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Welcome to Yes Ben Wyvis. Our name reflects our Geographical area. We are a grassroots movement that believe that decisions made for Scotland should be made in Scotland and our aim is to win hearts and minds for independence.
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We'll just leave this here....
  It should come as no surprise that the mainstream media failed to cover another Scottish health service success – its outstanding patient safety record. In testimony before Westminster’s Health Committee last week, Dr. Pelle Gustafson, leading European expert on patient safety and CMO at Swed...
This man holds absolute power and can only be brought down by his own party who will replace him.
Westminster is broken.
🟪 It’s because culture – whether it’s football or the creative arts – gives a sense of identity, a sense of pride and a sense of being part of a nation.

THERE’S a reason why Westminster unionists have sometimes kicked around the idea of a UK football team. It’s the same reason the Gaelic language was stamped on after the Jacobite rebellion. It’s because culture - whether it’s...
“England is more egalitarian than Scotland when it comes to embracing racial diversity, Gordon Brown has claimed” –

The case for independence rests on the fact that Scots continually vote for progressive parties and get reactionary Tory governments.

On September 16, OSF published the...
"The vital issue is not who is in 10 Downing Street, but rather how the power that lies there can be brought back to Scotland and exercised by those elected by the Scottish people themselves. How, in other words, we become a normal nation".

THERE isn’t much in the world that hasn’t been the...
Very grateful for a government that put the health and lives of people first.
My favourite Yessay! Best Analogy of UK economics!

“Imagine the economy as a game of tiddlywinks, with the winks representing all of Scotland's assets. The pot in the middle stands for self-governance. To win the game, Scotland needs to get all her assets into the self-governance pot to start making our decisions in line with our priorities. The problem is that Westminster holds the squidger...
If you Believe in Scotland, then pledge your support for the grassroots-led campaign for Scottish independence and we will send you key messages, exclusive content and campaign information. We’ve teamed up with The National newspaper to make a special offer to pledgers, so you will recive a code for a FREE three month subscription to The National.

And every pledger will also receive a FREE PDF...
The Great British Vaccine seems to be the only positive reason given for the Union.
We still dont know why but UK gov cancelled the Valneva vaccine programme in Scotland. This will now be rolled out in France..

"The Tories are using the big vaccine roll-out as a way to hide the huge Covid death rate resulting from the bungles of the Johnson government. Besides, Scotland has its own vaccine...
Never forget that Scotland has not voted for a Tory Government for more than 60 years. Being governed by such a party, contemptuous of even its own Scottish members and intent only on saving its grip on power can never – ever – be a substitute for making our own decisions at home and abroad.

Where are the Scots Tories?
Hiding in Fridges or planning a breakaway party?
If anyone is any doubt that Scotland has a different, fairer, this..

"A letter seen by The National cautions him, in underlined print: “It is your responsibility to prove that you are entitled to free NHS treatment.”

The East Suffolk and North Essex NHS trust, which has sent the letter, has given Whitton until January 24, 2022 to prove his eligibility for free treatment".
If you have not taken part yet, please make sure your voice is heard. They will publish the results on the Believe in Scotland website later this month.

Please let us know what you are thinking and how you are feeling by taking part in the second annual Believe in Scotland poll of the Yes Movement and at the end, you get an opportunity to grab a free PDF copy of our Open Minds publication and...
What is the issue with allowing people the right to choose?

"Under former UK party leader Jeremy Corbyn Labour tried to soften its stance towards independence, allowing pro-Yes supporters to stand for election in a bid to win back support from voters that had turned to the SNP in the wake of the 2014 referendum. But since Sarwar succeeded Richard Leonard as Scottish Labour leader he has taken a...
Mike drop Nicola!

NICOLA Sturgeon had a powerful response to the “disdain” shown for the Scottish Tory leader by his own Westminster colleagues.
  Why are we even talking about devo max again? In Scotland today, a vote for Labour is first and foremost a vote against self-determination for the people of Scotland. As the demographic trend towards independence continues, the Labour Party in Scotland finds itself battling the Conservatives for ...
Given the disdain Westminster Tories display for Scottish counterparts...what are the chances our voice will be heard?

It is aimed at strengthening the work between the UK Government, the Scottish Government, the Welsh Government and the Northern Irish Executive.
Scotland flag - the saltire Made In Scotland. For Scotland.
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