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YES 2 East Kilbride is a new grassroots group established to campaign positively and proactively towards gaining Scotland's independence.
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If anyone hasn'y already seen this, it clearly shows just how clueless and out of touch PM Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is.

He was meant to deliver a serious speech to the Confederation of British Industy (CBI). Instead, PM Johnson spoke at length about Peppa Pig and also made motor car noises. We feel genuine pity for his speechwriters who no doubt produced a formal speech suitable for...
Once again PM Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson proves he's just a lying, uncaring unfeeling over-privileged daft big boy.

He shows here he couldn't care less about the transport promises he, his Conservatives and his many media allies gave to the north of England. He obviously treats northern England with the same contempt he has for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
And here's the news the BBC and the rest of the Mainstream Media (MSM) willn'y tell you.

Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland's First Minister has been awarded the Ray of the Day Award by the UN at COP26.

We can't imagine why the BBC didn'y mention this.
Is Manky Jaiket's jaiket on a shoogly peg?

Glasgow is currently hosting the COP26 Climate Conference and has welcomed activists and delegates from all over the world to our "Dear Green Place". Whilst thousands of friendly, happy, smiling environmentalists and familes took part in today's Fridays for Future march, there was one minuscule group who were there purely to satisfy their own personal...
This what John Major said about Brexit last November. Unfortunately his concerns have proved to be correct.
A few days late, but certainly still relevant.
There's not much to Michael Gove other than he's a sleekit simpleton who despises anyone he considers inferior to himself. Gove's therefore perfectly qualified to be in the Westminster Conservative government.
Seven years ago, Better Together and the (New) Labour Party insisted Scotland must be run by Westminster clowns like Gove, instead of by the people of Scotland.
Yes 2 EK took part in today's All Under One Banner (AUOB) March for Independence, held in Stirling. This is the first AUOB march since before Covid. It started at the Auld Stirling Bridge and snaked through the city centre, onwards to St.Ninians and the Bannockburn monuments.

Here's a photo looking back along the procession to groups carrying two enormous saltires. We've made enquiries about...
Tonight on Independence Live, the big interview is with Dr Lisa Cameron, the MP for East Kilbride, Strathaven & Lesmahagow.

Dr Lisa was first elected as MP in 2015 and does terrific unsung work with various causes and charities. She's the Chair of the Disability All Party Group.

She's also the first Clinical Psychologist ever to sit in the House of Commons - so it's possible she uses some of...
When Nicola Sturgeon, the 51 year-old First Minister of Scotland, is invited to play a game with young children, she takes off her shoes, stands in goal and asks the weans to kick a ball towards her.

When Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson was 51 and was invited to play a game with young children, he grabbed the ball and charged at them crushing a ten year-old boy onto the turf, in his obsession...
Billy Bunter makes a flying visit to North Britain to meet his chums before running away back to his den for a midnight feast.
We haven't posted anything for a few weeks, but we couldn't resist re-posting this picture as this week's caption competition.

We think it could be:
Perhaps Boris has got "a cunning plan", that doesn't involve everyone having to survive on turnips.

What's your caption competition suggestions?
If anyone hasn't yet decided if PM Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is an uncaring unfeeling useless over-privileged misogynist slob, just watch him during the first eleven seconds of this 50 second video.

His body language shows he couldn't care less about the suffering of girls and women.
Our friends in Yes Strathaven have recently installed this wonderful new sign above their Yes Strathaven Hub. Anyone stopped at the nearby road junction or walking past will see the Yes movement have this terrific asset in this community hub and information office.

Strathaven's a lovely place to visit for a day out. There's artisan shops, cafés, nice pubs and well kept parks. Strathaven Park has...
With continuing good weather today, once again we joined our friends from Yes Blantyre, at a Bridges for Independence demo. This time we were in Larkhall standing on a bridge over the M74.

The response we received was terrific and as we were flying flags and waving to the vehicles travelling both North and South, we maximised our coverage. We tried to calculate how many vechicles were passing,...
Today we joined our friends in Yes Rutherglen & Cambuslang at a (socially- distanced) street stall, set-up in Rutherglen Main Street.

As this week was the fifth anniversary of the EU Referendum, they were asking passers-by if they thought Brexit was Good or Bad. They had a scoreboard to record the votes.

Numerous folk, including the Rutherglen MP, came to the stall and overwhelmingly said Brexit...
Today we joined our friends in Yes Blantyre at a Bridges for Independence demo at the Raith Interchange on the M74. This was called at very short notice in response to the One Britain One Nation (OBON) activities endorsed by the Westminster British Nationalist government. OBON want every schoolchild in the UK to learn and sing their anthem. They also wanted all children to dress in red, white and...
Today is the 5th Anniversary of the 2016 EU Referendum.

Now that Brexit has (mostly) been implemented, we'll have to get used to poor, dirty and contaminated food.

Already PM Johnson and his Brexiteer chums signed the Australian Trade Deal (without any scrutiny or oversight). That deal includes importing 35,000 tonnes of meat a year, mass-produced to their much lower standards. Standards...
Anyone listening to The State Propaganda Service (BBC) Radio Scotland, today will have heard uninterrupted insinuations that the Scottish Government are wrong by permitting a Euro 2020 Fan Zone on Glasgow Green.

Every news bulletin today and also the main topic on this morning's Kaye Adams show, highlighted the potential for Covid-19 to be spread at this Fan Zone. They continually raised concerns...
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