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YES Cumnock remains committed to Scottish Independence, and as such we have no allegiance to any Political Party.
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The compensation has been paid out over the past decade.
Scotland's health secretary says there is "absolutely a risk" of Covid cases rising after the COP26 summit in Glasgow and some public health experts are calling for further restrictions now.

How you are feeling about Glasgow hosting COP26? Is it worth the risk?
Some 25,000 people are expected to come to Scotland for the climate conference.
ATFC; “the embodiment of a mining village that refused to just disappear” ⚽️
“Nick Robinson has cost the BBC a lot of money,” the Tory Culture Secretary has reportedly claimed, after a journalist told the Prime Minister…
SCOTTISH Labour have been accused of "hypocrisy" after Labour’s Shadow Chancellor said that UK Labour were in favour of vaccine…
I READ the letter in last week’s Sunday National by Isobel Delussey in which she says that the message of independence should have been amplified…
THE man who accused Andrew Bowie on Question Time of being like a “wee schoolboy” to Boris Johnson has told The National he stands by what he…
THE idea of a weekly column dedicated to constitutional affairs was born more than two years ago. In a conversation with the former editor of the…
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