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The SNP are impotent, fearful, useless and liars. As someone once said: “He either fears his fate too much/Or his deserts are small/That puts it not unto the touch/To win or lose it all.”
The SNP's Depute Leader, Keith Brown, shits his pants in terror at the thought of actually calling an immediate Scottish general election as a de facto referendum on independence and blurts out a string of fake excuses. The Sunday Show (BBC), 27 November 2022.

More detail here:...
The SNP have been all over the place since last Wednesday’s verdict of the Supreme Court. Astonishingly, the party hadn’t prepared an agreed line in the event of the Court ruling against it, with the result that various party figures had popped up with all sorts of different versions of what a supposed plebiscite election would mean. […]
It’s nice to see the British media (and perhaps, if we might be allowed to dream for a moment, the law) catching up with Michelle Mone. It’s such a shame nobody did any proper investigative journalism into what a crooked, venal chancer she is before now – seven years ago or even four years ago, say – or the country […]
Let’s get straight to the point: this is a straight-up categorical lie. Since Wednesday’s events there’s been a lot of chatter and confusion on social media about whether the Scottish Government has the ability to trigger a snap Holyrood election and use it as a de facto plebiscite on independence. The short answer, as we told you […]
18 minutes of your time well spent. The contrast with Nicola Sturgeon’s platitudinous sloganeering yesterday is stark.
This famous piece of culture never rang more true than on 23 November 2022. Let’s be methodical about it. THE SUPREME COURT A panel comprising a majority of Scottish judges ruled definitively for the first time that Scotland was erased as a nation 315 years ago, and subsumed into England as a colony. Remarkably, the […]
Famous scene from "Trainspotting" (1996, Danny Boyle). Copyright Polygram, fair use, illustrating current affairs.
So it’s official – Scotland is not a partner in the UK, but a prisoner. Supposedly equal signatories to a treaty, we were in fact captured in 1707, with no hope of release other than at the whim of our jailer. Nicola Sturgeon could have put the matter of Holyrood’s authority to the Supreme Court […]
So what are we expecting at 9.45am tomorrow, folks?
A week ago, readers, I had not the slightest interest in bringing Wings Over Scotland back full-time. I had my Twitter account back and was having fun and I was happy with that. It scratched the itch of being able to engage with politics without the depressing business of wading in it for work. Having […]
Well, it looks like Wings is coming back, then. Blimey. So let’s see where we’re picking things up from. Exactly eight years ago, Nicola Sturgeon took over as First Minister from Alex Salmond. How has it gone? Salmond became First Minister with support for the SNP at 32% (just 1 point ahead of Scottish Labour) and […]
The response to yesterday’s post was pretty unanimous. So let’s find out for real. Wings Over Scotland has been produced for free for the last three and a half years. Our last operational fundraiser was in May 2019. Then again, we’ve been retired for nearly half that time, with only occasional new posts. But Scottish […]
Good heavens, readers. We’re afraid we’ve rather been forced into yet another post this month on our decreasingly-dormant website. As many of you have already noticed, just a week after being unsuspended by Twitter (to surprisingly unanimous approval in the media from friends and enemies alike, and from some startlingly unexpected sources), this afternoon the @WingsScotland account...
It appears the Scottish Parliament – the great and mighty engine of a proud nation’s democracy, with a declaration carved onto its very walls that it’s a place where the people can peeble their representatives wi’ stanes should they displease them – is now such a fragile, cowering, timorous house of straw that polite middle-aged women are […]
As a rule, I try not to respond to the literally dozens of deranged attacks on this site that are posted by James Kelly of Scot Goes Pop, but I really dislike being called a liar so I’m going to take a moment for this one. James appears to have taken extraordinary offence to a two-paragraph stats […]
Stop us if you think you’ve heard this one before, readers. Because you won’t be wrong. We’re already looking forward to Series 6.
Yesterday we watched the first day’s proceedings of For Women Scotland taking the Scottish Government to court over its definition of what a woman is. The topic is really very niche but will affect us all if the judge rules for the government (we won’t know the outcome for at least a month or two), […]
As you might expect, our return to Twitter yesterday caused quite a commotion among the more sensitive flowers on the social media platform. At the head of the pouting mob was of course our dear old pal SNP MP Pete Wishart, who was clutching his pearls as usual about such terrible elements as ourselves – “vile […]
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