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Yes Highlands and Islands +YesHighlandsIslands
Yes Highlands & Islands is a grassroots network of autonomous Yes groups, campaigning for an independent Scotland
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InverYess hosts 'A Constitution for Scotland' meeting on Wednesday 29 September at 7pm.

Have you ever wondered how Johnson and his governement can get away with as much as they do?

In no small part it is because the UK does not have a written constitution. An Independent Scotland can avoid these deficiencies with a witten constitution. To find out more register with Eventbrite and join...
Day of Action. Lochaber. Very positive feedback, some great conversations.
Believe in Scotland Day of action Sat 18th Sept

Stall - Alness High Street from 9.30am
Pop up hub - 83 High St Invergodon from 10.30am

Come and have a chat with us at our stall or at the hub and get one of our goody bags. If you are already an independence supporter you can pass the booklets and The National Newspaper supplement on to someone who has still to be convinced.

Pop in for some information and a chat.
Yes Ross Sutherland is a non-partisan grassroots group.
Invergordon High Street
Thursday 26th August from 10.30am
Yes H&I invites you to join Andy Wightman, author and former MSP, to discuss land matters - the topic of his four books - followed by Q&A.
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Andy Wightman
ANDY WIGHTMAN: LAND MATTERS - hosted by InverYess, founding member of the Yes Highlands & Islands network. Book soon to avoid disappointment!

Yes H&I invites you to join Andy Wightman, author and former MSP, to discuss land matters - the topic of his four books - followed by Q&A.
Independence Live are launching Food Sovereignty Week - take part from 16th to 23rd August. To find out more email

Independence Live have launched Food Sovereignty Week which takes place on 16th to 23rd August.To find out more email us
James Kelly: "We need to get out of the United Kingdom because the Scottish Parliament is not safe within it. Promises and conventions are utterly worthless, as has been demonstrated time and again over the last few years."

I'd heard a while back that the UK government were thinking of scrapping English Votes for English Laws (EVEL), but my reaction to the sudde...

A group of intrepid Scottish independence supporters battled against winds to unfurl a 72-foot long Saltire flag at Dunnet beach on Saturday.
Good turnout 🤗🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿💙
Cheers for the photo Barry Scollay

Scotland's devolution settlement should be strengthened by removing broadcasting from the long list of policy areas that are reserved to Westminster. The elected Scottish Parliament should be given the power to restructure the TV and radio landscape in line with the wishes of the people of Scotland.
Yes Ross Sutherland at Fyrish monument.

A huge saltire at the Fyrish monument. Evanton / Alness
Scotland flag - the saltire Made In Scotland. For Scotland.
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