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What it says on the tin. Independence for Scotland ASAP
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Believe in Scotland Quarterly meeting 13th April 2023

I attended this meeting on behalf of Yes Bellshill and Mossend. The highlights.

The coronation will prove a Flag of the Union fest, there was some disagreement as to wether this would prove positive or negative for Yes. Believe in Scotland are reccomending that rather than just getting out the Saltires as a counter measure, we let them have...
Show your support for Scottish independence by taking one of these actions today.
How would energy be cheaper in an independent Scotland?

Today the energy regulator Ofgem has raised the energy price cap, a move that will see the average household energy bill increase to £3,549 in October – a rise of 80% on the current cap of £1,971 – this is on top of a rise of 54% earlier in the year.
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We salute the Yes campaign’s local heroes

The local activists,...
Wow! Totally amazing

“James O'Brien reacts to Liz Truss's "gross" suggestion that she would just "ignore" the First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon if she becomes PM. @mrjamesob
And we are off and running. First street stall since Nicola names the day. (ish) Please feel free to join our group to join in.
Day of Action Announcement – Our first 2022 Day of Action will be on Saturday August 13th

Last year's Day of Action was a huge success and we want this one to be even better
The hope is that every Yes group makes the effort to get out and campaign on August 13th through street stalls, leaflet drops or any other appropriate activity. Make sure to take photos and share them on your own social...
Nobody like a Tory
From Prof Alf Baird, on the claim of right. Salvo and the its probing research intellectuals and Scottish patriots behind it have uncovered Scotland’s ‘get out of the union’ veto – our own Scottish constitution. And boy do we need it, considering we must have the most hopeless dozy bunch of ‘nationalist’ politicians ever, who couldn’t deliver a pizza never mind independence. So what...
From Believe in Scotland.
Ten reasons Scotland can’t afford to stay in the UK any longer

Scotland is not as wealthy as many similar-sized northern European nations, many of whom lack Scotland’s massive natural wealth and economic advantages. That is because there is a cost to staying in the UK too, both in current financial terms and in the opportunity cost.
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Reminder that the...
Business for Scotland's take on today's announcement.

The share of Scots who identify primarily as Scottish has risen from 57 per cent in 2012 to 72 per cent today.
Those terribly nice folk over at The Common Weel have put together an on line training course for yessers.

We're surrounded by campaigns every day, but when you want to get your message out there, where do you start?
Anyone ready to start campaigning?

Airdrie for Independence are delighted to announce that our next special guest will be Gareth Wardell, known to the Independence community as the blogger “Grouse Beater”. Gareth was our…
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