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Yes Highlands and Islands +YesHighlandsIslands
Yes Highlands & Islands is a grassroots network of autonomous Yes groups, campaigning for an independent Scotland
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Are you going to Edinburgh on Saturday 1st October? #ScotlandItsTime
For the People, by the People: A Consitution for an Independent Scotland
  This Sunday will mark 25 years since the historic devolution referendum on September 11, 1997, which delivered a huge ‘Yes’ ‘Yes’ for a Scottish Parliament with tax-raising powers. It’s instructive to look back on that moment of inspiration when Scotland stood together (minus the Conser...
WOW - What's On Week 36 on Independence Live

See WoW 36 mailshot version and subscribe:

#YesScots #ScottishIndependence #wow
Shape Scotland's Future - sign the people's declaration. is a non-party campaign, much like the 1988 Constitutional Convention that worked so well in uniting the independence movement. It aims to complement what the Scottish Government is doing to progress independence and put added pressure on the UK government.

Find out about the Edinburgh Declaration at
Explore this photo album by Philip Taylor on Flickr!
#AUOBInverness #CostOfUnion
Yessie - LochYes's very own Loch Ness monster - went a bit further afield yesterday, as LochYes had a stall in Beauly. We were joining in with around 100 Yes groups all over Scotland in the Believe in Scotland Day of Action.
The response to our stall was almost all positive, with many already committed to supporting independence, while others declared themselves open to persuasion, engaged in...
This is 8 year old Eloise at the Yes Skye & Lochalsh stall in the Highlands and Islands yesterday. She drove with her dad to the Quiraing on Skye to be there at 5am to catch the sunrise and used the photos to create a beautiful postcard which she is signing (she had to learn how to do that 💙) and selling on the stall.
#OurChildrensFuture #IfSheCanDoIt #ScottishIndependence
YES SG manned a stall at the Dufftown Highland Games today. We were inundated with people showing an interest in, and wanting Info about, Scotland and Independence. As well as the many Scots we had a wee blether with, there were numerous foreign visitors (ftom the USA, Canada, Belgium, Catalonia, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden to name but a few) The vast majority...
LochYes's very own Nessie will be making her first appearance this year in Fort Augustus on Saturday.
LochYes will have a stall, with lots of leaflets and booklets on Independence, and we hope to talk to lots of people, answer their questions and show them why they should support Independence.
Please came along and help if you can; or just drop by and say hello, to show your support.
We are...
Welcome to another WOW - What's On Week 29, starting Monday July 18th.

Before I start, Independence Live is a grassroots collective in support of Scottish independence. We produce our own shows, restream online events by others, livestream real world events and do podcasts. If you are interested in getting involved we are looking for livestreamers to cover events from where you are & show...
Monday 4th of July at 6:45PM on the SCOTONOMICS Show they will be looking in detail at New Zealand in the Small Nations Series and how successful they are. #LoveEconomics.

Monday 4th of July at 7PM on the Scottish justice climate show - Rising Clyde they will be taking "Power to the People" and why we need our own Scottish energy company. #LoveClimateJustice

Wednesday 6th of July at 7PM on the...
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