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Yes Edin N And Leith +YesENL
Yes Scotland community in the North of Edinburgh. Lets all build a better nation.
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"Colonizers understood the key principle of monetary policy: whoever controls the currency gets to decide how labour and resources are used."

Southern governments are captive to the demands of international capital, which prevents them from meeting their people’s real needs. MMT offers a way out, says Jason Hickel.
"Much of the press focus concerning Scottish independence centred around economics, with several aspects given persistent coverage."

This book provides a varied, thorough and informative analysis of how newspapers covered the 2014 Scottish independence referendum in...

Be sure to journey to Edinburgh tomorrow for the march for independence #AUOBEdinburgh, gathering early on Commonwealth Pool grounds for a 12.30pm march start time, proceeding to the Scots Parliament for a Political Rally. We demand Independence Now! #MaximumPeacefulDisruption🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
"The reckless ideological rampage of the Conservative Government is like a Panzer camouflaged as a Clown Car, it’s full of comedy characters and bizarre side-stories but the main narrative is a sick one."

There’s a darkness underneath Parody Britain. Beneath comedy there’s the macabre aspect of Conservative rule argues Mike...
Great to be back.
YENL Assemble, back at The Kirkgate.
Sunshine on Leith and lots of chats with local folk about independence. It's Time.
Yes Edinburgh North & Leith will be at the Kirkgate, Leith, today, Saturday 28th September. From 10am.
Join us for a chat, share ideas, talk with local folk, pick up some leaflets for delivery.
Another Scotland is possible.
It's Time.
Calling all YENL activists!! Time to get the campaign out of hibernation.
The iconic date of Saturday 18th September is the Believe in Scotland Day of Action, kicking off the Autumn of Action.

We intend to set up the YENL stall at the Kirkgate Centre by 10:00am. Volunteers to help support the stall would be very welcome.

The focus of this initial push is State Pensions and the Economic Case for Independence. We have thousand of leaflets, books and other campaign materials to distribute from the stall and to deliver locally.

We'd like to welcome YENL activists to come and collect leaflets from the stall, you can cover just one street or several. Every little helps.
Event Details

First Minister says officials will resume work on a 'detailed prospectus' in favour of Scottish independence.
"Time for revolution, not patching"
Kathrine Trebeck talks about a Wellbeing Economy tomorrow at 8pm on Scotonomics.

In this short trailer for Episode Seven of SCOTONOMICS we hear from Katherine Trebeck of the WeAll Alliance.https://we...
  The date of the Believe in Scotland mass Day of Action for Independence has been revealed as Saturday, September 18. More than 80 Yes groups from all over Scotland have already signed up to take part and ‘’fire the starting gun on a major coordinated grassroots independence campaign ‘’ th...
"Life in Parody Britain unfolds like a Coldwar Steve montage"

Life imitates art: the Nevermind baby – Spencer Elden – nakedly chasing money from Nirvana is a true wonder and brokered this slew of hyper-normalisation … Apple is launching a …
Happy #GERSday - Join Scotonomics tonight with Richard Murphy.

The 18th of August is GERS (Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland) day. We are joined by Richard Murphy to explain what GERS really is and what it real...

This week independence live are running a full series of shows and a virtual event. Hear all about the campaign and what role the YES movement can play in pr...
Tim Rideout explains succinctly and clearly.

Building the Scottish State Show: Series 1 - Episode 5 - Dr Tim RideoutOn this week's show, Dr Mark McNaught is joined by Dr Tim RideoutDr Rideout was born o...
How shall we measure the success of an iScotland?

How should we measure the success of an economy? What does GDP and GNP tell us anyway? And more importantly what doesn't it tell us about the economy?In this...
  SCOTLAND’S reputation as a pioneer in the development of marine power was given a boost today as a tidal-powered turbine hailed as the most powerful in the world started to generate electricity. It’s yet another example of how Scotland’s abundant green energy resources give it the potential...
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