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SCOTLAND has been “short-changed” by Westminster to the tune of more than £5 billion, according to new figures released by the SNP.
Yup! 👇👇👇👇
Sunlit uplands are just getting better and better
From the filming of 'Aberdeen: A City in Transition'.
I fully support this when we are independent!!!!
To do an interim constitution justice Scotland needs to consider whether there is a northern European model that would be more appropriate for Scotland if it is to continue as a monarchy, for at least a period beyond independence.
Westminster and the complicit Unionist media want you to believe that Scotland is too poor to be a Normal country...
This release from 2019 shows the opposite is true...

Value of all Scotland’s natural resources revealed
Natural resources in Scotland have been valued at one-third of the UK’s total by a groundbreaking new study.

By Tom Eden
March 2019

The research, by the Office of...
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Letter: More than 170 cultural figures from all EU member states and UK nations call on EU leaders to guarantee Scotland’s place in the bloc should it vote to separate from the UK
Get on the electoral register so you can vote in elections and referendums.
The London Economic | Sir David Clementi – the current BBC chairman – is due to step down next month | News
BILLIONAIRE tax exiles, the British National party (BNP), Saudi royals and oil-rich Gulf states have claimed millions of pounds in taxpayers money…
I welcome the announcement that the SNP Scottish Government is taking over the running of ScotRail. Services will move into public sector control when the current franchise with Abellio expires - expected to happen in March 2022 - and will then be run by an arm’s length company owned and controlled by the Scottish Government.

As a long time campaigner for the Borders Railway, I absolutely...
SCOTTISH Labour has removed a Holyrood candidate after comments she made about a second independence referendum.
THE wife of a top Tory minister has endorsed a plan to starve Scotland of money in a bid to quell support for independence.
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