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YES LARGS: a grass roots, community led group based in Largs, working locally within our community as well as nationally.
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A lot of information that I'm sure is of interest.
An interesting read.

Last week, as the leader of the largest party in the elections to Nothern Ireland’s Parliament, Sinn Fein, Michelle O’Neill was elected First Minister. She can’t take her seat at the moment because the DUP is refusing to cooperate. Commentators in the Unionist press have fallen over themselves
Worth thinking about. #keepScotlandtheBrand

When New Scientist contacted 11 of the UK’s biggest supermarkets to ask if they would stock gene-edited food after a bill becomes law, none responded to confirm they would embrace the products
This looks progressive and interesting. Looking forward to it's findings and publication.

Experts to implement the National Strategy for Economic Transformation.
We have over 20 Modern Apprentice opportunities! ⬇⬇
Business & Admin
Rural Skills
Civil Engineering
Building Services
Active Learning & Leisure
Road Maintenance
Early Learning & Childcare
Youth Work
Health & Social Care
Professional Cookery
Legal Services
Customer Services

For more details and to apply visit:

Still deciding if an Apprenticeship is...
This maybe of interest to those having to pay out for school uniforms which, as we know, are expensive.

Scottish Government consultation on uniform policy including what should be included within guidance, the role that school uniform plays within day to day school life, how best to reduce the cost of school...
So much to learn but we're an amazing country. Aye we will!

At the time of the 2014 referendum, voters were told it was too late to benefit from Scotland’s oil and gas. They would run out in 15 years, leaving Scotland depending on energy imports from England. Now, a windfall tax could raise £2 billion on the oil companies’ huge profits. And England...
Sky high good news.
This is good news 💙🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿💙

Hoy, Islay, Great Cumbrae, Raasay, Barra and Yell are chosen for the Scottish government project.
More great news.

CHANNEL 4 is set to partner with Screen Scotland to give Scottish independent production companies a chance to pilot new shows.
Our First Minister in the USA. Absolutely ignored by our corrupt media.

Speaker Pelosi Welcomes First Minister Nicola Sturgeon of Scotland
Look upon the face of the worst politician this nation has produced in its entire bloody slaughtering history. He is a LIAR of breathtaking proportions, a Coward, Cheat, Thief, one would be hard-pressed to find a relationship he HASN'T betrayed. He is Corrupt, Lazy, and Incompetent (At its kindest definition) He is directly responsible for the deaths of close to HALF A MILLION of his own people...
Mmmmmm, Scottish and if it battles those midges then it's a winner. 💙🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿💙
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