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Get ready for a trade war, or chose something else...

🔍 Jonathan Powell says it’s “impossible” for Tories to keep Scotland in the UK if a majority support independence.

📣 “People can’t be governed against their will.”

🌹 He was Tony Blair’s Chief of Staff, 1997-2007, and Britain’s Chief Negotiator for the Belfast Agreement.
BORIS Johnson must answer for the “catastrophic economic vandalism” created from Brexit, according to the SNP, following new statistics which…
THE Scottish Tories have sparked a backlash from the Tartan Army after claiming thousands of fans were “locked out” of Hampden as Scotland v…
Riddoch calls out the Labour leader for trying to equate the Westminster government with the Scottish Government - failing to point out the efforts Scotland has gone to in order to mitigate Tory policies.

And Starmer's assertion the UK is more progressive together is labelled "laughable".

KEIR Starmer has won praise down south for his speech at the Labour Party conference.
Funny, because just now it's the only thing the Tories talk about..

Downing Street has told ministers to stop talking about Scottish independence for fear it makes Westminster sound needy and plays into the hands of nationalists
Little chance of Westminster seeing sense within a generation.

Scotland's better off independent and making our own decisions.
⬆️ National Insurance tax hike
⬆️ Rising cost of Brexit
✂️ Universal Credit cut

⚡️ And now, people are facing rising energy bills under the Tories - over £500 higher than in 2015.

👇 Tory promises on energy prices turned out to be a lie.
The consequences of London's Brexit.

Fuel to be rationed due to faltering supply.

BP's head of retail said it was important the Government understood the “urgency of the situation”, which she described as “bad, very bad”.
  Last Saturday more than 1,000 Yes activists reached out to their local communities to put the case for independence in a way that connected with those who have not yet made up their minds on the most important issue facing Scotland. Hundreds of thousands of voters were engaged through street stal...
"But Jeremy Corbyn will drag us back to the 70s" 😳🤥
SLAINS Castle has a fascinating history – from the Spanish Armada to Bram Stoker’s Dracula. In this extract from a new book by Mike Shepherd and…
🗳 Democracy didn't stop in 2014, people in Scotland have voted to have another say over Scotland's future.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland will have the chance to choose a better, fairer, green future in an independent Scotland.

👏 Help us make it a reality.
Ma heid..

Boris to reintroduce imperial measurements.

It's time for independence!

Ok folks - you might want to start familiarising yourselves with this outdated shenanigans 😵‍💫 😂
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