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Yes Dunbar is an all-party and non-party campaign for a Yes vote in the referendum on Scottish independence
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As Anas Sarwar 'celebrates' the Conservatives losing over a 1000 councillors, it is important to remember that here in Scotland, Labour and Tories are in alliance.

Labour councillors have collaborated with the tories to gain control of South Ayrshire and Moray Councils, and have teamed together to keep the SNP out of Edinburgh and Fife councils.

Labour and Tories are indistinguishable, the...
The International Monetary Fund says the UK economy's performance in 2023 will be the worst of the G20 group, which includes sanctions-hit Russia.

This isn't how it's supposed to be - the Conservatives and hard Brexit-supporting Labour are not working for you. The only way we can secure a more prosperous Scotland is with Independence.
Interesting to see Douglas Ross suggesting Tories vote Labour. It is the clearest indicator yet that the lines between the two parties are blurring.

You Yes Yet?

Douglas Ross says politicians should look "beyond their own narrow party agenda and do what's best for the country".
LABOUR’S plans to use Scotland’s oil and gas resources to fund a council tax freeze in England have been branded a “slap in the face” - The National

Lisa Nandy, the Labour MP for Wigan, said that if Labour were in power they would fund a council tax freeze this year by taxing “record” oil and gas profits.

Full story here -
"The UK is poorer than it would have been, partly due to the war in Ukraine, but also the pandemic, Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove has admitted." - Gove might be deliberately leaving out something else.

The Conservative Government and a Labour party that fully supports a hard brexit are working against you. The only way to secure a more prosperous Scotland is with Independence.
According to Rishi Sunak, the Windsor framework grants Northern Ireland an exceptionally unique and privileged status, as it provides exclusive access to both the UK and European Union single markets, which is unparalleled anywhere else in the world.

Does this imply that by Sunak's renegotiation with the EU, the Labour party is now the party of Brexit?

#LabourPartyBrexit #LabourBrexit #YouYesYet...
Rishi Sunak says Northern Ireland is the "world's most exciting economic zone" because it has access to both GB and EU markets. This makes it in a "very special position and incredible attractive place for investors". - This position being the same one the UK was in as a whole before Brexit.

The best way for Scotland to benefit from world markets, is independence.

“'Northern Ireland is in...
Bernie gets it
"Scotland should be allowed to go their own way"

“'Scotland should be allowed to go their own way', says US Senator @SenSanders, saying he 'appreciates what the people of Scotland are fighting for'. #Ridge 📺 Sky 501, Virgin 602, Freeview 233 and YouTube”
Scottish independence is a civic movement that values inclusivity and equality. It is not about any one person or personality but rather about creating a fairer and greener Scotland for all.

Yes Dunbar celebrates a shared vision of a more equitable and sustainable future that represents the needs and desires of all Scottish citizens, regardless of background, identity or political affiliation.
Energy crisis? Centrica, the owners of British Gas, have reported a record profit of £3.3 billion for 2022, triple the amount from 2021.

Yes Dunbar believes that the profits generated by energy companies and other corporations should be for the public good, and we support the idea of having a proper, fully functional, nationalised green investment bank to fund investments in areas such as...
In response to Nicola Sturgeon announcing her resignation this morning, it's important to remember that Scottish Independence is not about personalities or individuals, but about policies for real change.

It's crucial that we continue to focus on the substance of the arguments and the outcomes rather than the rhetoric or the emotions.

There are many different visions of an independent...
With energy companies enjoying unprecedented profits, it is unacceptable for the UK government to turn a blind eye to the needs of households struggling with energy bills.

The UK Government does not work for you.
Independence is Normal. You Yes Yet?
We will be on the High Street this Saturday from 9:45am - show your support and solidarity by coming along. See you there.

#YouYesYet #IndependenceisNormal
Norweigan state owned Equinor recorded profits of £62 billion for 2022, the French company TotalEnergies one of the largest operators in the North Sea, announced their earnings have hit £36 billion. In 2021 Equinor paid just over £5m in UK taxes.

These companies are climate criminals, increasing our dependency on fossil fuels and escaping with billions in tax relief. We need a government that...
"Shell reports highest profits in 115 years - Profits hit $39.9bn (£32.2bn) in 2022, double last year's total and the highest in its 115-year history." - BBC News

The current energy system in the UK does not work for Scotland; we in Dunbar don't need to look far to see the benefits of nationalised energy company.

Independence is normal and it is the best route for energy reform
3 years after Scotland was removed from the EU, this poll by Unherd reveals that the majority of the UK now thinks Brexit was a mistake.

Scotland is leading the way, Independence is normal.
If you think Independence is the best route in achieving a more representative and inclusive Scotland, then come along to our social event on the 31st of January at the Royal Mac in Dunbar.

Let us know in the comments if you can make it.
We're hosting a wee get-together for Yes Dunbar members, Yes Supporters and those who think independence is the best route for Scotland. Mon along.
'SUPPORT for Scottish independence is at its second-highest level EVER reached, according to an exclusive new polling series commissioned for The National.'
The main threat to our human, workers and democratic rights and safeguards is the current UK Government.

Independence is Normal. Are you Yes Yet? Join Yes Dunbar.
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