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For those throughout Inverclyde who support independence or who are open minded about Scotland's future
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What this means is that local Yes Groups must get organised, raise campaign funds and share good practice! Whichever of the following scenarios unfolds, the pathway for local groups is clear. Work your area, understand your audience, address what needs to be done at your end of things - and we will win.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson could well change his mind on his bid to stand against a...
Please fill in AIM’s survey and share widely.

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Inverclyde constituency will expand to encompass Bridge of Weir and Houston adding 10,000 new voters. The social profile will be fundamentally altered - and perhaps the political complexion - and the neat symmetry of encompassing one council area will be destroyed. It is hard to see the benefit for Inverclyde. Let’s hope a successful independence vote in 2023 removes the problem once and for...
Stark contrast to how things were done elsewhere. Another feather in Scotland’s cap. Another reason to trust the Scots to govern themselves!

The Scottish public body that procured PPE during the pandemic acted fairly and appropriately when awarding contracts.
Tune in today!

NICOLA Sturgeon is set to deliver a Ted Talk on the climate crisis as Glasgow prepares to host world leaders at COP26.
Powerful reasoning from Andrew Leslie in The National. The essence of the independence argument. Well worth a read to remind ourselves of why we have work to do!

A UNION is a curious political beast. As a small child mad on steam trains, I watched the A4 Pacific locomotive “Union of South Africa” thunder…
✂️ The UK’s social security support is one of the worst in Europe and the Tories just cut it again.

💛 Independent Denmark and Sweden provide a safety net for its citizens worth 90% and 80% of previous salaries.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland will have a choice.
The focus of Yes Inverclyde in the second half of October will be climate change and Scotland’s green energy potential. Kickstart it with this Scottish Parliament event featuring George Monbiot!

Get your tickets on Eventbrite!
🟥 Only with independence can we protect children's rights.

If you believe in Scotland, take the pledge today:
Collection point for Foodbank in our shop, 8 Newton Street, West Station end.
Bring a donation of food, choose yourself a book. Still some new books from Luath Press. Early Christmas presents, anyone?

35 years ago, at 3pm on October 5, people in Scotland united to show their strength of feeling about nuclear weapons on our soil. Peace groups, trade union groups, political parties, church groups and lots and lots of ordinary families in the towns and villages along the route linked hands to make the point that nuclear weapons are an abomination. Independence will bring that goal of a...
If you would like to deepen your understanding of the wellbeing economy, then tune in to this event. It is the big idea of the moment.

The EICSP is an events-led Scottish charity, which works with the world's spiritual traditions, both in Scotland and internationally.
Ronnie Cowan MP

This is how we win.
This is how we took #Inverclyde from 26% yes to 49.99% in 2014.
Door by door, person by person.
There is no magic wand, no easy way. It’s the graft of the activists that will win the day. #indyref2

“This is how we win. This is how we took #Inverclyde from 26% yes to 49.99% in 2014. Door by door, person by person. There is no magic wand,...
Over 1000 pension leaflets put through doors today. Many thanks to those who helped deliver and to run the hub and make coffee and donuts for the workers. Another drop planned in two weeks! Fresh legs welcome to join the Yes Inverclyde team.
The days of GDP measured economies are numbered. If the planet is to survive, if economies are to serve people not profit, if humans are to live happier more fulfilling lives, then we have to switch urgently to this set of measurements and values. Scotland is a founding member of the Wellbeing Economy Governments (WEGo) group, an initiative where member countries are working together to...
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