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A straight talking Scotsman calls out Andrew Bowie for the Tory theft of the carbon capture project from the NE of Scotland to the NE England.

Question Time: Tory MP Andrew Bowie came under fire after the UK Government overlooked a North East carbon capture and storage project.
There's great work being done by volunteers! ⬇️
It seems that Better Together promise fails are coming in thick and fast the past few days! "The UK state pension is not big enough to support the bare minimum standard of living for a single person",according to a new report by the Retirement living standards. It seems that they've calculated £10,900 as annual bottom line income to support what defines the minimum standard of living. That works...
More Better Together false promises - Gordon talks today about the The Carbon Capture Project designed to take and store carbon dioxide in the Goldeneye gas field in the North Sea wish would've captured emissions from Grangemouth and St Fergus, plus a new power station at Peterhead.- all promised to the North East if they stayed in the union in 2014...

Westminster has now told Scotland that far...
Absolutely pretty much what thousands of us predicted - let's hope it serves as a very good reason to get more people to realise why they need to stand up for and vote for Scotland!
Meanwhile in Andrew Bowie+ The linesman's hame turf..
Why not add this website to your home tabs to tap into a huge list of indy blogs+vlogs being published daily!
"Brexit, It’s going soooo well isn’t it. The whole of the UK is basking in the sunlit uplands of empty supermarket shelves, fuel shortages, rising prices, a Northern Irish trade war which is teetering on the brink, plummeting exports, livestock being culled because of a shortage of meat processing workers, and a looming and entirely unnecessary trade war with the the EU..

Starmer shows very...
These two elected representatives voted against protecting the NHS - how can they possibly justify representing their constituents with this?
Herre's one solid solution to the 'problem' of the "Free-loading Jocks"...

Reply to @dogswingers3
The imprisonment of Craig Murray On 1 August 2021, Craig Murray began an 8-month sentence at HMP Edinburgh, commonly referred to as Saughton, for contempt of court. As a civil prisoner, he may not be eligible for early release, and has already been refused an electronic tag. He was earlier […]
This year’s Holyrood election is both unusual and crucial – unusual because of the pandemic, crucial because of the behaviour of the Westminster government. YEA is explicitly non-party-political, so we will not be endorsing particular parties or candidates.  We do, however, urge you to use your vote, whether postally or […]
We’re expecting 2020 to be an exciting year for the Scottish Independence Movement so we’re starting as we mean to go on with our new website which will feature news, events, merchandise and plenty of other goodies! In the foulest of weather, tens of thousands of people took to the […]
One of many good conversations sharing thoughts on #ScottishIndependence from Wings Over Scotland event in Glasgow today.
Some thoughts (and cake) for Craig Murray from today's Wings Over Scotland event in Glasgow. Craig Murray is an Independence blogger presently serving time for 'jigsaw identification' - as described in a recent blog in our website: @craigmurrayjusticecampaign
Every fancied learning Gaelic? Here's a brand new free online course!

What is SpeakGaelic? SpeakGaelic – the fun way to learn Scottish Gaelic to match your lifestyle. It will never be easier to learn and use Gaelic. SpeakGaelic will empower lapsed, or less confident, speakers to use Gaelic with courage.
Such a good point ⬇️

Cheery tune. It's fun. We love this for us #snp #scottishgreens #indyref2
Isn't it interesting how the conservative+unionist party conference is all about people getting up off their bahookies and getting to work when their policies are all about making jobs unsafe?

😵Zero hours contracts means people don't know if they have any hours that week or even that month=unsafe income;
😵‍💫that their minimum wage isn't a liveable wage - that's why good employers...
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