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The aim is to provide information on key issues, and debate what kind of Scotland we want to live in.
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Woohoo, Scotland no longer British, must have happened overnight!
Received email from Vet Michael Lazurus! He is talking about sourcing Venison for your Dog.


The biggest problem is that most venison comes from other countries...

Like Scotland and New Zealand.

Meaning it has to travel a LONG way to make it to your dog's bowl. Which is expensive, bad for the environment...

And could even...

“Siobhain McDonagh let’s the cat out the bag. Anas Sarwar pretends to despise Tories when in fact he’s collaborating with them to lock out SNP. @ScottishLabour #politicslive
Last week, as the leader of the largest party in the elections to Nothern Ireland’s Parliament, Sinn Fein, Michelle O’Neill was elected First Minister. She can’t take her seat at the moment because the DUP is refusing to cooperate. Commentators in the Unionist press have fallen over themselves
The undersea tunnel network cuts journey times between two islands by a half.
How much do you know about BREXIT's impact on Scotland's economy? A quick, fun and informative quiz to test your knowledge on the impact of Brexit on Scotland’s economy, how it has effected overall UK trade and the things politicians said.According to Richard Hughes, chairman of the Office for
Wow. The absolute folly of Brexit in terms of jobs and living standards laid out here in the RMT's Leave position. A bitter reality awaits RMT workers
Quite right...but very unlikely
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