Friday, January 31st. The Square in Kirriemuir. Come and light a candle for Europe.

This is the day we are being taken out of the EU. The transition period means we won't notice much difference straightaway but now is the time to stand up for Scotland's right to decide the direction we take for all of our people.

Yes Kirriemuir is holding a day of demonstration on Friday, January 31st. Starting from 11 a.m., we will hold a vigil in the town square. As darkness falls we will light electric candles and place them around the square. Bring 'Scotland in EU' flags, bring Saltires, bring the flag of your country of origin if you are a new Scot.
Musicians are invited to join our pipers. Please feel free to bring instruments and play through the day.

At 11 p.m., the time we are being taken out of the European Union, musicians will play 'Ode to Joy'.

Now is the time to take a stand, show solidarity with our continental European family, friends, colleagues, and neighbours.
It's time for Scotland.

The Bellies Brae Bar kindly has opened their doors to us so we can make our base there, especially important if the weather is bad.
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