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DESTINY, the Perth & Kinross Yes Hub, is a drop-in meeting place and community hub for the Scottish independence movement
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'The rallies which post-dated the ­Supreme Court verdict were orchestrated by grassroots activists who put in a serious shift before the FM emerged to talk to the ­Edinburgh gathering.'
Ruth Wishart, via Sunday National.

TIME to take proper stock. It’s far too tempting at roadblocks like these to leap with Olympian ease to all manner of “solutions” to…
'The myth that the UK is a voluntary Union of nations has been comprehensively – and permanently – shattered because of the behaviour of the Westminster parties.
The so-called partnership of equals is anything but.'
Nicola Sturgeon, via The National.

The Supreme Court judgment has “galvanised” the Yes movement across Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon told SNP members at a St Andrew's day event
'This is not a situation created by the Supreme Court - the Supreme Court does not make laws; it merely interprets laws created by Westminster - and it's Westminster which has created this travesty of democracy.'
Paul Kavanagh, via The National.

IT'S been a historic day in Scottish politics. The nature of the United Kingdom as a voluntary union has been shown to be a myth. It is nothing…
'Win, Lose or Draw':
Why are the Time For Scotland rallies following the Supreme Court decision so important?
Lesley Riddoch and Pat Joyce discuss that and much else in their latest weekly podcast.
We'll be open at 246 High Street, Perth from 9:30 am tomorrow for those who want to join us to watch the Supreme Court announcement. Come and join us then.
'Surely we have to exhaust every internal legal, democratic avenue whilst identifying and recording more evidence of the anti-democratic, democracy-denying barriers put up to stymie us.'
National reader Selma Rahman.

I’LL stick my colours to the mast, right from the start. I plan to be at Holyrood Wednesday for the rally. I hope to be joined by many, many…
More information from The National about the events being held around Scotland to mark Supreme Court Decision Day on Wednesday 23 November - including at the Concert Hall Plaza in Perth, where it'll all happen at 5:30 pm.

THE Yes movement is gearing up to receive the verdict from the UK Supreme Court on whether Scotland can legislate for an advisory independence…
More information in the Sunday National about the events being held around Scotland to mark Supreme Court Decision Day on Wednesday 23 November - including at the Concert Hall Plaza in Perth, where it'll all happen at 5:30 pm.

THE Yes movement is gearing up to receive the verdict from the UK Supreme Court on whether Scotland can legislate for an advisory independence…
'There are ­several ­different outcomes which might be ­announced by the Supreme Court, each with starkly different political ­consequences for the Scottish and UK governments.'
Andrew Tickell, via the Sunday National.

IT’S happening. The UK Supreme Court has announced that it will hand down its judgment in the independence referendum case on Wednesday morning.…
On Wednesday 23 November at 5:30 pm, following the Supreme Court announcement, Yes folk will be at Perth Concert Hall Plaza to make our voices heard about the next steps for Scotland - whatever the court may decide.
Check out for events elsewhere.
'It is too early to know exactly how this awful Budget will impact the Scottish Parliament and devolved services, but we know that the impacts won’t be good.'
Gillian Mackay MSP, via The National.

WHEN we thought the Tories could sink no lower, they’ve got even worse. He began by promising “compassion” but after 12 years of pain, cuts…
'Next Wednesday, there’s a chance to show the world – and fellow Scots – that despite all the setbacks, the Yes movement has not and never will go away.'
Lesley Riddoch, via The National.

I KNOW. We’ve been up the hill and back again many times over the past eight years.
'Devolution was sold to Scotland as the great unionist alternative to independence, but the anti-independence media is failing to protect it.
That failure contains the seeds of their own undoing.'
Paul Kavanagh

Apparently the reason that there is unemployment in Scotland has nothing to do with the economic policies of Westminster governments in general or Conservative governments in particular,...
So now we know - Wednesday 23 November is 'Supreme Court Day'.
That evening there'll be a big rally in Edinburgh, and various local events around Scotland.
The Perth event will be at Concert Hall Plaza from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. Whatever the Supreme Court decides, we'll have something to say about it - and it'll move the campaign on to the next stage. Come and make your voice heard.
'This week’s Budget will mean increased hardship for ordinary people. It need not be so, but the current Tory administration is determined to don a hair shirt for wholly political reasons.'
George Kerevan, via The National.

Why is there a so-called black hole in the UK finances that requires Chancellor Hunt to raise taxes and cut public spending to the tune of circa…
'It is pathetic to look at some of the very tiny states which enjoy the freedom to choose their own path and conclude that ­Scotland is somehow uniquely incapable.'
Ruth Wishart, via Sunday National.

A NUMBERS game. Always a numbers game. From left and right, serial critics of Scottish independence bust several guts weekly to try to prove their…
'Feeling the way I do got me thinking about 2014 a lot and the campaign for independence.
Imperfect though it was, it was completely invigorating because the Yes campaign was focused on a positive case.'
Mhairi Black, via The National.

SOMETIMES – and by that, I mean all the time – my columns for The National are gloomy. I write about the searing injustice being inflicted on…
'Business for Scotland will match the first £50,000 raised pound for pound.
100% of all funds raised will be spent on campaigning materials, leaflets, canvassing systems, posters, books, billboards, polling and videos.'
Laura Pollock, via The National.

A major fundraising effort by the engine of the grassroots Scottish independence campaign has been launched to get ready for a major Yes push...
So sorry to hear of the death of Mike Blackshaw, founder of @YescafeEdSouth.
An indefatigable campaigner for independence who'll be much missed. Our sympathies to his family and friends.
Here's Lesley Riddoch's tribute to him in The National.

WHAT can you say about Mike Blackshaw – founder of the Edinburgh Yes Hub who died earlier this week? ...
'The UK is very firmly on a trajectory to more cruelty, more demonisation of the poor, the weak, and the vulnerable.
Scotland needs to get out.'
Paul Kavanagh

The other day while in the High Street, there was a disabled man begging. I gave him the few coins had in my pocket, then not even a hundred metres further on there was another cold and forlorn per…
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