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Grangemouth based group supporting Scottish Independence.
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Falkirk district SNP's Manifesto for the 2022 Local Government Elections on May 5.
C'mon Scotland get the drinks in , what cost of living crisis ? #independence #wastemonster
Broad shoulders,strong and stable ,remember the fibs in 2014 and see how Scotland is treated now #independence #wastemonster #BelieveInScotland #indyref2
Only Scotland making it's own choices will give us hope for the future we must leave this broken UK. #independence #BrokenBritain #scotland #indyref2
Couldn't have said it any better ..#independence #indyref2 #BrokenBritain
Saturday, January 18, 2020

Dear Lisa

I have just watched your interview with Andrew Neil and I am absolutely furious: furious enough to slam a few words down on paper in the form of this open letter.

Some background. I was born and raised a few miles up the road from the constituency you now represent – Blackburn. In 1989 I became the white half of a mixed...
Wake up Scotland 😉#independence
This Joseph Rowntree Foundation illustration is utterly damning of the Chancellor’s decisions yesterday. Squirrelling money away for pre-election bribes when he could use it now to help people in the most desperate circumstances is disgusting.
March to show our desire to be an independent nation ! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿#independence #indyref2
We have oil gas and renewables yet we are paying an extortionate price for it ,even for fuel and its refined in grangemouth ! Scotland can do better !
#independence #wastemonster #BelieveInScotland
🇺🇦 The UK Government and Home Office must immediately lift visa requirements for any Ukrainian seeking refuge here. Give entry now on humanitarian grounds & sort paperwork later. Ireland has already enacted such an approach. Continued application of an inhumane UK immigration system indefensible
A PILOT scheme to roll
🎒 We've introduced and increased the School Clothing Grant to help families with the costs of school uniforms.

🤝 Eligible families can apply for £120 per primary pupil, and £150 per secondary pupil, here:


🤰🏻All being well, there will be a new addition to the Forbes/Maclennan clan this summer. Pregnancy gets ever harder to hide in the public eye (somebody needs to improve maternity dresses!) so I am so pleased and relieved we can finally share the news more widely. We are excited about what the future brings…definitely less sleep, more noise and no free time!
Broad shoulders,strong and stable... better together and plenty more lies told in 2014 , only with full independence can Scotland look after it's people just like France #independence
At a time when people are struggling...#wastemonster #independence
Scotland flag - the saltire Made In Scotland. For Scotland.
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