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Welcome to Yes Ben Wyvis. Our name reflects our Geographical area. We are a grassroots movement that believe that decisions made for Scotland should be made in Scotland and our aim is to win hearts and minds for independence.
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With the awful killing of David Amess today, we'll be suspending our social media activity until Monday out of respect.

No elected official, doing their job on behalf of their constituents, should ever have to feel that their life is in danger. It's unconscionable.

Our thoughts and warmest wishes go to his friends and family.

A 25-year-old man was...
It's simply astonishing that the EU is having to make plans for the eventuality that Britain could renege on an international treaty it has signed.

Scotland - let's get away from this.

#ScotlandsForEurope #UKEnding #RogueState
Scottish influence in the British parliament will be cut to its lowest level since at least WW1.

Hey, Better Together, what happened to Federalism, to Home Rule, to Lead Us don't Leave Us and all the other promises?

We believed the lies. We cannot make the same mistake again.

#ScottishIndependence #indyref2
From Iceland's Prime Minister.

Scotland's FM building relationships across the international community.

#ScottishIndependence #UKEnding
🟪 The cut in the number of Scottish MPs has taken Scottish representation at Westminster down to its lowest level for more than 100 years, according to research by the House of Commons library.

⬇️ Here are just some of the questions thrown up by the Boundary Commission proposals.

Anger is spreading at plans unveiled yesterday to radically change Westminster Scottish constituency borders...
This 👇 is a fundamental truth, and no UK court can deny it.
The Scottish people have the right to self-determination.

#indyref2 #ScottishIndependence #UKEnding
Jonathan Powell says it’s “impossible” for Tories to keep Scotland in the UK if a majority support independence.

“People can’t be governed against their will.”
🟧 Only independence can protect and enhance Scottish democracy.

Read more:
Ahead of COP26, Nicola Sturgeon is expected to talk about what Scotland can contribute and gain from its partnerships with countries in the polar circle in a speech to the Arctic Circle Assembly in Reykjavik on Thursday.


The First Minister will give a speech to the Arctic Circle...
The Westminster democratic deficit already stacked against Scotland is to be further increased by plans to cut the number of Scottish MPs by two and increase the number of English MPs by 10. Widespread boundary changes to constituencies are also planned and many constituencies will be renamed. Th
“I see complete denial of Brexit as a critical part of what’s happening here.”

James Withers, CEO of Scottish Food & Drink, says UK ministers are refusing to accept the role of Brexit in the labour crisis causing problems at petrol pumps and shortages on shelves.

#BrexitShambles #indyref2
Scotland to lose 2 seats
Wales to lose 8 seats
England to GAIN 10 seats

Union of equals?

#UKEnding #DemocraticDeficit #indyref2
Union in trouble. Dateline Australia explore how Brexit has affected attitudes in Scotland.

The world is watching.

Nicola Sturgeon wanted action against COVID19,
Johnson wanted "business as usual".

We're handcuffed to lunatics 😢

#itstime #indyref2
  The UK state pension is not big enough to support the bare minimum standard of living for a single person, according to a new report. And it warns that a quarter of employees are not on track to be able to afford it. The Retirement Living Standards report published by the Pensions and Lifetime [....
The UK Government (for now) represents Scotland in its dealings with the outside world.

It is rapidly becoming a rogue state.

Are we happy for this to be our face to the world?

Irish direct trade links to Europe:

Before Brexit: 12
After Brexit: 44

Scotland, by the way: 0

This could be one of the most dramatic and beneficial changes to the Scottish economy after independence and re-joining the single market.

#ScotlandCan #ScotlandMust

Minister for European Affairs Thomas Byrne has today inaugurated a...

It's not just good for Scotland that the UK is ending. It's good for the world.

England alone is likely to be a far different country from the Frankenstein's monster that is the UK. We wish them well after our independence.


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