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Yes Edinburgh West +YESEdinWest
A community led campaign for scottish independence.
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Gerry Mulvenna’s Independence Live Candlelit vigil at the Scotland Office. #scotlandsrighttochoose #defendDemocracy All Under One Banner will host their first independence march of 2020 – March for Independence #indyref2020 in Glasgow this weekend (Jan 11). SNP won 48 out of 59 Scotland‘s seats – a gain of 13 seats, with a stunning 45% of the vote. The Tories lost 7, Labour lost 6, the Lib Dems won 1 and lost 1 (Jo Swinson), the Scottish Greens got 28,122 votes (1%).
Independence Live & IndyLive Radio do crowdfunders every 4 month that goes towards paying a fulltime member of staff on less than minimum wage, rent (£3600/year), online livestream service, data for livestreams, equipment, travel, phone, internet and office costs etc. Both are based in the same one room studio/office in Glasgow. Independence Live have done … Continue reading...
A new page and website for the indy movement to promote a new constitution for Scotland. Home
Yes Gryffe Villages and LangbankDon’t think this rule breaking has come up in the ex PM’s memoirs?So that’s;Involving Monarchy✔️ ,Break election purdah rules by issuing a last minute vow,✔️ Involving a foreign state. (USA & Russia) ✔️
Tuesday, 3 September 2019 from 19:30-21:30 Dr Tim Rideout will talk on “Introducing a new currency in an Independent Scotland”, and answer your questions. All welcome!  In the function room of the Clermiston Inn, 9 Rannoch Road, Edinburgh EH4 7EG. All welcome!
What @AlexSalmond actually said about “once in a generation” was his “view” but crucially also said the only circumstance for another ref would be an “extra mandate at a subsequent general election” – the SNP have that #bbcqt #indyref2
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