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DESTINY, the Perth & Kinross Yes Hub, is a drop-in meeting place and community hub for the Scottish independence movement
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'So, Scotland, are you yet ready to cut the lead weights from around our necks that manifest as a Westminster government, whether Tory or Labour, with no other interest in Scotland than to hang onto our wealth and resources?'
National reader Peter Thomson.

AND so it begins; the emperor’s new clothes failed to cover up the deep and growing divisions not simply between Holyrood and Westminster...
'Naturally the Conservatives defended the arrests, with Tory deputy chairman Lee Anderson demanding that if anyone wanted to protest against the monarch they should leave the UK.
We’re trying, Lee, we’re trying.'
Paul Kavanagh

The abhorronation has finally finished, barring the usual interminable post match analyses from a British media determined to keep Chas’s special day going on for...
'The turnout was fantastic, estimated at around 20,000.
As usual the atmosphere was friendly and good-humoured, with lots of support from pedestrians and car drivers.
National reader Winifred McCartney.

I WAS delighted to attend the All Under One Banner march
'Why did the release of comparable English figures that show a really positive comparison between Scotland and England get universally stonewalled by Scotland’s TV and print media?'
Believe In Scotland

  Scotland and England were releasing different figures until now Scotland and England have been measuring wait times in A&E differently – Scotland’s figures are from “time of arrival”...
'Enough Is Enough' - latest podcast from Lesley Riddoch and Pat Joyce.
Does being a Tory mean you never have to say you're sorry?
Was Sunak feart of the Scottish press pack?
Is the coronation pledge of allegiance plea a spectacular own goal?
And more...
'Britain is a degenerate parody of itself and requires industrial quantities of bunting and rhetoric to survive.'
Mike Small, via The National.

THE surround sound of deference is becoming deafening. The tat, merch and souvenirs are becoming ubiquitous and the drum-roll of propaganda is…
Still a few tickets left!
Time to let our opponents know that, whatever the recent travails, the Yes movement ain't going anywhere.

Return bus transport from Perth to Glasgow for the All Under One Banner march for Scottish Independence in Glasgow on 6 May 2023.
'What the UK Government should accept is the will of the people of Scotland.
They should accept the democratic mandate that we possess to hold an independence referendum.'
Mhairi Black, via The National.

THE Bank of England’s chief economist told people in the UK earlier this week to just accept they are poorer. A historic drop in living standards…
'Even the woman who was responsible for introducing the “hostile environment” thinks that the bill is inhumane and risks consigning more people to modern slavery by giving traffickers greater leverage over victims.'
Paul Kavanagh, via The National.

JUST when the Tories thought that they'd got over one bullying scandal involving a senior government minister, along comes another ...
'Colonialism is when a colony’s resources are extracted and then sold back to it at a premium by the coloniser.
It’s why one-quarter of Scottish households can’t afford to heat their homes.'
National reader Leah Gunn Barrett.

THE UK is talking down Scotland’s energy potential. This time it’s green hydrogen. Norway is investing in green hydrogen in line with the EU’s…
'Self Control' - new podcast from Lesley Riddoch and Pat Joyce.
Can the SNP beat the audit deadline?
That Section 35 order. A wise first battle for the new FM?
Is devolution being rolled back?
HPMAs. Do they ignore local interests and best practice?
'We received no response from the Scottish LibDems or Scottish Labour when we asked for their membership numbers on Monday.
A Scottish Tory spokesperson said the party did not publicise the data.'
via The National
Well, now, there's a surprise...

THE SNP have hit out at Unionist parties who refused to reveal their membership numbers – accusing them of “hypocrisy”.
We're running a bus to the AUOB march in Glasgow on Saturday 6 May. Travel 'door to door' in comfort, enjoy the camaraderie and take part in a wee raffle as you go.
Departs Broxden Park & Ride 9:30 am, return by 5:30 pm, return fare £13. Tickets here:

Return bus transport from Perth to Glasgow for the All Under One Banner march for Scottish Independence in Glasgow on 6 May 2023.
The not-so-hidden agenda reveals itself...
via The National

A FORMER Tory Government minister has been condemned after saying that the SNP’s ‘implosion’ is a chance to put devolution into reverse...
'The Scottish media effectively gives a free pass to the Conservative party, and by doing so it is endangering democracy and political accountability in Scotland.
That is doing an immense disservice to that Scottish public.'
Paul Kavanagh

The Scottish media is behaving entirely predictably about the police investigation into SNP finances. On Sunday on the website of the Sinking Ferry...
'We must support the right of a democratically elected Scottish Government to pass legislation without having to ask Westminster’s “permission” each and every time. We know where that will end.'
National reader Robert Fletcher.

I COMMEND Lesley Riddoch’s latest article on the Section 35 challenge mounted by the Scottish Government (This is the truth about Section 35: if…
'Delegations from youth wings of social democratic parties in Poland, Germany, Wales, the Netherlands and Denmark gathered on Calton Hill on Sunday to sign “The Edinburgh Pledge” alongside members of Young Scots for Independence.'
via The National

YOUNG democrats from across Europe have pledged to support Scotland re-joining the EU when it votes for independence.
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