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Fresh from the hustings at Perth, where Liz Truss, the front runner in the Great Tory Thatcher in their Eyes contest, assured a gaggle of elderly Scottish Tories that she will not “allow” Scotland to have another independence referendum and lied about the SNP agreeing to the referendum being a once in a generation event […]
The Conservatives are holding a leadership coven, sorry, hustings in Scotland today. This is the seventh hustings of the leadership Lie-Off and the only event to be held in Scotland. Ballots have already gone out to party members who tend to vote early, so most of the tiny number of people eligible to vote will […]
Possibly it was an outbreak of masochism, or a curiosity verging on the foolish, but the other day, using a burner account, I had a peek at anti-independence social media to get a feel of where the opposition is at. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting a huge amount, but I was shocked by the […]
An American Buddhist nun called Perma Chödrön wrote a famous self-help book called When Things Fall Apart, she later expounded on the message of the first book with a follow up, subtitled A Guide to Fearlessness. The books give advice to dealing with personal crises such as the loss of a loved one, or dealing […]
The new Prime Minister is due to take over from Boris Johnson on 5 September, that however is unlikely to be the last that we hear from the serial liar and law breaker who spent years plotting and conniving to get the top job only to be wheeched out of it just halfway through a […]
It ought to be unnecessary in a country with a long and well established democratic tradition that the basic principles of democracy and parliamentary mandates should have to be explained and reiterated. Sadly however that is where we are in Scotland in 2022 where in their panicked desperation the opponents of Scottish independence, who are […]
One of the supposed advantages of being British which those who oppose independence are so proud of used to be the freedom to criticise the government, the monarchy, the army, the establishment, or the myths and sacred cows of Britishness without any repercussion. This was the much vaunted tolerance which we were always told was […]
Anyone who has been paying even passing attention to the Scottish independence debate has known for some time that the only strategy that the Conservatives have in order to fend off independence is to ignore all demands for another referendum in the hope that this entire independence thing will just give up and go away. […]
In an interview over the weekend, Rish! Sunak and his exclamation mark of ambition, tried to make up the ground in the “I’m a total Tory bastard stakes” that he was losing to Liz Truss, whose campaign is assisted by the fact that the only ideology she’s ever had is whatever is going to aid […]
The British Government has now pretty much abandoned any pretence that the rule of law counts for anything. At least that is, when the rule of law is supposed to apply to the British Government. They are still extremely keen on enforcing laws on everyone else in order to prevent them challenging Conservative diktats, such […]
It seems that my bad experience with PIP is sadly typical, so I have decided to share it in more detail, partly in order to help me get my thoughts together for getting the DWP to reassess my claim but also because I hope that by sharing my experience it will put pressure on the […]
We know now that it’s Rish! Sunak and the exclamation mark of ambition and the cosplaying play-doh Thatcher Liz, if you don’t like these principles I have others, Truss who are the final two candidates in the contest to become the next worst Conservative Prime Minister in living memory, although the word Conservative is probably […]
The Conservative leadership contenders are vying with one another to see which can be the most unpleasantly right wing, like an episode of Britain’s Got Unbalanced. Johnson loyalists are briefing against the insanely ambitious Rishi Sunak, telling the right wing press that the former Chancellor is a socialist. Saying that Sunak is a socialist is […]
Fundamental to democracy are the abilities of the people to choose their government, and then to hold that government to account for the promises and commitments that it made in order to win power. Additionally, democracy cannot function if people are not permitted to change their minds in the light of new information. As a […]
Most of Scotland is now at the “Who cares?” stage in the parade of grotesques extremists, chancers and fools which passes for a Conservative leadership contest. All of them are vile, all of them enabled and all of them colluded in the corruption. lies, and law breaking of Boris Johnson, which not one of them […]
I I am delighted to announce my candidacy for the Great Conservative Ghoul Off. I will be standing on a common sense platform of kicking away the crutches of disabled people so that they learn to stand on their own two feet, ending free school meals to teach the poors that they must not expect […]
If the losers of a Holyrood election can appeal to a PM that Scotland didn’t vote for to ensure that they can still get their way even though they put their proposition to the voters of Scotland in an election only for it to be rejected by the electorate, then Scotland is not a democracy […]
The whole thing is unbelievable. As I write these words, Gordon Brown is still holed up in Downing Street. He is like some illegal settler in the Sinai desert, lashing himself to the radiator, or David Brent haunting ‘The Office’ in that excruciating episode when he refused to acknowledge that he has been sacked. Isn’t […]
If you are one of those Tory apologists on social media who thinks that Johnson’s non-resignation speech was ‘dignified’ you can get in the bin. Johnson’s resignation speech was not dignified and it wasn’t even a resignation speech, because the bloviating abandoned mattress with clown hair didn’t actually resign. He is still Prime Minister and […]
At the time of writing, an important caveat there, Johnson is still Prime Minister, but by Wednesday evening no fewer than 38 members of his government had resigned including the senior cabinet ministers Rishi Sunak, Sajid Javid and Michael Gove. Johnson may cling to power for a while longer, but by this time he is […]
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