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One of the most persistent and pernicious claims of opponents of independence is that the desire to see a restoration of Scottish statehood is motivated by nothing more than anti-English racism and a hatred of Scotland’s southern neighbour. It’s a claim which serves a number of purposes, which is why it keeps being made despite […]
This week we had the spectacle that is the state opening of the Westminster Parliament in which elderly men and women raided the dressing up box and bedecked themselves in fancy costumes. The vast majority of the Lords and Ladies in their ermine robes and coronets are no more lords or ladies than anyone else. […]
Some of you may have had the immense misfortune to witness Michael Gove’s, eh, let’s call it a “performance” on the BBC Breakfast news on Wednesday morning. Readers of a certain age may remember Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks, way back when John Cleese was still funny. The Secretary of state for levelling up […]
There are long term and short term lessons to be drawn from last week’s elections. In the short term, there are now serious questions about the position of Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross, who pins the blame for the catastrophic performance the Scottish Tories at last week’s local elections on Boris Johnson’s partygate lies and […]
The Gaelic language is a crucial and integral part of the cultural heritage of everyone in Scotland – everywhere in Scotland. It is literally written into the Scottish landscape in all parts of our country. Sadly however, the Gaelic language is facing a serious threat to its continuing existence as a vibrant, living, community language. […]
The dust is settling from last week’s local government elections, and it’s clear that they delivered very good results for the two largest pro-independence parties with both the SNP and the Greens gaining seats. Although the Labour party has been excitedly hailing its great success, the truth is that they did not gain as many […]
It’s the local elections tomorrow, and as with every election in Scotland over the past few years, it will be used as a proxy referendum on support for independence. However the anti-independence media and parties will as always ignore votes cast for pro-independence parties other than the SNP when they try to spin the results […]
While the anti-independence media in Scotland, which is to say most of it, remain fixated on ferries, the Conservatives are getting on with the dismantling of Britain’s already fragile democracy. The collection of customs, practices, and laws which collectively amount to what passes for a British constitution are already hopelessly inadequate for the task of […]
On TuesdayBilly Kay, the writer, broadcaster, and advocate for the Scots language gave an address to the Scottish Parliament, The Time for Reflection address is not meant to be partisan or party political and Billy’s eloquent speech most certainly was not. Instead he used his address to highlight the importance of the Scots language to […]
Rory the Tory has been at it again. Rory Stuart, another of those old Etonian posh boys who infest the Conservative party, is nevertheless terribly keen to tell us in his cut glass upper class English accent that he is Scottish. Rory appeared in, wrote, and presented, an infamous BBC British propaganda exercise during the […]
Boris Johnson’s self-inflicted troubles have not gone away, no matter how much the Prime Law-breaker tries to wrest back control of the narrative by play acting as a global statesman and buggering off for photo ops in India or in Ukraine, because he is now in such a state of disrepute that he feels more […]
The Labour party branch office in Scotland has unveiled its slogan for the council elections Labour due a week on Thursday. In four short words it neatly encapsulates the entitlement of the Labour party which was instrumental in the fall from grace of a party which one dominated the Scottish political landscape and illustrates how […]
Boris Johnson has appeared before MPs in the chamber of the House of Commons to give an account of himself after being found by the police to have on more than one occasion to have broken a law that he himself went on the telly every night to remind everyone of the importance of abiding […]
There’s a need to do a wee explanation of STV for dummies because there seems to be a lot of confusion about it. Admittedly when you look at a typical Saturday evening’s entertainment on STV and it’s wall to wall Ant and bloody Dec, it’s pretty apparent that they’re pretty good at doing dummies all […]
The First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has been included on a list of politicians from the UK who have been sanctioned by Vladimir Putin’s regime and banned from ever visiting Russia again. We can be sure she’s about as gutted by this development as you would be if you had just been informed that you are […]
There are very few things in Scottish politics which can unite people from across the political spectrum, but in recent day we have witnessed one of those rare beasts which is harder to find than Priti Patel’s compassion or Boris Johnson’s sense of shame. Just about everyone in Scotland, even quite a few Tories, although […]
It’s been a rough couple of weeks for Chancellor Rishi Sunak, who has seen his political fortunes plummet more quickly and comprehensively than those of the Labour party in Scotland after the 2014, the previous record holders in the speed and completeness of political death drops. The former golden boy of the Tory party has […]
The agonies of Ukraine continue to dominate the agenda. We are now two months into the war that the Kremlin continues to insist is not a war, demanding that the world denies the evidence of its own eyes, while thousands are killed, millions flee their homes and the gruesome evidence of war crimes keeps mounting. […]
As regular readers will be aware, I’ve recently been suffering a bad bout of post-stroke fatigue which was compounded by a nasty fall. The fatigue will lift more quickly if I rest up for a while, so I am going to take some time off.  I have old friends visiting from England from the 1st […]
The claims and assertions of those desperate to avoid Scottish independence are getting frankly pathetic in their desperation now. It’s a sign of how lacking in confidence they are in the strength of their case that they are having to resort to people like Dr Jonathan Eyal, of the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) in […]
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