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Yes Kelty campaign FOR SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE & support community initiatives in Kelty, CND & Anti fracking campaigns.
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An uncomfortable truth. A comfortable Ruth.
Time to take these clowns down. Zero tolerance.
Close the border with England , also for Wales as they have that danger also.
The unionists say the "once in a generation" comments by the then First Minister Alex Salmond in a televised interview was a binding pledge by the people of Scotland.

Yet they don't consider the "VOW" signed by all three unionist parties and given huge coverage by London's mass media a binding pledge. What of the Devomax pledge or the Smith Commission Recomendations that disappeared into the...
Ive started to dream of all the times when we were young and each day was
filled with joys
We would climb the hills and walk around the Lochs never giving a thought to
We would climb our nearest mountain ,Benarty was its name
Or we would wander through the Weewoods,hunting all the game
The Meadows was our big swampland,and Loch Ore was our big sea
And many a raft or homemade...
It would be a political masterstroke if the Scottish Government offered a space for the rebel parliament to sit. Currently the Scottish Parliament is the only functioning parliament in the UK. Let's lead the way and show the UK how democracy is done. Let anyone deny our right to self govern after that. ;) #stopthecoup
If Westminster closes in a fascist coup, the Scottish Government should declare sovereignty. The people should demand it. We don't need to march any more. We only have to stand on its grounds in Edinburgh. It's 2019 not 1919. Don't let history repeat itself. #stopthecoup
Just in case you forgot, The British Empire was an evil genocidal institution. Fact.
Help if you an folks. This is one of the top cultural events in our area, as well as donating graphic novels to schools, this family business needs our support. Hi everyone You have all probably heard by now that Dunfermline Comic Con 2018 was cancelled for safety reasons. The snow just wouldn’t stop. This was a once in a lifetime Red Weather Warning event for mainland Scotland and couldn’t...
British Establishment at its utter best. Self entitled morons behaving like school children. Welcome to our imperial masters . .
Tis the season to not be jolly :(
👏 👏 YOU would never accuse the SNP Government of harbouring any traditional Christian proclivities. Even so, a few in the cabinet may be familiar with…
Something needs to be done. The secret recording they tried to preventIt's Mz B talking at the U.K. Parliament about how disgusted she is about the treatment of the survivors of the greatest social housing tragedy ever.. Grenfell towerPlease Share to everyone in the UK and around the world.
This should never go away from the public mind. It's the biggest reason for the Tories never to be anywhere near power again. Lifting the heavy burden of government regulation This is what "self-regulation" by business looks like.
How to Tory #543 If you can't form a government, give homophobic, science denying religious bigots £1bn.
It's marching season :(
Scotland flag - the saltire Made In Scotland. For Scotland.
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