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Yes Caithness +YesCaithness
We are a Pro-Independence for Scotland Group. This BetterTogether Brexit is going to damage Scotland - We need out of this Union.
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Trying to bribe folks to vote for Dross?
The Clownshow UK union 🇬🇧
Alexa me a couple o' fannies making an erse of themselves in public
I've often wondered why Holyrood Magazine so gleefully hates our own government...
The Tories know their time is short...corruption
Darren reacts to the yoon media and political glee at the SNP resignations.
Well said mate.
Tory Brexit Britain 🇬🇧
Hip hip huzzah
Not a football fan really but well done there folks

Great banner from the Green Brigade today
Paid? Whit?😳
I didn't know folk were actually paid to campaign for independence...
I wouldn't want paying for something I believe we need...independence.

Scotland flag - the saltire Made In Scotland. For Scotland.
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