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Yes Clydebank +YesClydebank
This groups is for ClydebankYes Alliance information and events in the Clydebank area
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The YES Clydebank Main Page is open to public to view. Now thatt activity has resumed, building towards an Indy vote, general information will be posted.........However, actual membership of YES Clydebank is restricted to residents of Clydebank only. ( * Name and address in Clydebank must be supplied for verification)..To request membership send a DM. with the required information.
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Happening on Tuesday!

The Big Disability Group's 6th Annual BIG DISABILITY OPEN DAY will be held in Dalmuir CE Centre on 19th April between 10am and 3pm.

The impact of coronavirus on disabled people and their carers has been massive. Thankfully we seem to be moving back towards normality and to celebrate this we're thrilled to be able to hold our open...
YES Clydebank Members Page is primarily for organisational purposes to keep members informed of campaigning and social activities. Please note : Membership is confined to Clydebank residents... (* unlike many public YES Groups on Facebook it is not a general chat/debating forum... there are plenty of those to engage in..) The pandemic has led to suspension of our meetings and campaigning on health...
"Thanks to the efforts of the rich people"

#MaskSlips #BunglingBoris
One year on from the heartbreak of 2014 the Bankies spirit was anything but broken.
It is a source of immense pride that the town of Jane Rae, the Red Clydesiders and Jimmy Reid, continued its great tradition of defying the British Establishment by voting by over 65% for an independent and socially just Scotland.
After all, if Hitler's bombs could not destroy our spirit, we were damn sure...
Mags McKenzie, Chief Executive of Dumbarton Area Council on Alcohol (DACA) shares some words of wisdom with Charlie on how they are supporting their clients during this extraordinary global situation and what help is currently available.

If you or anyone you know might need some extra support at this time, please conact either DACA or Alcoholics Anonymous on the following details:

Councillor Caroline McAllister offers information on where and how to access the different types of support available to those in West Dunbartonshire during ...
Gillian from Ysortit WestDunbartonshire talks to Clydesider to tell us what special measures they are taking to help young folk get through the current crisis. Gillian Kirkwood from youth service Y Sort it tells Clydesider reporter Charlie Eleftheriades-Sherry how Y Sort It have adapted to deliver their service to t... β€œYES Clydebank is running a bus to the Edinburgh March for Independence on 5th October..... Any Bankies (or near neighbours) wanting to book a seat let me know by message. Β£10 return Β£5 under sixteen... accompanied by adults.”
'The Queen loves Scotland' Boak I defy anyone to watch this and then say the Britnat media is not biased!
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