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For those throughout Inverclyde who support independence or who are open minded about Scotland's future
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We will restock with these soon! The campaigner’s handy pocket book of Scotland’s wealth. Nobody should be without one in the coming year!

🆕 The new edition of Scotland the Brief is out NOW!

🔎 All you need to know about Scotland's economy, its finances, independence and Brexit.

To order copies of the new Scotland the Brief book click the link below or click to find out more about...
Slow and steady! 😀

Have a look at tomorrow's front page 📰 'Independence support surges into lead after Supreme Court ruling'
🎶 All We want for Christmas is Democracy! 🎵
Save Dec 10 in your diary! Family event, some Christmas fun and a long line of folk making a stand for Scottish democracy.
Posters will be supplied. Wear bright winter colours and Christmas hats. If you busk or are a street performer we’d love to hear from you.
Collect an A4 laminated ‘I’m Standing up for Scottish Democracy’ poster from the YES Shop, 8 Newton St., Greenock. Put up in closes, windows, doors and front gates.
Suggested donation £1. Help grow our campaign funds! 💷
Out on streets today asking folk about the Supreme Court verdict. Mood Box result showed overwhelming majority feel we are ‘Prisoners of Westminster’. We also asked them fill in a mock ballot paper and put it straight into a bin. Scottish democracy treated as dispensable.
Spot on from Phantom Power! 😂

“CELL BLOCK UK #Scotland isn’t a partner. It’s a prisoner.”
In a week where phrases like 'Prisoners of Westminster', 'Democracy Deniers' and a 'Voluntary' Union' have been bandied about, can you still just sit on your hands and not get involved in this battle for basic democratic rights?
Portrait of a rally! Photographic record of a pivotal day in Scottish affairs. Democracy on trial.
Many thanks to Derek for the photos.
Greenock tonight. Elizabeth Robertson addressing the gathering. #timeforscotland
First images coming through. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
5.30pm Lyle Memorial Fountain. Let’s fill with square with lights tonight. YES to Democrary, YES to Independence, Yes to Scotland’s Wealth being used to improve the lives of all living here.
Statement from FM at 11.30am.
We thank Lesley Riddoch and the Time for Scotland team for our poster which links us to the other events taking place all over Scotland - 13 at last count, some big and some more modest in size.
EU citizens are also gathering in Paris, Berlin, Rome and elsewhere to lend support to Scotland’s right to choose. It will be truly inspiring to join forces like this across Scotland and across the...
All Inverclyde Yessers are welcome to join this gathering to mark the judgment...whatever the outcome. Bring bright lights and torches to light up the square and show our determination to succeed. We ended the last Referendum campaign with bright lights in Battery Park, so let’s start the next one in a similar vein. In olden times, proclamations were made in the square. It feels the right place...
Window dressing! 😀
Take a deep breath...🙄

BREAKING: The date for the judgement on the indyref2 Supreme Court case has been announced
Westminster double standards on full display on defence procurement and project ‘difficulties’. Maybe have a word in the ears of Scottish Tory MSPs? 🤷‍♀️
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