Yes supporters

To download your PDF copy of the Scotland the Brief book click the button below. Scotland the Brief began as a collection of illustrated Scottish economic facts published by Business for Scotland. Over two years, those graphics generated more than four million views...
Next Saturday (18th) has been called as a day of action by Believe in Scotland and Yes groups have been encouraged to organise events to publicise our case for Independence on the anniversary of the 2014 referendum. We'd be interested in ideas for a get-together of some sort around Tobermory. We have banners, flags, promotional materials, a gazebo if needed. We need a location and people, and we...
I don't need to comment, do I?
Good news as we move away from pandemic restrictions and start to embrace the prosepct of real change.
Yes Highlands and Islands have created a survey on attitudes to a second Independence Referendum amongst the various areas, and Yes Mull and Iona are affiliated. If you would like to put your views, the survey, which runs until next Monday (28th June) can ve found at They are keen to hear from as many as possible, so please do take part. It took this...
Shoddy behaviour by someone.
Important for non-SNP followers of the YesMull page to read this.

News, analysis and comment from the Financial Times, the worldʼs leading global business publication
We are in the process of linking with Yes Highlands and Islands to prepare for campaigning for a resounding YES vote in 2021. Meetings will meantime be by Zoom or similar, and probably this will be the model for the foreseeable future. Anyone interested in being a delegate/contact should contact Gordon Chalmers. We will be allowed two reps at each meeting and this is especially aimed towards Indy...
"I am delighted to at last be able to reveal the name of our November Guest Speaker.
Craig Murray is well known in the Yes movement as a straight speaker who is not afraid to speak out. As a former long serving member of the UK diplomatic service he understands perhaps more than most the reality of the...
Yes Mull and Iona has been contacted by the Yes Highlands and Islands with a view to strengthening bonds between Yes groups throughout the broader area. This is an opportunity especially for the many supporters of this group who are not SNP members to engage with the wider Yes movement in this important period. For more detail of how to get involved message Gordon Chalmers.
Support Slanjkilts here if you feel so inclined. “Boris Johnson spends £900,000 of taxpayers money for a Union Flag to be painted on a plane. Nicola Sturgeon spends £10 of her own money (£2 of it goes to the charity Shelter) for a tartan face covering. Guess which one the Gammon media has a problem with?”
Here's the makeup of the "Scottish" Affairs Committee of the UK Government. Where Jeane Freeman has to answer questions to a committee with more MPs from English seats than SNPs, who, remember, represent 80% of Scottish Constituencies. Committee membership for the Scottish Affairs Committee.
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