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Campaigning for a YES vote for self governance and a fairer, wealthier and healthier society in Scotland.
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Standard thought.

Ravenscraig, Milk, poll tax and all of that…
Money can't buy you love.
Hang on a minute...
Labour have confirmed they're seeking a coalition with the Tories (again) and the BUP so they can deny democracy (again) and keep control of NLC.
And there's people out there who believe we're better off with him ruling over us

The Prime Minister is understood to want the service cut by a fifth in a bid to free up cash for the cost-of-living crisis.
ON May 6, 2021, I was honoured to be elected by the people of Uddingston and Bellshill as their constituency MSP.
Sometimes a picture does speak a thousand words....
More record breaking profits from an oil company who take Scottish resources as Westminster do nothing to reduce energy bills

Soaring earnings renew calls for windfall tax on oil and gas firms
"Vote till you boak" we're being told. Well I've been to the polling station and voted for the pro independence candidates, 1, 2 & 3, and left it at that because I couldn't bring myself to even put Labour as 4 & 5 in front of the Tories. I'll never forget what the Tories done to this area but I now hold the Labour party in the same regard as them. They have done nothing for Scotland or our...
Here's the Tories energy minister admitting Scottish resources have subsidised the UK for decades and will for decades more.
BP announce profits have double to $6.2bn in a 3 month period. Meanwhile, Boris Johnson refutes a windfall tax to help those struggling with energy bills.

Boris Johnson was interviewed by Susanna Reid in a car crash Good Morning Britain interview. Follow our brand new Instagram:
Wee short video on some of the Campaign trail - Mossend and Holytown. Major Thanks to All who helped and the hard slog we had to endure to pull this off..... Now all i need is your vote on May 5th. THANK YOU.
Westminster is a dictatorship
Tories are lying scum
Cumbernauld tax office closed yesterday...

1400 jobs gone...

Better Together claimed that a Yes vote would close that Tax Office, and that only a No could save it...

Just like they lied saying voting No could protect our place in the EU... And voting Yes would jeopardise it...

Just like they lied about is getting the most powerful devolved parliament in the world...

Just like they told...
Under the union we have the lowest state pension in the developed world
Standard week under Westminster rule
Scotland flag - the saltire Made In Scotland. For Scotland.
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