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YES LARGS: a grass roots, community led group based in Largs, working locally within our community as well as nationally.
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Let's get through this. I've got a load of hugs that I want to collect. 🥰🥰

Cautious easing of lockdown as more services to open from 5 April.
SNP 49% / 37%.
Tories 21% /18%
Lab 20% / 19%
Lib 9% / 8%
Greens 11% on list
Alba 3% on list
This is only after a few days. A lot can happen before 06 May.

Alex Salmond's hopes of returning to frontline politics and at May's Holyrood election are doomed, new Alba Party polling suggests.
💡As you reach for the light switch as evening approaches for another day
📺As you settle on the sofa and turn on the TV
⏸Pause and think for a wee second.
⚡Chances are that electricity has been generated by Green Renewables!
🌍Under the SNP Renewable energy has increased from being able to meet 37% of demand to over 97% of demand in just the last decade.
🔜As we strive to go even...
We sadly all know the stats, older generations are far more likely to hostile to the SNP and Independence. If we want to build a better Scotland, we need to improve life for ALL Scots. That includes those that have been contributing to our country for the longest.

Think the Tories stand up for older Scots? You may want to have a read below👇...
Please remember to register. Remind your friends and family.

The candidates have been confirmed for the Scottish Parliamentary Election, to be held on Thursday, May 6.

Voters will choose their constituency MSPs in Cunninghame South and Cunninghame North and will also have a second vote which will help determine the seven regional list MSPs in the West Scotland Region, which includes North...
April Fools Day is this Thursday!!!

Downing Street has defended Boris Johnson over accusations he had an affair with Jennifer Arcuri, with his spokesperson claiming he acts with 'honesty and integrity'.
The MSM aren't reporting this. Please feel free to share.

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Jennifer Arcuri reveals all about her sexual affair with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, including sexy pics and trade trips as the PM faces a probe over his conduct
That's right. £77,000 of tax payers money to get her eyebrows done. 🤬🤬
Please give this some thought and share if you like.

Mr Harry Miller, shared on Over 60s for Scottish Independence:

"There are no other countrys who have chosen to be ruled by the country next door. If you let that sink in it is a ludicrous situation. But then no other country on earth has their news fed to them, by another country. No other country, pays the state broadcaster to feed them...

From the filming of 'Aberdeen: A City in Transition'.
So many people in Scotland are naturally concerned about our land. This makes positive reading.

Scotland's Third Land Use Strategy sets out our vision, objectives and policies to achieve sustainable land use in Scotland. The Strategy covers the next five years and aims to provide a more holistic...
I would like to remind everyone that people from the EU who have made Scotland their home now are entitled to vote in Scottish elections and referendums.

New Scots are welcome here. Use your vote!
You can register to vote here:
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