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We believe it is fundamentally better for us all if decisions about Scotland's future are taken by the people of Scotland
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Yes Aberfeldy have Aberfeldy Thrift Shop this week! 50% of proceeds being split between Highland Perthshire Welcomes Ukraine & The Scottish Refugee Council. Donations & donations for the Tombola welcome #yesaberfeldy #indyref2 #Highlandperthshirewelcomesukraine #Scottishrefugeecouncil
Great day on the Stall yesterday raising money for Highland Perthshire Welcomes Ukraine, Tombola raised £195.60 through the generous folks who came by. #HPwelcomesukraine #yesaberfeldy
Yes Aberfeldy Stall today in Aberfeldy Square 11am - 2pm! We have a Tombola raising money for the Highland Perthshire welcomes Ukraine initiative. They're helping Ukrainian Refugees who are escaping the war find refugee in Highland Perthshire. There's a public meeting on Monday the 28th at 7pm in Breadalbane Community Campus to share information about it. We're also aware the Council elections...
Yes Aberfeldy & Ukrainian Fundraising. Yes Aberfeldy stall on Friday the 25th of March in the Aberfeldy Square, we're running a Tombola in support of Ukrainian Refugees and would welcome any donations. Stall running 11am -2pm. Please message or email [email protected] for more information.
Next meeting Friday the 4th of February at 11am upstairs in The Birks Cinema, would love to see you there!! 😊
Check us out in The Atholl & Breadalbane Quair!! Next meeting Friday the 4th of February at 11am upstairs in The Birks Cinema, would love to see you there!! 😊
Great day on the stall today!! Really positive feedback and debate around our questions! #teamwork #indyref2
Yes Stall in Aberfeldy Square tomorrow (10/12), 10.30am - 1.30pm. As well as some cracking new badges we've loads of interesting leaflets & some great banter :). Love to see you there!
Looks like another fine day for Yes Aberfeldy's park meeting, 4.30pm tomorrow (19/08) in Victoria Park, love to see you there :)
We're meeting in Victoria Park, Aberfeldy tomorrow (22nd) at 4.30pm, pop over and say hi if you're passing! We'll aim for one of the picnic benches :)!
Yes Aberfeldy meeting in Victoria Park, Aberfeldy today, 4.30pm! Pop by for a chat, we'll be mainly making daisy chains & chatting strategy! #indyref2 #nowisthetime
Voting day today!!!!! & it's stopped snowing so it's all good!! #useyourvoice #sp21
Voting day Thursday!!! If you've not posted your postal vote in time you can take it along to the polling station on Thursday. #useyourvoice #SP21
Yes Aberfeldy zoom meeting tonight 7.30 -8.430pm, all welcome! Email [email protected] or message for invite 😊
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