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Yes 2 East Kilbride +Yes2EK
YES 2 East Kilbride is a new grassroots group established to campaign positively and proactively towards gaining Scotland's independence.
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Today's All Under One Banner (AUOB) march in Glasgow.
Now the Council Elections have passed, let's get together and march for Independence.
Today is polling day for all Scottish Councils.

In South Lanarkshire there's 64 council seats in 20 Wards.

There's five Wards in East Kilbride with each Ward electing three Councillors. There's a total of 40 candidates:

In Ward 6, EK South, the candidates are: 2 SNP, 1 Scottish Green Party, 1 Alba Party, 1 Blue Tory, 1 Red Tory, 1 Amber Tory, 1 Family Party, 1 Libertarian.

In Ward 7, EK...
Why are Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson and Douglas Ross laughing?

Because they know at this Thursday's Council Elections the Conservatives will get a higher percentage of votes than they deserve, purely because hundreds of thousands of Independence supporters will not bother to vote.

Recent history and all the opinion polls confirm that voter apathy is worst among...
Next Thursday, 5th May is Polling Day to elect the 1,227 Councillors for the 32 Councils across Scotland.

Turnout at the 2017 election was less than 50%. This low figure is very relevant because a disproportionate number of those actually voting are more elderly and they're the group who are more likely to vote for Unionist candidates and parties. Hence more Unionist Councillors.

Let's increase...
We know this is very-very short notice but at 7:00pm this evening there's an on-line hustings, involving some of the candidates for the election to South Lanarkshire Council.

Why not put your feet up and enjoy from the comfort of your own home: register here

This is a local...
PM Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson must go, and go now!

Unfortunately many Conservatives are insisting he doesn't go because of the war in Ukraine. We believe they're saying this because Johnson's got many more profitable contracts to hand out. The Conservatives also know that when a sitting PM leaves office they're entitled to hand out even more honours to folk who've supported them.

Big Power-off, 10pm, Apr 10th. (TONIGHT)

Tonight is the night of the big power-off. The idea is that, if it won't put you at risk, you switch off all of your electrical appliances, lights, or switch off for 10 minutes.

This short power off will cause an imbalance on the national grid, where consumption becomes lower than predicted and therefore the electrical supply is too great. To protect the...
A few days ago we shared a link, produced by the Scottish Green Party, to remind everyone to be registered in time to vote in the Council Elections on Thursday 5th May.
Here's another reminder - this time produced by the SNP.

Regardless who you intend voting for, please ensure everyone you know is registered to vote. The legal closing date for registering is 18th April, however as that's Easter...
Here's a current Independence Live event.
The Council Elections are on Thursday 5th May.
Please ensure everyone you know is registered to vote. The legal closing date for registering is 18th April, however as that's Easter Monday please ensure all applications are received before then.

The latest Ballot Box Scotland, Opinion Poll confirms the over 65s are three times more likely to definitely vote than 16 to 24 year-olds. It also...
This Friday is the 1st of April, a day traditionally known as April Fools Day, when daft practical jokes are played on gullible or unsuspecting victims. These harmless tricks are played on family members and close associates and last a very short time, after which both parties normally have a good laugh about it.

Here in the UK, every day is a Fools Day with continual sadistic tricks played upon...
We normally don't do adverts, but here's one specially for all those needing laundry services.
On Saturday we took part in the All Under One Banner (AUOB) March in Paisley. It was a lovely sunny day as the march snaked through Paisley Toun Centre.

We originally didn't share any of our photographs because The Sunday National published a very colourful two page report. It reported that 2,500 people turned out. We agree, this event was a success and there was a festive atmosphere; even the...
This joker is Conservative MP Ben Wallace. Although he's the's UK's Defence Minister and a former army officer, his grasp of history isn't very good. Here he jokes about beating the Russians in 1853. If so it's quite an achievement - considering the UK's army and navy didn't arrive in the Crimea until 1854.

He either thinks wars are a humorous game or doesn't care the Crimean War was a total...
Well said Caroline Lucas MP (Green Party of England & Wales).

Whether you agree, disagree or aren't interested in current events in Eastern Ukraine, we can't think of a simpler way of summing up the pathetic response from PM Johnson and his cabal of Conservative ministers.

There's no chance the Prime Minister will ask Lord Lebenev - who Johnson made a UK Lawmaker two years ago after a hefty...
It beggers belief just how corrupt the London Establishment is!
They've gave up any semblance of decency or morals and think it's entirely correct for Westminster's most senior civil servants to assist people being caught and fined for their crimminal behaviour.

ITV have obtained a copy of this leaked letter issued by top civil servant Sue Gray advising how people can get advance sight of the...
A topical reminder that PM Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson thought (historic) child sex abuse shouldn't be investigated or highlighted. This was before he accused Knight Baronet Starmer of overlooking it, and simultaneously whipping-up a hate crowd.
At last, a Conservative MP tells a truth!

He's Simon Clarke MP. Starting at 1:00 minute into this short interview he boasts "...London is one of the most robust money laundering regimes in the world...". He's proud London's a world leader, even if it is illegal money laundering.

He's the Chief Secretary to the Treasury so will be aware of the various money-streams into and out off the London...
Today Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson came to Scotland. Perhaps he wanted to remind the North Britons that he's the boss. Or maybe he knows Scotland's got a good education system and he wants help answering tricky questions such as "What is a party?" or "How many children do you have?"

Whilst he sometimes thinks he's the cartoon character Peppa Pig, he also pretends to be well educated by...
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