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Let's have a police investigation & arrests over this too 👇

My heart is breaking , I had to send Sheldon over the rainbow bridge today , his heart problems caught up with him , it was a fight we just couldn’t win , he was a dog in a million , my companion , my protector , my angel loved by everybody that met him and a Scottish patriot to the end
To the people of Scotland - to all of the people of Scotland - whether you voted for me or not - please know that being your First Minister has been the privilege of my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
It will be a disappointment that she didn't succeed in getting us our independence but Scotland has progressed, regardless of what unionist parties say.

Thanks Nicola for all you have done for the Scottish people.
Yes Linlithgow has signed up for this event although, as we are not currently active, it would be better for interested individuals to register their intention to participate - area 8 covers our town although those in surrounding villages may find they are closer to areas 7 or 9.

When this happens, it's usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people, changed who can see it...
🎆 Happy New Year from the team at Believe in Scotland.
Happy St Andrew's Day! A day to celebrate being Scottish. Have a cracking day everyone #StAndrewsDay
One week today, Martyn Day MP and I along with Michael Matheson MSP and Michelle Thomson MSP will be hosting our multi-agency cost of living event in Callender Square Shopping Centre, Falkirk from 12:30pm until 4:00pm.

Constituents will be able to get free advice from local and national organisations on issues such as energy, benefits and debt.
Sorry I've (George Trist) haven't been around for a while, I hope to be back posting ASAP.
The share of Scots who identify primarily as Scottish has risen from 57% in 2012 to 72% today.

The change in social attitudes is a stark one for the UK.

On this day in 1320

was finalised sealed and declared

Scotlands most important document outlining the reasons for Scotlands Sovereignty and asserting Scotland as an independent state denouncing English attempts at subjugation is thought to be written by Bernard of Kilwinning the then Chancellor of Scotland and Abbott of Arbroath Abbey...
We still have some leaflets and newspapers available if you want to do a pre (or post) Christmas delivery around your area. We also have a few of these new books. Just PM if you want some dropped off. You could always do a St Andrews leafletting session down your street.
If you wish to leaflet your area then there will be leaflets & newspapers for collection from St Ninians Way Car Park between 10-11am on Saturday 18th or can be delivered, message this page to arrange. Don't think we expect you to deliver everything on Saturday! Pace yourself if needed over the next month. We'll be taking notes of which area you want to do so we don't cover the same area twice 🙈
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