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Binned him already

His appointment to the UN's economic commission for Africa was announced earlier this week.
Rich with jokes but devoid of new policy announcements – or a plan for “levelling up” – Boris Johnson’s crowd-pleasing Manchester speech was also peppered with inaccuracies.

The claim:

“After years of stagnation – more than a decade – wages are going up, faster than before the pandemic began.”

The reality:

The respected Institute for Fiscal Studies says wages are rising no...
SCOTLAND could “undo the damage” of Brexit if it joined the EU as an independent nation, according to new analysis.

Economists at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands used state-of-the-art modelling to look at the impact of Brexit on trade for the UK and devolved nations.

While the Covid crisis affected international trade, the consequences of Brexit has made the situation “even...
Meet time and location will be posted in the next few days.
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POLITICS4 hrs ago
Former Labour First Minister Henry McLeish: 'Yes, I would support independence'
By Tom Gordon @HTScotPol
Henry McLeish: 'Yes, I would support independence'
Henry McLeish: 'Yes, I would support independence'


*So it’s not clear, really, whether anyone beyond Boris Johnson himself cares very much about Britain as a global statesperson. Brexit was the single most insular act any major country has undertaken in a hundred years or more, so the fact it is now making a circus clown of itself in front of a watching world is unlikely to especially bother anyone who voted for it."

Boris Johnson is a...

Remember this from the pro-union campaign in 2014?
Details to follow
Peter A Bell making an excellent point here.

"We are not seeking to “win” our independence but to restore it. By that simple change of language we alter the entire meaning of the constitutional issue. We reframe it. Independence ceases to be the contentious issue and becomes the ‘normal’ against which any other status or condition must be assessed. It is not being independent that is now...
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