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DESTINY, the Perth & Kinross Yes Hub, is a drop-in meeting place and community hub for the Scottish independence movement
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'Smearing Nicola Sturgeon and/or her Scottish government has been going on for years. BBC Scotland is always very receptive to such smears. Unionists need only accuse the SNP leader of lying or of coverup and it becomes a headline story.'
via MSM Monitor

According to Unionists, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is a liar who’s engaged in a coverup over the Ferguson ferries issue. Her deputy…
'It seems that Britain’s addiction to meaningless pomp and ceremony shows no signs of ending any time soon.'
Francesco Bonfanti, via The National.

TO watch the ceremonial state opening of the Westminster parliament is to witness a spectacle of grim absurdity.
'It’s going to be very independence-focused, looking at things like policy and how we win, and not so much about process.'
Alan Petrie, co-organiser of the Progress to Yes event in Aberdeen later this month, via The National.

INDEPENDENCE supporters will be hoping to pump some energy back into the movement later this month with a major event planned to kickstart the 2023…
'With more pro-independence councillors than ever before, the SNP and the Greens have more opportunity than ever to meet people – and even if they’re not actively talking about it, to normalise the idea.'
Adam Ramsay via Open Democracy

Election results show that the ground is shifting in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. But the future of the UK is still up for grabs
'The State Opening of Parliament is an absurd, archaic, pantomime that should be consigned to the dustbin of history, along with all the rest of the ridiculous, anachronistic pseudo-historical rituals.'
Wee Ginger Dug

This week we had the spectacle that is the state opening of the Westminster Parliament in which elderly men and women raided the dressing up box and bedecked themselves in fancy...
'Better for the Unionist parties' Scottish branches if Anas Sarwar, Douglas Ross and Alex Cole-Hamilton concentrated on producing realistic policies relevant to the people of Scotland, rather than on attacking the SNP.'
National reader John Jamieson.

THIS appears to be the ideal time for Nicola Sturgeon to present her promised “refreshing and very positive” new case for independence, as…
Last chance to buy tickets for the @Yes_Perth_City bus to #AUOB Glasgow on Saturday 14 May.
Departure from Broxden Park and Ride 10 am.
Return fare £13.
Visit the Destiny Hub, 246 High Street, Perth between 10 am and 4 pm today or purchase via this link.

Bus transport from Perth to and from the All Under One Banner March for Independence in Glasgow on Saturday 14 May 2022.
'Further trouble, annoyance and unravelling of the UK Government’s disastrous Brexit deal are only likely to increase support for Irish unification.'
via Business For Scotland

Last week, as the leader of the largest party in the elections to Nothern Ireland’s Parliament, Sinn Fein, Michelle O’Neill was elected First Minister. She can’t take her seat at the moment because the DUP is...
'For now, let us all commit to talking every day about our wishes for the future of a rich, forward-looking, engaged country, holding our heads high and leading as our forebears so often did.
National reader Cher Bonfis.

LET it be heard: loud and tremendous applause for all our bonnie lassies and callants who took the time to vote in local elections last week. Thank…
Tickets still available for the Yes Perth City bus to AUOB Glasgow on Saturday 14 May.
Departure from Broxden Park and Ride 10 am.
Return fare £13.
Just click on the link to purchase - or visit us at 246 High Street, Perth, Wednesday to Friday, 10 am - 4 pm.

Bus transport from Perth to and from the All Under One Banner March for Independence in Glasgow on Saturday 14 May 2022.
'If the Conservatives didn’t take a massive kicking after the last two years there would be something deeply wrong, but there is more than mid-term protest going on.'
Mike Small, via The National.

ON Wednesday night the Home Office were run out of Edinburgh, escorted out of Nicholson Square by the city’s polis as a large crowd gathered to…
'Tory aggrandisement is being achieved through the impoverishment of “others”; nothing new there!'
National reader Selma Rahman.

THE majority of us will be rightly appalled at the situation in Ukraine. I’m still appalled at the situation in Palestine. Surely we are all very…
'Let them eat cake.'
via The National

A TORY minister tasked with rebutting accusations that his government is out of touch has been branded “patronising and insulting” after…
Council election day!
We wouldn't DREAM of telling you how to vote, but just make sure you do.
'The Power of Local':
New podcast from Lesley Riddoch and Pat Joyce.
Is likeability enough for Labour in the local elections?
Just how democratic is Scottish local government?
Why did Billy Kay's address in Scots to Holyrood trigger so many unionists?
'Boris Johnson's ministerial team have all fallen in behind him with their own felonies where ministerial behaviour is concerned. Now, it is the turn of his back benches.'
National reader Alan Magnus-Bennett.

THE continuing arrogance
'The Labour member of the House of Lords took time out from trying to subvert Scottish democracy in order to inform us that we have all got it wrong and that Scots is not really a language at all.'
Wee Ginger Dug, via The National.

THERE’S something about the Scots language that encourages people without the slightest understanding of linguistics in general to pontificate...
A call from All Under One Banner for stewards to help with the independence march in Glasgow on Saturday 14 May.
via The National

YES group All Under One Banner (AUOB) is looking for volunteers to help steward a march for Scottish independence in Glasgow on May 14.
'Even those who might be attracted to the idea will have been quickly advised not just about the anti-democratic stink of such a step, but of the legal and political quagmire such a bill would produce.'
Michael Russell, via The National.

IAM sorry I missed the chance to wish George Foulkes – apologies, that should be Baron Foulkes of Cumnock – a happy 80th birthday back in…
'This latest attack on the democratically elected Scottish Government is another sign that the House of Lords is out of touch with the country it seeks to govern.'
Believe In Scotland

More Peers are bankrolled by oligarchs than support Scottish independence - the latest democratic outrage from the House of Lords is an attempt to make an independence referendum illegal.
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