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Campaigning for a YES vote for self governance and a fairer, wealthier and healthier society in Scotland.
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London Road, Glasgow ✊🏻

#YYY #YesCity
Food standards are dropping. Tories, eh....
We deserve better
This is not a democracy

🔍 Did you know? 55% of the UK Parliament is unelected, with MPs making up only 45%.

🤔 The Lords is one of the only legislative bodies in the world with no elected members at all - and the UK Parliament the only one where the “Upper” House outnumbers the “Lower” one.

🇬🇧 Baron Offord was plain Malcolm Offord when he stood for the Scottish Tories in...
Boris Johnson speaking at the Tory conference refused to rule out further tax increases.

The Tories have raised taxes 1,034 times in the past 10 years.
£37,000,000,000 stolen from the people in a time of national crisis. This is the definition of treason, and yet we hear no discontent from the media, and zero accountability for those responsible. Too many are more concerned with the next episode of coronation Street or EastEnders. What do they have to do before people wake up to this tyranny??
#DissolveTheUnion #indyref2 #hadenough
Ladies and gentlemen, your prime minister
Scotland already pays towards all UK Civil Servant jobs despite a lower proportion per population being based in Scotland. The highest proportion are based in London. The taxes raised from these jobs are classed as English tax.
• Spain have just announced energy bills will fall by 22%

• France announce £100 energy vouchers & a cut from 12% to 4% in electricity rise

• Italy announce a €3.5bn plan to protect poorer from energy rise

Meanwhile in the UK the government have backed a 12% price rise!!!
Red Tories

🔴Breaking.. #Labour21 🌹

Shadow minister Andy McDonald MP resigns from keir Starmer's shadow cabinet!

In His resignation letter Andy McDonald explains why...

"Yesterday, your office instructed me to go into a meeting and argue against a national minimum wage of £15 an hour, and against statutory sick pay at the living wage. This is something I could not do.”

He added:...
Apparently you're not supposed to say this. Ah well....
In light of this economically-illiterate, ideologically-driven privatisation of a vital piece of UK infrastructure, who in their right mind would trust the Tories to solve the energy crisis?

Or anything else for that matter?
Tory MP stated the "UK only imports ½ the Gas it needs".
Scotland, with a population of 5.5m, produces enough gas for 30m.
Scotland is subsidising the UK with Gas.
People can't afford to heat their homes because we subsidise the UK.
Scotland can't afford to be part of the UK.
When we last shared evidence of a VIP lane for testing contracts, Government told the world our claims were ‘completely false’. Today we can reveal astonishing new emails between civil servants that prove there was a...
How's that working out for you all? 🤔
Another day, another lie exposed

Remember this from the pro-union campaign in 2014?
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