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#YesEildons is a place for anyone from 16 to 116 that strive for an independent Scotland
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The faces may change but the behaviours don’t
- Martin
Love it when unionists still say it was a massive win for the No side in 2014.

383,937, vote difference, is really not massive!
The 19th of September.
A day of mourning, for a future postponed
The Yes Galashiels group 6 years ago.

6 years ago!
They say that the Union makes us stronger, but this UK union is unequal.
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What should an independent Scotland do about the Monarchy of England, when Charles dies?
Very good video on the history of why Scotland and England became a Union.

And, much to the annoyance of a unionist on Facebook, shows (along with all the other historic evidence) that the union came about not voluntary but forcibly!

A look at the reasons behind Scotland ‘s decision to abandon its statehood, and why the Treaty of Union was signed under...
Wait until you hear what the new Tory PM Truss wants to do here.....

And THAT is how it’s done. 👏
Important information for those who were going to the Yestival in Glasgow. DATE CHANGE
Seems like a better value for money 🤷
Dedicated to all the ‘this is not the time’ fraternity.
Scotland doesn't need to become "Independent", since it's recognized by the UN as a Sovereign Nation, within an international treaty with England. Plus, King Charles 3rd, in his Accession speech, reaffirms the Claim of Right, which empowers the Scottish people, to end the union any time they wish.

To use the powers of the Claim of Right, Scots need to form a new Scottish Delegation to the United...
Interesting speaker and topic.

Greame McCormick will discuss the possible future of Scotland's taxation system, Annual Ground Rent. For people who support indy, OR NOT.
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