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Campaigning with the wide Yes movement for Scottish Independence
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It's started. Game on!

SUPPORT for Scottish independence has risen to its highest level for a year, according to a new poll.
Coming to a Hub window near centre of Hamilton.

Campaigners will gather outside the Westminster parliament later today to protest as MPs are expected to vote through radical plans to ‘’open the floodgates ‘’ for more privatisation of the NHS in England. The UK government wants to widen the involvement of private...
The Value Added Tax (VAT) row is bad news for the drinks containers deposit return scheme (DRS) roll-out in Scotland. A dispute over VAT liability has halted DRS in Scotland and will endanger the l…
I gave one of the Indy papers to a Labour supporting neighbour who took it saying that he hoped it wasn’t SNP propaganda. I explained it was about independence. He then said he would vote Yes if we could be like Norway. I told him to read the paper and join us. Parting word was if convinced he might help me deliver my papers. I feel a copy of Scotland the Brief is heading his way....
We have 12,000 newspapers to be delivered in Hamilton before St Andrews Day. Anyone able to help?
Email to
Instead of saying anything that BBC Scotland wanted to hear, Dr David Nabbaro the World Health Organisation COVID Special Envoy said: "The Scots have done and are doing remarkably well on COVID" - and more nice things. A bad day at the office for this pair.
Scottish Tories are saying that the Scottish Government has the powers to mitigate the £20 cut in universal credit. Lesley Riddoch has said in a video blog that Scot Govt already “has 7 mitigations in place for the cruelty of Tory benefit cuts which are not present in any of the rest of the UK”

Can anyone list any these mitigations and if possible what they are costing us?

It would be good...
Only hope for English Labour is Scottish Labour winning seats for them.

Only hope for Scottish Labour is independence .
Well done Tories and Westminster, you have 'DELIVERED BREXIT'

Now deliver PETROL, FOOD, MEDICINES ......
The Westminster government has once again shown it can’t be trusted with our pensions after a report by the National Audit Office has revealed a £1bn scandal involving underpayments stretching over decades. The scandal robbed 134,000 pensioners – most of them women – of their money after outd...
Yes Hamilton made the front page of The National
Poll in the Herald 21696 votes so far. YES at 66%.
Great day in Hamilton. Lots of good chat. Some new Yessers helped and 24 new people signed up for our mailing list.
Yes Hamilton is proud to announce that we will be participating in the Independence National Day of Independence. We will have a street stall from 11am to 1pm on Saturday at the bottom cross - the hub will be open for coffee and biscuits
Event Details
Yes Hamilton is proud to announce the we will be participating in the Independence National Day of Indepencence. We will have a street stall from 11am to 1pm on Saturday at the bottom cross - the hub will be open for coffee and biscuits
George Canavan in great form in Hamilton 3 days before the 2014 referendum. The pension triple lock he talked about is now being scrapped by the Tories. George's passion for independence shines like a beacon and an inspiration to all of us.

Sturgeon continued: “Westminster will use all that damage that they have inflicted as an argument for yet more Westminster control.”

Nicola Sturgeon described Brexit as an “unnecessary and unforgivable act” that is damaging Scottish businesses and causing food...
Yes - its starting!

IT was seven years ago this month that the Yes movement narrowly but valiantly failed to convince enough of our fellow Scots to vote for…
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