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Aw Ra' Best in 2019

"Bishops pray for politicians' integrity amid Brexit turmoil"

CofE leaders also call for national unity as Jo Johnson urges May to hold vote on deal
"I guess we were always very strong at cocking up a country. When the British were just beginning to get their claws into India around 1700, the Mughal empire accounted for a quarter of the world’s economy. By the time we were forced to leave them to undo all our good work, India was punching at just over 3%. The UK taking back control of the UK may well turn out to be a similar success story."
Watch Robin McAlpine on a constitution, strategy and policy live now via Yes Southside and Indy Live:
Per head of population, Scotland’s tourism income is 8% larger than England’s.

Bigger than you thought?
Yes Southside have an open event this Saturday in Pollokshaws
Per head of population, Scotland exports almost three times as much as England does.

Bigger than you thought?

Surprise, surprise ...

What Philip Hammond didn't mention during his budget statement: the Tories are cutting Scotland's budget by £1.9 billion. #Budget18
We are soon going to be discussing how we get going on the ground in Yes Govan and excited to see the Scottish Independence Convention getting ready to support us! This is it.

THE following are excerpts from an open letter by the newly-elected executive committee of the Scottish Independence Convention to the Yes movement.
THE All Under One Banner march and rally for independence is to go ahead originally as planned in Edinburgh tomorrow, the organisers have told The…
I don't think this was anywhere on the "front page" of the online Guardian yesterday ...

MP David Rutley, an ex-Asda and PepsiCo executive, will oversee protection of supplies
This is why they wanted Brexit.

Ministers should allow American healthcare companies to compete with the NHS to run hospitals as part of a free-trade pact after Brexit, a think tank recommends. The Initiative for Free Trade (IFT)...
On the fourth anniversary ...

"Now is the time where we begin our campaign to win our independence" – Aberdeen Independence Movement
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