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Yes Blairgowrie +YesBlairgowrie
Our mission is to further the prospect of a Yes in #indyref2. Saor Alba
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NEIL Oliver is a total embarrassment to all clear-thinking Scots, but more importantly, he is one of a new breed of Scot, the anti-Scot.
Boris Johnson is a clapped-out joker from a clapped-out land
Westminster’s threat to divert powers over state subsidies to businesses and industry away from the Scottish parliament has moved a step closer to becoming a reality. UK government plans to grab control over subsidies once paid through EU state aid were passed in a second reading of the Subsidy
BORIS Johnson has surpassed himself once again.
A video of Boris Johnson claiming the Northern Ireland Protocol did not come up in talks with Joe Biden is going viral.
🇧🇬Happy Independence Day to Bulgaria.

Independence is normal - Pledge your support for Scottish independence today:
Scotland has so much potential. Let's seize it. #PositivelyForIndependence #PositivelyForScotland
We asked Ken Loach about Keir Starmer, he didn't hold back 🔥
FOUR energy firms across the UK have folded due to spiralling fuel prices, and more look set to join them.
BROADCASTER Jeremy Paxman has said he would vote for Scottish independence in a second referendum.
Scotland flag - the saltire Made In Scotland. For Scotland.
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