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It’s come to light that representatives of the royal household have vetted 67 new Scottish laws before they were signed by the monarch and became a part of the body of Scots Law. The monarchy has the ability to lobby for changes to any legislation which it deemed to infringe upon the property, wealth, and […]
Very young children are completely ego-centric, until they get out of toddler-hood they still lack the mental development needed to understand that they are not the centre of the universe. Amongst other things this means that very young children, as they start to grasp the concept of family relationships first understand those relationships that involve […]
It’s a tough gig being a Scottish Unionist, constantly on the lookout for things to feel outraged about that can be laid at the door of the Scottish Government and the SNP, even if what they are complaining about is not actually the responsibility of the Scottish Government or the SNP. Parliament, both the Scottish […]
I had intended to post a new blog piece yesterday (Thursday) but I had a very intensive ( and painful) physiotherapy session which left me wiped out. The physio said I’m an unusual case as I have recovered good movement but sensation and proprioception (awareness of where your limbs are in space) remain very poor. […]
An email to a Tony Blair’s chief of staff Jonathon Powell has been released by the National Archives today, following the rule that government information, including private correspondence is to be published after 30 years. In the email, by Pat McFadden who is now a Labour MP but who at the time was Blair’s special […]
The comedian Billy Connolly used to quip that in an attempt to avoid answering the loaded question, “Are you a Catholic or a Protestant?” He’d respond that he was an atheist, only to be asked? “Aye, but are you a Catholic atheist or a Protestant atheist?” It seemingly being of huge importance to the questioner […]
I’d never heard of Kevin Foster and I’m willing to bet that despite the fact that most of the regular readers of this blog take a keen interest in politics, they’d never heard of him either. However Kevin is the latest no-mark Conservative politician to come to Scotland to tell the benighted natives some scary […]
Well thank all the gods we don’t have to listen to or watch the supposedly British media banging on about an England victory for the next 55 years. Isn’t it really unpleasant being taken out of Europe against your will? Maybe now they understand a wee bit what Scotland felt like. At one point in […]
I don’t usually write about the fitba, seeing as how I’m missing that gene that makes watching twenty-two millionaires ruin a perfectly good lawn into a spectacle that evokes passion, excitement and, depending on the result, ecstasy or despair. This is probably because my dad was a Clyde fan, before he abandoned the team in […]
Writing in the Times newspaper, Professor of political science Matt Qvortup has warned Boris Johnson of the political dangers of taking the Scottish government to court in order to block a second independence referendum. Qvortup believes that the UK Supreme Court would ultimately rule that an independence referendum without the express consent of the Westminster […]
On Monday Dominic Cummings confirmed something that we’ve all known for quite some time. He said that Boris Johnson is an “unthinking Unionist” who thinks that devolution has been a disaster. Cummings also added that Johnson would like to abolish the Scottish and Welsh parliaments but is held back from doing so for fear of […]
Last week in the House of Lords the topic of debate was the long-delayed review carried out by Tory peer and former advisor to Margaret Thatcher Andrew Dunlop into the relationships between the devolved governments and Downing Street. Although the review had been commissioned over two years ago and had been carried out by an […]
The House of Lords has been debating the Dunlop Review into UK Government Union capability. The review was commissioned by a Conservative government, carried out by a Conservative peer who was once an advisor to Margaret Thatcher, and features contributions from a variety of anti-independence politicians. In other words it’s what a BBC Scotland news […]
To say that it's been a difficult year is something of an understatement. I had a massive stroke which has left me with lasting physical disabilities which might prove to be permanent. As if that wasn't enough the dug passed away when I was in hospital. Despite everything that was going on I managed to keep the blog going, and moreover was one of the very few pro-independence bloggers who...
To say that it’s been a difficult year is something of an understatement. I had a massive stroke which has left me with lasting physical disabilities which might prove to be permanent. As if that wasn’t enough the dug passed away when I was in hospital. Despite everything that was going on I managed to […]
We’ve had the claim that tens of thousands of people have needlessly lost their lives because of the British Government’s confused and chaotic response to the pandemic. We have seen the UK suffer the greatest economic damage due to the pandemic of any country in Europe. This has been combined with the highest death toll […]
British nationalism has taken a distinctly toe-curlingly creepy and cringey turn, although it could easily be argued that that happened years ago, when Murdo Fraser first got himself a Twitter account and some unknown person – for whom there is surely a special padded cell reserved in the deepest and darkest bowels of Hell – […]
They’re at it again, you can hear the sound of goalposts being shifted all the way from Westminster to Scotland. The Times newspaper is reporting that “senior Tories”, that would be Michael Gove then, are urging Boris Johnson to change the existing franchise for the next Scottish independence referendum and extend the right to vote […]
The Tories lost yet another court case this week, after a two year legal battle SNP MP Tommy Sheppard won a ruling that the British Government’s secret polling on public attitudes to Scottish independence should be made public. Yet after The National newspaper contacted the Cabinet Office, headed by Michael Gove, asking to see the […]
It’s reasonable now to make an educated guess about what really happened during Gordie Broon’s super secret anti-independence meeting at Holyrood palace with Will-n-Kate at which they definitely didn’t how very dare you even suggest such a thing trash the convention that members of the royal family don’t try to influence the outcome of democratic […]
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