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Welcome to Yes Ben Wyvis. Our name reflects our Geographical area. We are a grassroots movement that believe that decisions made for Scotland should be made in Scotland and our aim is to win hearts and minds for independence.
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"Of course they don't think the debate should exist, but they (Unionists) cannot stop this debate from happening"
⚠ The Westminster government is working against Scotland's wellbeing and damaging our prosperity.

📣 It is time to Believe in Scotland, take action today and sign the pledge:
There's no coming back for the Tories from today's YouGov poll.

They would win fewer seats than the SNP.

As the UK economy melts down, so the Tory party melts down.

There are moments in history that call your name.
Could this be our moment?
A good way to guarantee never being voted in again in Scotland would be to mirror the obscene tax cuts and the decimation of public services that is about to follow.

Even wee Dougie has stopped calling for it.

We are being governed by ideological neo-liberal zealots.
The only question that remains is whether we can afford to wait until 2023 for independence.
Scotland pays the price for Westminster recklessness.
After the bankers' bonuses and the tax cuts for the wealthiest, come the inevitable cuts to public services.

This, of course, is critical to Scotland because of the Barnett Consequentials formula, which automatically adjusts the amounts of public expenditure allocated to Scotland Wales and NI to reflect changes in spending levels allocated to public services in England.

"Scotland has only one choice and that's to get out"
"We shouldn't be in this situation... We have to become independent"
Now when a No voter asks a Yesser “what’s your currency plan?”, a credible reply is: “What’s yours?”
The SNP's case focuses chiefly on the right of all peoples to self-determination under a UN charter - something it says is "one of the most fundamental rights of all".

It cites previous occasions when the UK government argued in favour of this in international court cases, and argues that any interpretation of the Scotland Act should take this into account.

It also supports the lord advocate's...
Cast your mind back to 2014 when these kind of scare stories were being pushed:

"Sterling fell sharply, losing almost one and a half cents against the US dollar to reach $1.618, the lowest level since November 2013.
"The surge of support for independence also sent jitters through the stock market, as shares in companies with large Scottish interest suffered sharp falls in early trading."...
Labour are claiming they'll win back Scotland, while still talking nonsense like this, which demonstrates they don't have a clue about Scotland.
The Labour Party supports the principle of self-determination - everywhere except Scotland. Why?
Look forward to your condemnation Anas Sarwar
Scotland has the lowest child poverty in the UK.
That's because we have a progressive taxation system.

Scotland flag - the saltire Made In Scotland. For Scotland.
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