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DESTINY, the Perth & Kinross Yes Hub, is a drop-in meeting place and community hub for the Scottish independence movement
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‘The hypocrisy is staggering and the mendacity brash and mind-boggling, but like a Trumpian America, the UK collectively shrugs its shoulders and prepares for the Prime Minister’s next charade...'
National reader Owen Kelly.

IN her column last week (Covid inquiry is damning for Boris Johnson so where is the fury, October 15), the excellent Lesley Riddoch discussed the…
'It’s a massive kick in the teeth to all involved, not least the people of the north east who have been overlooked once again. The Conservative administration’s disdain for this area never ceases to astound me.'
Karen Adam MSP

TODAY'S announcement that UK Government support for the Acorn Project at St Fergus was rejected in favour of other carbon capture and storage…
'Ireland’s calm maturity in the face of Westminster duplicity should remind us that there’s an opportunity, if we wish to take it, to be honest and better and different.'
Alec Ross, via Orkney News

“Ireland’s calm maturity in the face of Westminster duplicity should remind us that there’s an opportunity, if we wish to take it, to be honest and better and different.”
'In all of this bizarre posturing, Britain’s reputation – such as it was – is utterly trashed.
"Global Britain" is synonymous with lying.'
Mike Small, via Bella Caledonia.

In the latest wheeze of the Brexit debacle we’re told that foreign lorry drivers will now be able to make an unlimited number of pick-ups and drop-offs in a fixed period in the UK under chang…
'The only answer is to have plenty clear strong Scots published so that the trolls have it put vigorously before their eyes and ears.'
National readers Iain and Susan Forde.

THE article by Richard Walker in The National describing the criticism that the paper received online for publishing Scots is very significant for…
'British domestic law is the last barrier protecting Unionism from the will of the Scots people.'
Scott Crichton Styles, via Sunday National.

LAW and democracy are the twin pillars upon which the British constitution is supposed to rest and that which the Tories claim to venerate – in…
'Scotland needs freedom for Scots to be hopeful and purposeful. And the world needs hopeful, purposeful Scots if it is ever to be free of injustice and humanity's failed war with nature.'
Yessay in The National by Dr Julian Caldecott.

INDEPENDENCE means having the freedom as a country to decide what to do, and to take responsibility for the benefits and costs of doing it.
'With recent polls suggesting nearly three-quarters of 16 to 34-year-olds back independence, TikTok seems a natural space for them to discuss that support.'
Laura Webster, via Sunday National.

WHEN The National’s digital team initially proposed launching a TikTok account for the newspaper, there were a few raised eyebrows over our Zoom…
'It’s not clear why a reduction of two seats should involve such significant changes to so many Scottish constituencies.'
Business For Scotland

Anger is spreading at plans unveiled yesterday to radically change Westminster Scottish constituency borders and cut the number of Scotland's MPS while increasing the number in England. The cut in the number of Scottish MPs by two — from 59 to 57 —...
'Boris Johnson is still the most likely winner of the next General Election. This is the terrible truth Scotland’s Unionists must confront. '

WHERE’S the rage? Where’s the fury?
'In the long run, it is impossible to think that the UK Government can insist that Scotland stay in if a majority wants to leave...
In a democracy a people cannot be governed in the long term against their will.'
via @ScotNational

TONY Blair’s former chief of staff also said it would be...
'You might want to vote to remain in Britain, but what kind of Britain do you want to remain in? Surely not this one.
And where does the power lie to change its course? Not in your hands. Not in Scotland’s hands.'
David Whyte's Yessay for The National.

I GREW up in Scotland in the 1950s and 1960s as the beneficiary of something I always regarded as quintessentially British – the post-war…
'Recognising Scotland’s contribution in any way would not just undermine the too wee narrative; it would demonstrate that Westminster government is Brexit bankrupt and has run out of things to sell off.'
Russell Bruce, via Newsnet.Scot.

By Russell Bruce Or it should be, because it is too wee, too poor, too stupid Scotland, subsidised by Westminster, that never gets the credit for all the ways...
'We needn't believe Scotland’s culture is superior to that of other countries, but if we don’t find confidence to believe it deserves a place alongside them, we’re telling Alister Jack and Boris Johnson they’re right.'
Richard Walker, via The National.

ONE of my favourite things on Twitter recently has been a fantastic and hilarious Scots word of a day posted regularly by Scots poet Len...
'Scotland’s shadow international trade secretary Drew Hendry said the figures showed Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s ‘’catastrophic economic vandalism’’ on Scotland’s trade.'
Business For Scotland

Brexit continues to deal blow after blow to the Scottish economy as trade slumps after we were forced to leave the European single market. New figures published by HM Revenue and Customs...
'Sometimes it feels lonely and you can get a bit dispirited, wondering how we’ll get there. But we have to have faith, believe and hold, hold fast. We must believe. Independence … it’s coming yet for a’ that..'
Edinburgh WFI

WE recently asked for Yes groups to tell us of their experiences during the pandemic, and it was heartening to see how many groups had managed to…
'The independence movement is like a plane full of travellers gathered together on a common journey. We knew the destination, built the plane, fuelled it and landed it safely, but we are now stuck.'
Ronnie Cowan

I FIRST joined the SNP in 1976 and, having campaigned for the party and candidates in numerous council, Holyrood, Westminster and European…
'Independence is even more essential in Scotland, as we emerge from the pandemic and can seize the opportunity to rebuild our economy based on the principles of wellbeing and equality rather than greed and naked self-interest.'

  Get Brexit Done … three words which won the Conservative Party the 2019 UK general election south of the Border and the driving force which pushed Boris Johnson to...
‘There will need to be an independence-winning story. A simple, optimistic story which will embolden the uncertain, and the uncommitted, to vote positively.'
Robbie Mochrie, via The National.

THE National gathers together reports on local campaigning under the heading Yes DIY. It’s a name which should really encompass all work for…
'I have lived involuntarily through many Tory administrations, as a Scot who has never voted for them, but I have never ­encountered a government as ­incompetent, blundering, and downright malign as this one.'

IT’S true. You really can’t fool all of the people all of the time, as Boris in full Barnum and Bailey mode will ultimately find out.
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