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Yes2 Aberdeenshire W +Yes2AbzshireW
Group for independence supporters in Aberdeenshire West
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A million tweets about #ScottishIndependence in 10 days. But aye, there’s nae appetite furrit 🤔
Friends in high places.

Jacob Rees-Mogg says a "convivial fraternal spirit" means the Conservatives do not need to wear masks in the Commons.
Ed Davey fired the opening salvo in the UK and Scottish governments’ battle for energy industry support in the independence debate when he confirmed this morning that the world’s first gas-fired
5 days ago Greg visited Aberdeen & talked of our potential, including carbon capture & storage so why is it that yesterday he put the kibosh on the North East’s carbon capture project? Why has Aberdeen’s expertise, innovation & livelihood been sacrificed? What changed in 3 days?
French energy giant TotalEnergies (LON: TTE) has confirmed Aberdeen as the base for its UK offshore wind operations. Patrick Pouyanné, the company’s
Disappointment is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the UK Government’s decision to snub the north-east’s Scottish Cluster bid.

This is not merely a case of hurt feelings. Many livelihoods and the future prosperity of the area hangs in the balance, as locals await support and encouragement from those who lead them. Further afield, the rest of the UK will be robbed of this...
TODAY'S announcement that UK Government support for the Acorn Project at St Fergus was rejected in favour of other carbon capture and storage…
This is very disappointing news for our Net Zero ambitions, and for the Green Recovery. I’ve met the Acorn Project team a few times over the years, and was excited by their plans. Once again we get done over by the UK Government.
Get ready for a trade war, or chose something else...

🔍 Jonathan Powell says it’s “impossible” for Tories to keep Scotland in the UK if a majority support independence.

📣 “People can’t be governed against their will.”

🌹 He was Tony Blair’s Chief of Staff, 1997-2007, and Britain’s Chief Negotiator for the Belfast Agreement.
BORIS Johnson must answer for the “catastrophic economic vandalism” created from Brexit, according to the SNP, following new statistics which…
THE Scottish Tories have sparked a backlash from the Tartan Army after claiming thousands of fans were “locked out” of Hampden as Scotland v…
Riddoch calls out the Labour leader for trying to equate the Westminster government with the Scottish Government - failing to point out the efforts Scotland has gone to in order to mitigate Tory policies.

And Starmer's assertion the UK is more progressive together is labelled "laughable".

KEIR Starmer has won praise down south for his speech at the Labour Party conference.
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