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Yes Glasgow N. West +YesGNW
A non party/all party group working to secure independence for Scotland, based in Glasgow North & West
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Iain Bruce talks to Mary Church of Friends of the Earth Scotland, about the Scottish government’s new Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan. Does it need to go further? and faster? Yes, probably it does. But one thing is clear, Scotland is an highly energy rich nation.

Scotland is energy rich. But does the Scottish government's new Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan need to go...
Judith Reid is one of the team organising the Scottish Chain of Freedom event, an ambitious plan to have 75,000 people all holding hands all along the Central Belt canal system. Here she talks to John Drummond about how the idea came about and what stage the plans have reached. Yes GlasgowNW folk will be there!

The Scottish Chain of Freedom event is an ambitious plan to have 75,000 people...
This month's Mibbes Aye Show welcomes guests Mike Robertson and Geordie Sandison from Yes Orkney and Professor of Maritime Business Alf Baird to help us get to grips with ferries, catamarans, river boats and much, much more! Ignore all the Unionist dog whistle politics where the word "ferry" is code for ’Scottish failure and incompetence'. We have to be able to have open and honest discussions...
Nicola Sturgeon has been a towering presence in Scottish politics for over a decade. She has put in a hell of a shift, we thank her and we wish her well for the future. However, the independence movement is bigger than any one individual and wider than any single party. The unionist press is working itself into a fury of doom laden predictions. Is this the end of Independence? Certainly not! The...
This month’s Bits n Pieces marvels at the ease with which Westminster dismisses Scottish democracy these days. It drops into the Holyrood debate on Scotland’s Future. The sledgehammer tactics of the Westminster government in applying Section 35 of the Scotland Act for the first time EVER in the history of the devolved Parliament get a mention. Listen here. Follow on Apple, Google and wherever...
IndyLive Podcasters were delighted to have been guests on the Radio Yes Cymru podcast hosted by Siôn Jobbins.

The recent Supreme Court case and the latest rising polls for Scottish independence are not going unnoticed in Wales so of course they got chatting about their respective campaigns.
Have a look at the Chain of Freedom group for ideas and updates about forming a human chain across Scotland.

When this happens, it's usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people, changed who can see it or it's been deleted.
Katrin Oddsdottir is an Icelandic lawyer and democracy campaigner. After the UK Supreme Court ruling, she sent Scots a wee message via Lesley Riddoch.

Katrin Oddsdottir is an Icelandic lawyer and democracy campaigner. After the UK Supreme Court ruling, she sent Scots a wee message via Lesley Riddoch.
Catch up with IndyLive Podcast team's December episodes and find out what's coming up in January

A quick run round what's coming up in January 2023 from the Indylive Podcast team members Fiona and Marlene.You can subscribe to Scottish Independence Podcas...
Last week’s IndyLive Podcast was "A Republican Response to the Coronation". It was arranged by the Radical Independence Campaign and Our Republic. Support for the Monarchy is lower in Scotland than other parts of UK, especially amongst younger people. How might we respond to next year’s coronation?
Five Days of a Tory Christmas by Angela Eagle MP. Five Education Secretaries, four.... Don’t forget to sing along

Five Days of Tory Christmas by Angela Eagle MP
So there you are, a working mum with a small son.... in Kviv. And then Russian tanks roll over the border from Belarus. How would you be feeling? This happened to Ohla Maksochka. She’s now in Scotland with her son. She spoke at the recent AGM of Women for Independence.

Looking at the impact of war on women, this is a discussion between Maggie Lennon of Women for Independence and Ohla...
IndyLive Podcasters talk to writer & commentator Gerry Hassan about his new book “Scotland Rising - the Case for Independence” - written to encourage a more nuanced conversation, taking into account our history and the context of a decaying democracy in Westminster. Mibbes Aye December Edition. Listen to audio version wherever you get your podcasts. Or follow the link to watch the video.

Interesting discussion with Bill Ramsay of Scottish CND about the ramifications of fighting in a war zone which contains nuclear power stations.

Regular guest Bill Ramsay from Scottish CND joins us this week to bring us an update on issues gaining prominence from the war in Ukraine. The shelling of t...
Video from the Time for Scotland demo in Glasgow. Someone in the crowd - as the "Tories, Tories, Tories" chant got underway, it was Glasgow after all - said to me that she'd been shouting that for 50 years. Aye. That long.

Video and stills taken on the Time for Scotland demonstration in Glasgow on 23 November 2022. That morning the UK Supreme Court ruled that there has to an ag...
Yes Glasgow North West well represented in Buchanan Street tonight - front and centre of the protest as always! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿💙🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿💙🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

#indyref2 #SupremeCourt #NotaVoluntaryUnion
***PLEASE JOIN US*** (AND SHARE!) This Wednesday (23 November) there will be demonstrations in various parts of Scotland in the wake of the announcement of the Supreme Court verdict on the legality of a referendum on Scottish independence. You can sign up at
There will be a main demo at Holyrood but at least ten more in other towns and cities - our group will mainly be at the...
Still some tickets available to join us on the march in Edinburgh tomorrow.
With the rail strike there are fewer trains than normal so a coach with like minded folk will be a far better option than most alternatives.

The weather forecast also looks far better than today’s weather was.
🚌 BOOK NOW!!! - AUOB March Edinburgh Sat 1st October -
Campaigning is the bread and butter of the Yes Movement. In this episode of our Indy Jigsaw series, we look at different aspects of campaigning including pl...
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