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Why has Boris Johnson changed his tune on ID cards since becoming PM? 🤔

Democracy works best when more of us get involved, but mandatory ID will add more steps into voting, DECREASING voter turnout and locking millions out of our democracy ❌
Here's a look at our front page tomorrow🗞️

Leak suggests Boris Johnson lied to parliament - AGAIN

And indyref2 will be held in 2023, Michael Russell says

Police have finally found damning evidence for multiple parties at Downing Street, after remembering that they provided the security for multiple parties at Downing Street.
Boris Johnson says he 'implicitly believed' the drinks party he claims to have stumbled into was a work event, but he takes citizens for fools, writes Chris McLaughlin
Happy Birthday Mr Prime Minister.
Carrie Antoinette.
Here's a look at The National's front page tomorrow🗞️

Boris Johnson held a birthday party at Downing Street during the height of the Covid pandemic, it's revealed

And John Swinney pledges to move forward with indyref2 as Covid curbs ease
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