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Join us for a fun and lively evening of music, song and word. Blether-In Hub Forfar fundraiser, Friday November 25, The Stag, Forfar, 7pm.
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Tickets Cost £5
Some photos from the Edinburgh march today.

“You’re not going to persuade anyone to stay in the union by saying: I’m not going to let you express your view. Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t need another election on independence and has to respond to the demands of Yes voters. - Prof John Curtice on the state of play via Matt Goodwin”
55 weeks and counting…
⚠ The Westminster government is working against Scotland's wellbeing and damaging our prosperity.

📣 It is time to Believe in Scotland, take action today and sign the pledge:

Liz Truss finally made a public appearance after keeping quiet for a week while her government burned down the economy, trashed the pound, threatened to tank pension funds and saw an emergency inte…

Information on help and resources available in Scotland during the cost of living crisis.

On Wednesday 28th of September Orkney Islands Council will be hosting a visit by UK Tory Government Minister Nadhim Zahawi. In 2020 UK PM Boris Johnson visited the islands
From the National Yes Network:

BBC Scotland’s topical debate programme Debate Night is filming in Dundee next week. Would you mind sharing this studio audience opportunity with your network of locals?

I would be grateful if you could direct people to our application form here:

Filling out the online application takes just two minutes!

Debate Night thrives on a...
"Broon's Brigadoon" 😅

Shadow Scottish secretary Ian Murray will tell the gathering in Liverpool that Brown’s document will...

This Bill also directly impacts on protections in relation to the safety and composition of baby foods and other vulnerable groups could also be affected.

Nicola Sturgeon and Alister Jack will go head-to-head over whether the Scottish Parliament can hold an independence referendum – battle lines are being drawn
A full house for Lesley Riddoch at the Stag, Forfar, last night. Thanks to all who helped out and everyone who supported our event. And a special, big, thank you to Lesley for an entertaining, informative and inspiring evening.
It’s time we hash tagged #Scotlandpeoplepower and post a photo of a Indy March photo so it maybe get us noticed.
Scotland flag - the saltire Made In Scotland. For Scotland.
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