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Our mission is to further the prospect of a Yes in #indyref2. Saor Alba
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This website aims to help answer questions about Brexit and the European Union whilst reflecting post Brexit developments and their impact in Scotland in particular.
The National and Believe in Scotland have teamed up to launch the biggest independence campaign since 2014. We want YOU to help us convert at least one undecided voter to independence over the next three months.
I've just signed the Good Law Project petition asking Ofgem to do more to deal with soaring energy prices.
LIZ Truss has said she wouldn't apologise to Nicola Sturgeon if she becomes prime minister on the United Kingdom.
Scotland at 7 - 03/08/2022Scotland at 7 is a our nightly news and current affairs programme for Scotland. On tonight's Scotland at 7, Hugh Stewart presents t...
“"This is not a union. It's a prison." @jonlis1 calls out the hypocrisy of the Conservative Party by not giving Scotland a second referendum despite having the rights provided through the SNP manifesto”
Presumptuous UK interviewer put back in his box over the health crisis, infant mortality and life expectancy in England.Told health care England is more like...
James O'Brien has taken aim at Liz Truss being "pathetic and obnoxious" about Nicola Sturgeon.#jamesobrien #liztruss #LBCLBC is the home of live debate aroun...
“This is brilliant.”
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