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Yes Carfin Newarthill +YesCarfinNewart
Campaigning for a YES vote for self governance and a fairer, wealthier and healthier society in Scotland.
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There's not much else to do today so....
We've never needed your presence more....... "We really are the people". Safe journey to all travelling!


11:30am sharp from Kelvin Way to Glasgow Green

Make sure to attend the National demonstration for self determination. For Freedom from the British state. Scotland shall be an independent country.

Up and coming Local by election in Bellshill ward 15 area on June 15th. Surely Education and Children must be local Government's priority... Especially during a 'cost of living crisis', Not more cuts - yet 'North Lanarshire Council' (Controlled by London based parties) are making £50,000 available for the king's coronation whilst kids go hungry and many in poverty across all of Scotland. Vote...
Isn't Ireland lucky it left the UK.👇🙈
Independence is working very well!! 👍
🥀 Labour want to use Scottish energy resources to fund a Council Tax freeze for England.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland is paying for Westminster mismanagement - this ends with independence.
Many Scots are angry that as electricity standing charges increase they are having to pay more than most English consumers. At the same time, Scottish green energy producers are also being asked to pay much more than English power companies to connect to the grid. Scotland is therefore effective
Nearly full...... Hurry folks, Dinny let SNP ongoing issues dishearting "Our Dream"...

Over the last 40 years, the UK Treasury has accumulated some £300 BILLION in today's money from the North Sea.

It's time for Independence.

A Tory MP arrested over allegations of rape has had been bailed until mid May, police confirmed on Monday.
The French know how to stand up to their government
Just look at what's happened to UK workers' wages since the global financial sector insolvency crisis.

Without this unprecedented period of wage repression, the average UK worker would be £11,000 per year better off.

Why aren't British workers on the streets protesting at least as vehemently as the French?

Are Brits really such a soft touch that they'll not just allow themselves to be...
Scotland has never needed, wanted or had any say in the UK's debt yet we pay towards it as part of the union. An independent Scotland would start with no debt.

The total cost of paying for the nation's £2.5 trillion debt pile is set to hit an eye-watering £548 billion by 2028.
Our Biggest Ever Apprenticeship Drive!

Set to launch in time for #ScotAppWeek23, our highly anticipated #apprenticeship campaign will go live from Monday 6th of March.

There will be a broad range of opportunities available including Project Management, Engineering, Water Treatment, Wastewater Treatment, Electrical and Mechanical, Science, Property & Estates, People Administration and Business...
The UK Treasury will take £80Billion in tax out of the North Sea over the next 6 years but the people of energy rich Scotland are hit with energy bills £1000 higher than the rest of the UK.

It’s time for independence
Any Donations Welcome... We Hope to supply the 4 local primary schools in Holytown and Mossend again and any extreme cases..... We can also pick up. Share if you can please from YES Holytown page. Thanks
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