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What it says on the tin. Independence for Scotland ASAP
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Due to a snaffoo Caley will not becoming to Lanarkshire for the 1st of August. Another date has been arranged.
Zoom meeting currently taking place with National Yes Network and Mike Russell.
Bought these two masks on line from Yes Haddington & District @YesHAD2020. Really good quality. The first is double layered, cotton with a third pouch type layer for a filter (£5). The bottom one (£4) is also double layered, smooth than the cotton and the ear cuffs have dongle to shorten or lengthen the cuffs as required. Both are a good size. *****
Good read

Former Scottish Secretary Malcolm Rifkind said Scots disliked Margaret Thatcher because “she was a woman, she was an English woman, and she...
YOU ARE INVITED TO SUMMER 2014 Can you remember that time?. The spirit and ambition. The unity and determination. How those qualities drove the Independence cause forward and the polls reported ste…
Tories are rattled 😂😂😂
Just thought I would give yo a wee heads up should you want to share an opinion with/ of Dross

I'll be going live again on Facebook this Tuesday answering your questions.

Join me here 👇
The youtube link to last nights event

Powered by Restream satirical look at politics in general and Scottish politics in particular.See #WhatsOnGuide
For anyone who missed last nights debate and still would like to be informed

Powered by Restream satirical look at politics in general and Scottish politics in particular.See #WhatsOnGuide
Yes Bellshill & Mossend Online Event – 2nd Vote Quandary?
Come and Join us on our live speaker’s event, when we will be discussing the key items around the second vote in the upcoming Scottish elections. We will be joined with our panel of guest speakers including:
• Stephanie Callaghan (SNP)
• John Wilson (AFI)
• Julie McAnulty (ISP)
This will also be an opportunity where you can voice...

NICOLA Sturgeon is preparing to put the issue of a second independence referendum literally on the ballot paper at May’s Holyrood election, the…
slight alteration to Tuesday's post
In a slight change to our advertised prog. Please share this far and wide. Everyone is welcome.

BORIS Johnson is willing to launch legal action to stop a vote on Scottish independence, Alister Jack has said.
"There is no point in debating how we will spend our winnings, if we are too busy arguing and fighting over who's turn it is to buy the lottery ticket #FridayThoughts #DissolveTheUnion #indyref2
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