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For those throughout Inverclyde who support independence or who are open minded about Scotland's future
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The Norwegian Government is using its fund to pay 80% of households’ energy bills as a response to the current energy crisis. Had Scotland a sovereign wealth fund it could have been doing the same.

At the time of the 2014 referendum, voters were told it was too late to benefit from Scotland’s oil and gas. They would run out in 15 years, leaving Scotland depending on energy imports from...
Nothing to add to this really! Except that the Yes movement needs to start pushing up support. Watch this space post AIM Progress to Yes conference at end of May. A new phase begins.

It is time to Believe in Scotland.
Progress to Yes – Altens Hotel,Souterhead Road, Aberdeen, Sun 29 May 2022 - All-day independence conference with a packed schedule of workshops, panels, speeches,...
INDEPENDENCE supporters will be hoping to pump some energy back into the movement later this month with a major event planned to kickstart the 2023…
Last week, as the leader of the largest party in the elections to Nothern Ireland’s Parliament, Sinn Fein, Michelle O’Neill was elected First Minister. She can’t take her seat at the moment because the DUP is refusing to cooperate. Commentators in the Unionist press have fallen over themselves
And Yes Inverclyde is geared up and ready to roll. 👍🏻

Here's a look at tomorrow's front page🗞️

EXCLUSIVE: 'Scotland is on its way to independence,' says Nicola Sturgeon
Scottish energy companies pay 10 X more than English competitors to access the National Grid. Remember that fact for the independence campaign in 2023!

The UK Government’s energy strategy involves taking Scotland’s national energy assets on terms that are detrimental to Scotland’s economy. The document claims it “will work with the Scottish government” - but in reality, it did not...
This is fast becoming the most pivotal pro independence argument there is because without powers to implement the transition to renewables, the planet dies. There is no alternative.

As Europe speeds its transition to renewable power, Scotland risks being left behind, tied to a right-wing UK Government. Investment of the required scale would boost Scotland's potential and that’s not in their...
Postal votes for Scottish Council Elections come out on 14th April. Whilst Covid still on the rampage, sign up for yours now! #DemocracyMatters
We love this! Thinking of copying out a ‘wheel’ a day on a whiteboard and putting it up outside the Yes Shop for passers-by to read! A job for someone twiddling their thumbs, looking for something useful to do? 😃

  Guy Stenhouse, writing in one of the Herald’s regular, ‘talking Scotland down’ columns that they gift to unionist campaigners, appears to have only a passing...
Today I published Scotland’s Economic Strategy. Scotland has extraordinary economic potential. Our natural resources, heritage, talent, creativity, academic institutions and business base in both established and emerging sectors are the envy of many across the world.

Our economic growth and prosperity over many decades has been the result of entrepreneurial, talented and motivated people...
What we can learn from this as campaigners is the importance of real people as influencers of those still undecided. Our best resource is ourselves.
Everything expressed here applies to the world that will be ushered in by an Independent Scotland. Thanks to Elizabeth and her clarity of thought.

Today's Greenock Telegraph Column
AIM activists @fatimajoji and @theo_forbes join @gillianmartinsnp in this week’s Scotland’s Choice podcast hosted by @drewhendrysnp. Listen to them discuss issues from the Just Transition to postal charges, the indepependence movement and everything in between! Streaming now.
Says Sandra Reynolds,

YES Inverclyde has never really stopped although we had to close up shop during the pandemic lockdowns. Day of Action on 18th September 21 saw us delivering Believe in Scotland pension leaflets to targeted areas, then climate change leaflets and a local event during COP26 to highlight rising sea levels (we are on the Clyde coast!). Using our mood box questions and YES...
Contempt for democracy writ large...
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